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  1. Unclear situation for Europe

    If you used presale codes from your 2017 subscription to get tickets for the JT30 shows then you will need to have renewed for 2018 to be eligible for the e+i presale. So I think renewing any time from now will be fine. I'm not due to renew until March so I'm waiting for now, but realise I'll have to renew earlier than usual.
  2. Ticket Prices

    I guess I'm fortunate in that these days I could afford the prices - for JT30 and i+e did two nights each and we splashed out on the higher prices seats for them. However looking at the price jumps that seem to be happening this time I'm starting to wonder whether it's worth it. I've seen every tour since Joshua Tree, travelled overseas to see shows. But the new songs haven't excited me much, sounds like it's largely going to be similar staging to i+e and I can pretty much guess the rest of the set list and hearing the same songs every tour means they are losing their impact.
  3. Unclear situation for Europe

    It's also been stated that the Verified Fan process was only being used for North America. Keeping everything crossed that is the case. Although the ticket prices I'm seeing quotes are making me wonder whether I'll be thinking twice about paying up. GA sadly no longer an option for me because of health issues but I'm not going to pay silly money for restricted views or seats way up high.
  4. U2 MTV Presents

    Yep, just posted a screenshot an another thread
  5. U2 MTV Presents

    Has anyone else had the email about Trafalgar Square yet?
  6. Show reviews

    Sorry, was travelling home yesterday... The Times and Financial Times also had reviews but are behind paywalls I'm afraid
  7. Show reviews

    There are fairly substantial reviews in today's Times, Telegraph, Guardian and London Evening Standard.
  8. Mobile phone signal was pretty poor inside the stadium - we were struggling just to get photos out front there.
  9. Actually I thought the sound was poor on night one - very sharp and harsh. Couldn't hear some of what Bono wad saying. But I've heard others comment that Twickers acoustics aren't great, especially in the stands. We were further forwards tonight and it was a bit better. I can understand the opening four songs - they really are the four calling cards that led up to JT - the three biggest singles and the highlight from Live Aid. And they need to go all guns blazing to get things going before launching Streets. But wish they could have kept Sort of Homecoming in there on one of the two nights. And perhaps mixed up the post JT section a bit more. Do you really need Elevation and Vertigo in the same show? And in its 20th Anniversary year not even a nod towards Pop. And no shine like stars either night.
  10. Will wearing a 30 year old t-shirt make me look like a tight Yorkshireman?
  11. your age, and how many shows you've been?

    46, will be 47 by the time I see them in London on 8/9 July Joshua Tree Tour 1987-07-01 - Leeds, England - Elland Road Stadium ZOO TV Tour 1993-08-14 - Leeds, England - Roundhay Park PopMart Tour 1997-08-28 - Leeds, England - Roundhay Park Elevation Tour 2001-08-11 - Manchester, England - M.E.N. Arena Vertigo Tour 2005-06-14 - Manchester, England - City of Manchester Stadium 2005-08-11 - Madrid, Spain - Estadio Vicente Calderon 360° Tour 2009-06-30 - Barcelona, Spain - Camp Nou 2009-08-20 - Sheffield, England - Don Valley Stadium 2009-08-22 - Cardiff, Wales - Millennium Stadium 2010-09-30 - Seville, Spain - Estadio Olímpico de Sevilla Innocence + Experience Tour 2015-10-25 - London, England - The O2 2015-10-26 - London, England - The O2
  12. How many of you were at the original Joshua Tree tour?

    More to the point respect to any fan who can still fit into their shirt from 30 years ago :-)
  13. Petition to stop resale of concert tickets (MERGED)

    The most successful recent petition on this attracted around 87,000 signatures. you read down you'll find the response to the petition and a link to the report that was commissioned by the government on this topic. I'm afraid there's no prospect of legislation on this. I'd also recommend being well worth reading.
  14. I know a couple of people still looking for GAs if these are still available