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  1. andy scotson

    New controversy over U2 tickets

    Maybe they haven't got tickets yet, just advertising them in the expectation they can pick them up later on at a lower price than they have agreed to sell them on for.
  2. andy scotson

    Scottish Fans Are Ignored Again

    Comparing UK to US isn't really like with like - a better comparison would be N America with Europe in terms of the distances people have to travel to get to their closest show. Many individual European countries are getting just one city, many aren't being visited at all, so in that context having three locations within the UK Isn't unreasonable. For the last two tours we had to go from N Wales down to London, but we turned them into a city break and had a bit of a holiday. I suspect that had there been an available suitable venue further north than Manchester they might have gone there, but dates didn't work out.
  3. andy scotson

    Seats *behind* the stage?

    Being behind the stage does put you about as close as you can get while in seats. And you'll get an idea of what the band sees in terms of audience reaction so I guess you could think of it as a different viewpoint. As long as you are not too high up you should have them facing you more when on the 'e' stage, although they did tend to face in to each other when at that end. The video screens will be the big miss. The sad truth tho is that if you miss out on GAs the seats with the best views don't come cheap.
  4. andy scotson


    It also looks unnecessarily complicated and therefore more costly for very little benefit. The i+e layout overcomes the issue of the main stage being a bit remote from the far end of the arena, but for the few times they would get used during a show I'm not sure the extra little walkways add much in terms of getting band much closer to the audience.
  5. andy scotson

    Second night

    With a week from the preceding Milan date, and the Arena booked for a vet on the Sunday, does anyone else think that a second Manchester date is more likely to be on the Thursday rather than the Saturday?
  6. andy scotson

    Album pre-sale code window

    I put a query into the team just to get additional confirmation that we are ok to use subscriber and album pre-sale codes in tandem. Query and reply pasted below - the way the reply is phrased seems to imply that album codes will be useable for any shows that are announced subsequently... I'm just hoping you can confirm that I'm OK to use the presale code I got for pre-ordering the album to purchase 1 or 2additional tickets for a show that I've already ordered two tickets for using my eXPERIENCE subscriber code. I don't want to risk the ones I've ordered already being cancelled! Sorry for the confusion. I looked into this for you and you will be able to purchase 2 additional tickets with that code. If you were unable to use either one, you will still be able to use them for any future shows within the European leg of the tour. Have a great day. Sincerely, Xavier Team
  7. andy scotson

    U2 songs of experience your possible setlist

    Is be happy if they ditched everything from JT having had the tour last year. If they want to revisit that era bring back something from R&H... anyone for Hawkmoon?
  8. andy scotson

    Album Pre Sale Code

    I think you had to order via the links on the page about the offer on the website. If you ordered directly from Amazon I suspect you might not qualify
  9. andy scotson

    Album pre-sale code window

    Nobody knows... same question arises in terms of second nights on any of the cities. I've assumed it won't be usable so going to use mine to try to help a friend get tickets for first night in Manchester.
  10. andy scotson

    See you there!

    There was plenty of time to make the payment with a credit card while it held your tickets.
  11. andy scotson

    Thank You =0)

    I'll add to the round of applause for the mods, and their patience when the same questions kept being asked over and over again.
  12. andy scotson


    I've got the same issue - an experience code and an album code. Do I wait and use the album code in the hope I get tickets for night one and can then use the experience code for a possible second night... or do I use the experience code to make sure of tickets first time around and see if I can then use the album code later?
  13. andy scotson


    Mine has just arrived too so looks like they are coming out over a period of time.
  14. andy scotson


    On past experience it will arrive sometime overnight. I think they get Santa to deliver them now he's got nothing else to do for the next few months.
  15. andy scotson

    Stage Layout

    I'm guessing multiple performance areas means main stage, b stage, catwalk and inside the screen.