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  1. badsilver

    Uncasville Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Need to find a way to Europe haha
  2. badsilver

    Uncasville Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Checking in on break at work! Any news on DVDs prob not yet
  3. Yay I am off to ight to partake in a thread!
  4. badsilver

    Boston Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Need higher limit on reactions haha
  5. badsilver

    Boston Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Good crowd tonight!
  6. Someone trying to make it into the DVD
  7. Will try to check in while at work on break. Sigh missing the periscopes will hurt...
  8. U2 is a trailblazer so if anyone can do it or skmething similar they will do it first (first extended stage, 3D movie, etc).
  9. Yes of course! Cant keep us away
  10. I wish I could embed the scopes here and still comment.....the threads would be longer haha just from my blathering
  11. I want a shirt with Turn the Lights Off, Willie on the back 😃
  12. Any famous peeps there? I need to catch up!
  13. Ahhh darned work was so busy with all the IVs and charting no way to take a break and check in here! Boo! Thank heavens for fan videos and all the mods who post here!
  14. All hail Joyce tonight also!
  15. I am just wondering how all the regulars got tickets....I am just saying ......Shrug. Not that I could have gone haha!
  16. Well if they do I hope it isn’t quick quick shots and cut awyas. Want to feel like we were there and not watching a music video. But seriously U2 quick shots and cutaways.
  17. I need faster internet dang
  18. Bad bad bad!!!! Please are they going to sell this on DVD etc