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  1. Received in Perth, Australia today, in good condition My email confirm said shipped Jul 22nd so a good 3-4 weeks. Looking forward to the downloads
  2. Got an email today to confirm sub gift has shipped... Doesn't say what but hoping they got it correct and the vinyl is on it's way
  3. Downloads are now showing for me. Big thanks to BW for helping everyone. Cheers
  4. please keep us updated on this... if this doesn't happen in a reasonable time, please send us a PM... I have the same issue with my subscription. I renewed on 6 November 2014, 2 weeks before the announcement of the new offer. When I renewed in November 2013, I received as the subscriber gift the book North Side Story in Spring 2014. I got the same book _again_ in November 2014 for the 2014/2015 subscription. I thought I had sorted it out with Live Nation Merchandise Customer Service in November, as they wrote: "Since the membership item has not been changed/announced yet, renewed memberships are still receiving the North Side Story book. Please feel free to give it as a gift. In the meantime, I will file your order with the others, and when a new gift is announced you will receive that as well." No so. As the downloads did not appear in my login profile, I emailed again. The first reply was: "You are not eligible to download the advance tracks from ‘Another Time, Another Place’ due to when you took out your annual subscription (new or renewed), if you selected the ‘Annual Subscription Package: Another Time, Another Place’ OR the ‘Premium Subscription: Another Time, Another Place & Book’, then you are eligible for the downloads. (If you selected ‘Annual Subscription: North Side Story’ you are not eligible for the downloads.) " I replied that on 6 November 2014 there was no such choice to be made and that I had discussed the issue immediately with Live Nation. I even referred to this thread and peach23's post above. This time the reply I got from U2.com Team (support@u2.com) was: "We had recently reached out for information about this package gift and unfortunately your order is not eligible to download the advance tracks from ‘Another Time, Another Place’." No explanations. Not sure now, if I will even get the vinyl album, or not. So next Fall, I'm sure to let my subscription to expire, and to renew only after the item has been published. I hear your frustration Tim and in my case 2 phone calls and similar emails from me hasn't solved anything yet after 3 weeks either. Bigwave has started a list to help us as well. See here...... add your name to this thread http://zootopia.u2.c...ng-please-read/
  5. Just an update on this membership issue above... I had to make a second call as the change was not reflected on my login and the U2 shop order number still showed the previous years gift and no 'The Ocean' download was showing. Spoke to Joy this time who confirmed they had only made a manual change to adjust the order when dispatching the gift. They need to now send an email to management and the website administrator to have this changed. Joy will email me when this is done. Cheers
  6. Please call the customer support team - 1-800-615-1324 (inside the US) | +001-949-333-4820 (outside the US), and explain the situation. Please have in hand any and all documents about your subscription... Please let us know of the outcome of the phone call either here or via PM... Made the call today (prob AU $15-20) and advised by Kellen that he has updated the gift to ATAP. Also asked for an email confirm which I received. Just waiting now for that to reflect on the U2.COM site and the access to the ATAP downloads.
  7. Woot, live audio feeds of the show ?? Eg. 31st May show ? I never knew this. In the UK , we are 8 hours ahead, can we still get this ? Do you have a weblink for the exact site ? Thanks. I've simply been following the twitter feed with the hashtag search #u2ieTour and you will see various feeds available, simply click on their link...... also live comments and photo's from people at the show who use the same hashtag. Enjoy
  8. I am an early re-subscriber each year (Mid Nov) and could only select the old gift as the new gift was not yet available. I already have the Northside Story book from the previous year's subscription so want the latest gift offer available (Inc the downloads). I've tried to explain this via the help email contact only to get an email back over a week later saying I'm not subscribed to the new Album Gift. This is incredibly frustrating as it seems to happen each year, certainly for the last 3 years anyway. As an early re-subscriber (I'm sure there are many) we are being disadvantaged by having to go thru this process of explanation each year. All they have to do is check the expiry date of the subscription and update to the latest gift if the subscriber requests this. I don't currently have access to 'The Ocean' download so 'Im assuming I will also not receive the album. I'm an 'Up to Date paid subscriber' so having access to the latest subscription offer should be the minimum I receive as that's what I've paid for. Also to note, I've been a subscriber each year since the Propaganda Magazine days. Be nice to hear from them and know they are sorting out a problem for a 20 plus year member. Also thanks to Bigwave for sharing. On a lighter note, I hope everyone is enjoying the tour, the access to live audio feeds, I certainly am !!
  9. After hearing California live today I had to vote for it. If I got another vote I'd pick another track. Very hard to choose and it's great to be liking so many.
  10. It was 1984 and my bands were, Midnight Oil and INXS, both Australian bands. Midnight Oil were Australia's version of U2 and INXS were an exciting charismatic act with some great early career songs ('Don't change' from "Shabooh Shoobah" was my favourite). I followed these bands closely and also followed another band from Ireland, due to a couple of songs called "I Will Follow" and "Out of Control" which introduced me to the band. At the time of their release I worked with a very attractive Irish girl who also gave me a gift one day (U2 Live at Red Rocks) and of course I've followed them closely ever since. Anyway back to the GIG, it was September 27th, 1984 and I got to see one of my favourite bands in INXS which of course was awesome. I also invited this Irish friend along and I felt like I had returned the favour in introducing her to a great Australian act. She loved them ... and Michael of course. Just like my other 2 favourite bands I knew INXS were special and this concert included a powerful version of 'Don't Change' that has never left me. Looking back I like to think of those special moments and cherish them as a shared memory with another person. I loved that concert and I knew I was in search of another great 'live' act and my excitement was building as I knew something very special was just around the corner. 'The Unforgettable Fire' album was due in a few days (Released October 1st 1984). I had started a journey and had no idea I had made such good choices in 'Who to Follow' and of course 'I didn't change'. All the best, thanks for reading and here is a Gig Poster for the night.... INXS Live at the Perth Entertainment Centre, on September 27th 1984 INXS27thSept1984.tiff
  11. Wrong address too :/ should be 10 Cedarwood Road
  12. Renewed my subscription November 13th Last year but still waiting to receive. Are there any other early subscribers still waiting? Live Nation are very frustrating to deal with, not opting to go the extra yard for the ones who pay first but instead happy to deal out auto messages saying "first ordered, first to receive". Well that doesn't seem to be true!! Lucky I'm patient but like most I'm still subjected to poor service from big organisations..... Yes I've emailed them 3 times with no success, the computer response is from Barbara. Reminds me of that movie "Her" except I don't "love you" Barbara....... waiting!!
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