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  1. I think it is ture - we would even pay a littl eextra to be able to dowload concerts we were at - they are SO personal !!!
  2. And ...do we actually have an actual release date ?
  3. "on the road for quite some time" ...you can say that again!
  4. I am going to see Heaven 17 with the wonderful Propaganda ( nice name for a magazine ... ) ( well now they are called XPropaganda..) on Saturday in Birmingham ...and I have a spare ticket if anyone is interested ...
  5. Was there ever an explanation for why Bono says Uno dos tres CATORCE ???
  6. I went to the Friday show ....my 10th ( I think) ... and I managed to get on the rail at the 'B' stage - what an awesome place to stand!!!!! I also managed to get my first ever setlist ( thanks to the wonderful Steven) which is now highly treasured! It was great to meet others such as Mark, ( aka Paul) , Vince , Vicky and many others! I will look through my photos and share the best ones when I get the chance !
  7. I loved it 3 rows from the front near The Edge on the main stage in Copenhagen ...but might fancy a change for Manchester .... so if you had an empty venue on arrival where would you stand .... on the right as you face the B stage - or the left ...or does it matter? You are all so experienced whereas I am (relatively) innocent ...
  8. So if considering standing for the B stage ....where is the BEST place to stand .... along one side of the long walkway - or at the very end of the stage ? At the end of the B stage wouldn't Larry have his back to you ??? Advice greatfully received ..... Thanks U2 team!
  9. Have a brilliant time those of you at tonight's concert..... I just wish I was there with you ....
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