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  1. More GA tickets released today for Brizzy.
  2. Got my GA’s from the Live Nation pre sale 🤗
  3. Good work. I’m having to do through the Live Nation pre sale tomorrow and hope for the best. Blew my U2.com pre sale on family for Syd 1.
  4. If you have used your code to purchase 2 tickets then I do believe you can use the code again to purchase 2 more tickets.
  5. Only GA-2 left. I’d fly to Brisbane for GA-1 because it’s the first Australian Show on the tour.
  6. Sydney concert sells out in minutes. Second concert announced. Woo hoo. U2 proving once again they are the biggest act in the world.
  7. In 1984 the crowd sang 4O from the SEC to Central Station. 👌 I think we’re in with a chance this tour.
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