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    Personal U2 show charts calculator

    · All Tours History· I+E 360° photos· JT30 360° photos· Live Releases· U2 Pictures· Bootleg Covers· Personal Charts· News· Twitter Stream· Twitter Archive· FAQ· U2 Shop· Contact Yesterday in 1989Point Depot, Dublin Today in 1984Picadilly Radio Interview, Unknown1989Point Depot, Dublin1999Lincoln Memorial, Washington Tomorrow in 1978McGonagle's, Dublin New U2 photos All Tours | Song names | Snippets | Locations | Personal Show Charts | Tour Statistics Your personal U2 concert statistics Here is the list of details calculated from your show selection. If you click a song's name, it will direct you to the song's page, which lists all known performances in U2's history. In brackets beside the song's name is the amount of times it was played at the shows you selected; click this number to see at which selected shows it was played. To create your own personal show charts click here.You've selected 9 performances. You've seen 9 regular concerts and have 0 upcoming concerts. You've seen 0 Various Date/Promo Tour performances. Vertigo Tour 2005-06-18 - London, England - Twickenham Stadium (23 songs) 360° Tour 2009-08-14 - London, England - Wembley Stadium (23 songs) 2009-08-15 - London, England - Wembley Stadium (24 songs) Innocence + Experience Tour 2015-10-17 - Cologne, Germany - Lanxess Arena (25 songs) 2015-10-18 - Cologne, Germany - Lanxess Arena (27 songs) Joshua Tree Tour 2017 2017-07-08 - London, England - Twickenham Stadium (23 songs) 2017-07-22 - Dublin, Ireland - Croke Park (22 songs) Experience + Innocence Tour 2018-09-29 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Royal Arena (23 songs) 2018-10-19 - Manchester, England - Manchester Arena (22 songs) We found 76 different songs played during these shows. Vertigo (10 times) Beautiful Day (9 times) Pride (In the Name of Love) (9 times) One (8 times) Sunday Bloody Sunday (8 times) City of Blinding Lights (7 times) Elevation (7 times) Where the Streets Have No Name (7 times) New Year's Day (6 times) With or Without You (6 times) Bullet the Blue Sky (5 times) I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For (5 times) I Will Follow (5 times) Bad (4 times) Even Better Than The Real Thing (4 times) Mysterious Ways (4 times) Ultraviolet (Light My Way) (4 times) Until the End of the World (4 times) Cedarwood Road (3 times) Happy Birthday (3 times) Iris (Hold Me Close) (3 times) Running To Stand Still (3 times) 13 (There Is A Light) (2 times) Acrobat (2 times) Breathe (2 times) Every Breaking Wave (2 times) Exit (2 times) Get on Your Boots (2 times) Get Out Of Your Own Way (2 times) I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight (2 times) In God's Country (2 times) Invisible (2 times) Lights Of Home (2 times) Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way (2 times) Magnificent (2 times) Miss Sarajevo (2 times) MLK (2 times) Moment Of Surrender (2 times) Mothers Of The Disappeared (2 times) No Line On The Horizon (2 times) October (2 times) One Tree Hill (2 times) Raised By Wolves (2 times) Red Hill Mining Town (2 times) Song For Someone (2 times) Stay (Faraway, So Close!) (2 times) Summer Of Love (2 times) The Blackout (2 times) The Electric Co. (2 times) The Fly (2 times) The Little Things That Give You Away (2 times) The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) (2 times) The Unforgettable Fire (2 times) Trip Through Your Wires (2 times) Unknown Caller (2 times) Walk On (2 times) You're The Best Thing About Me (2 times) Zoo Station (2 times) Zooropa (2 times) 40 (1 time) All Because Of You (1 time) All I Want Is You (1 time) Angel of Harlem (1 time) Desire (1 time) Don’t Look Back In Anger (1 time) Gloria (1 time) Love and Peace or Else (1 time) Miracle Drug (1 time) Out of Control (1 time) Party Girl (1 time) Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own (1 time) Stuck in a Moment You Can't Get Out Of (1 time) Sweetest Thing (1 time) The Ocean (1 time) Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses (1 time) Yahweh (1 time) We found 65 different snippets played during these shows. California (There Is No End To Love) (4 times) Ode To Joy (4 times) Hear Us Coming (3 times) Invisible (3 times) Rebel Rebel (3 times) 40 (2 times) Acquiesce (2 times) Burning Down The House (2 times) Eeny Meeny Miny Moe (2 times) Hall of Mirrors (2 times) Here Comes The Sun (2 times) I Can See For Miles (2 times) London Bridge Is Falling Down (2 times) London Calling (2 times) Love and Peace or Else (2 times) Mother And Child Reunion (2 times) Psalm 23 (2 times) Reverend Black Grape (2 times) Two Tribes (2 times) When Johnny Comes Marching Home (2 times) Wise Blood (2 times) Women of the World (2 times) Words (2 times) You'll Never Walk Alone (2 times) (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame (1 time) 19 (1 time) A Day Without Me (1 time) Alison (1 time) All You Need Is Love (1 time) America (1 time) America (West Side Story) (1 time) Autobahn (1 time) Black Dog (1 time) Blackbird (1 time) Brass In Pocket (1 time) Break On Through (1 time) Bullet With Butterfly Wings (1 time) Daddy's Gonna Pay For Your Crashed Car (1 time) Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? (1 time) Fool To Cry (1 time) Fuck You, It's Over (1 time) Get Up Stand Up (1 time) God Save The Queen (Sex Pistols) (1 time) Heroes (1 time) Hold Me Close (1 time) I Remember You (1 time) In The Garden (1 time) Introduction (1 time) Lord Of The Flies (1 time) Movin' On Up (1 time) No Regrets (1 time) Norwegian Wood (1 time) Please (1 time) Rock And Roll (1 time) Rock The Casbah (1 time) Send in the Clowns (1 time) Stand By Me (1 time) Starman (1 time) Sunday Mornin' Comin' Down (1 time) The Hands That Built America (1 time) The Jean Genie (1 time) The Showman (Little More Better) (1 time) Vertigo (1 time) Where Are We Now? (1 time) Whole Lotta Love (1 time) Songs from 16 U2 albums have been played during these shows. Snippets are not counted. The Joshua Tree (11 songs) Achtung Baby (9 songs) Songs of Experience (8 songs) How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (7 songs) No Line on the Horizon (7 songs) Songs of Innocence (7 songs) All That You Can't Leave Behind (4 songs) Boy (4 songs) The Unforgettable Fire (4 songs) Rattle And Hum (3 songs) War (3 songs) B-Sides (2 songs) October (2 songs) Unreleased Songs (2 songs) Zooropa (2 songs) Passengers: Original Soundtracks 1 (1 song) Opening songs Breathe (2) The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) (2) Sunday Bloody Sunday (2) The Blackout (2) Vertigo (1) Closing songs Moment Of Surrender (2) 13 (There Is A Light) (2) Vertigo (1) One (1) 40 (1) Don’t Look Back In Anger (1) The Little Things That Give You Away (1) Shows by tour Experience + Innocence Tour (2) Joshua Tree Tour 2017 (2) Innocence + Experience Tour (2) 360° Tour (2) Vertigo Tour (1) Shows by city London (4) Cologne (2) Copenhagen (1) Dublin (1) Manchester (1) Shows by country England (5) Germany (2) Ireland (1) Denmark (1) Some random pictures from the shows you've seen.
  2. Well that would be GREAT !!!
  3. They ought to have it out ready for Santa !!!
  4. and that, my friends, is that ...
  5. Do you think this WILL be the last song as usual ?
  6. "on the road for quite some time" can say that again!
  7. I am going to see Heaven 17 with the wonderful Propaganda ( nice name for a magazine ... ) ( well now they are called XPropaganda..) on Saturday in Birmingham ...and I have a spare ticket if anyone is interested ...
  8. This has been an awesome tour!
  9. Sleathy!

    London Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Barcaqueen is AWESOME!!!
  10. Sleathy!

    London Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Was there ever an explanation for why Bono says Uno dos tres CATORCE ???
  11. I went to the Friday show 10th ( I think) ... and I managed to get on the rail at the 'B' stage - what an awesome place to stand!!!!! I also managed to get my first ever setlist ( thanks to the wonderful Steven) which is now highly treasured! It was great to meet others such as Mark, ( aka Paul) , Vince , Vicky and many others! I will look through my photos and share the best ones when I get the chance !
  12. We have arived ? 193 and 194 in the GA queue
  13. Any ideas on where the GA line will be ...and when?