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  1. Well that would be GREAT !!!
  2. They ought to have it out ready for Santa !!!
  3. and that, my friends, is that ...
  4. Do you think this WILL be the last song as usual ?
  5. "on the road for quite some time" can say that again!
  6. I am going to see Heaven 17 with the wonderful Propaganda ( nice name for a magazine ... ) ( well now they are called XPropaganda..) on Saturday in Birmingham ...and I have a spare ticket if anyone is interested ...
  7. This has been an awesome tour!
  8. Sleathy!

    London Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Barcaqueen is AWESOME!!!
  9. Sleathy!

    London Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Was there ever an explanation for why Bono says Uno dos tres CATORCE ???
  10. I went to the Friday show 10th ( I think) ... and I managed to get on the rail at the 'B' stage - what an awesome place to stand!!!!! I also managed to get my first ever setlist ( thanks to the wonderful Steven) which is now highly treasured! It was great to meet others such as Mark, ( aka Paul) , Vince , Vicky and many others! I will look through my photos and share the best ones when I get the chance !
  11. We have arived ? 193 and 194 in the GA queue
  12. Any ideas on where the GA line will be ...and when?
  13. Just setting off from the Midlands :-)