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  1. Not one to be moved by (or start rumors) BUT I had heard this (or more something close to this) in Dec from a very good source but like most things I hear I never really gave it a second thought (well not all of it) During a conversation I was told an idea had come up about them doing something like ''3'' shows in Dublin & wherever other cities BUT doing them as ''3'' different shows as in the first being in a small venue then a medium sized place then a stadium show - I was told they got the idea from the Rolling Stones who done something like this previously (I Did not know that) It was only when I seen this new ''Rumor'' that I thought it sounded (kind of) the same... It's a great idea (IF TRUE) and would certainly be amaZing to catch them in a smaller capacity ie Vicar St OR The Olympia in Dublin.. Anyhow - As I said Im not one for rumors but thought I'd add my bit of information... So, Let the rumors begin / eXpand
  2. Be careful of small men with big ideas

  3. gary-paul

    @Gpaul1972 2

    Good Idea - an Easter Edge
  4. ''one of the posters'' whaaaaat... you make me seem so common.... lol
  5. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    I spent a few days taking various pix around Dublin and decided to ''make up'' my own Achtung Baby-esqe cover. I took quite a lot and in the end used the 16 you see - The photos are 1 - Grand Canal Dock famous sign 2 - An Xmas Tree in City Cntr I took from ground up ;-) 3 - A Dublin train (DART) kinda reminded me of the image on AB 4 - A flower stall on Grafton St 5 - The wall at the old Windmill Lane Studios 6 - Richmond St old record shop (where I grew up, loved this shop when I was a kid - bought my first U2 tape here) 7 - My Achtung Baby Trabant shot on Sandymount strand with poolbeg towers in background 8 - Bono at U2/HQ - after meeting/chatting Bono turned and faced a drawing on the studion door someone had done 9 - Naked Peter Griffin as opposed to naked Adam 10 - Just a WARNING (Achtung) sign along Dublin canal 11 - A photo I took backstage at depeche mode (Martin Gore's Guitar collection) 12 - Cow (just sort of like on AB) this is at Jervis St Dublin 13 - My boy playing on Sandymount Strand 14 - Fruit Stall on Moore St Dublin (like on AB where Larry is pictured in front of) 15 - My Trabant again 16 - A spinning light toy (just thought it was cool)

    © Gary Paul

  6. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    This was completely accidential, I was going to meet a friend and while passing The Merrion Bono came up from restaurant, luckily I had a U2 (Colm Henry) pic in my bag (always handy to have just in case) and a black card which Bono sketched on for me

    © Gary Paul

  7. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    Meeting Larry at Dublin premier of Man On A Train in IFI Dublin 2013, with my cousin (Far Left)

    © Gary Paul

  8. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    At Tosca charity event Dublin 2012

    © Gary Paul

  9. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    Gordon Meets Bono, Dublin 2012

    © Gary Paul

  10. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    Meeting Edge at Dun Laoghaire Co Dublin

    © Gary Paul

  11. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    FINALLY - My Achtung Baby Trabant finished, Signed by all Larry, Adam, Edge, Bono (Twice) and Paul McGuinness.

    © Gary Paul

  12. gary-paul


    From the album: U2 & Me.......

    With Edge

    © Gary Paul

  13. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    Bono & Me - Dublin Dec 2012

    © Gary Paul

  14. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    Checking the Hard Rock / Amnesty T-Shirt

    © Gary Paul

  15. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    Bono hadn't seen the finished Hard Rock Amnesty T-shirt so when he seen me with it he decided to check it out

    © Gary Paul

  16. gary-paul

    U2 x 4

    From the album: U2 & Me.......

    various photos from meeting U2

    © Gary Paul

  17. From the album: U2 & Me.......

    Meeting Adam during Walk In My Shoes Photoshoot - Dublin Jan 2013

    © Gary Paul


  19. Meeting Bono in Dublin twice in a week !!!
  20. Meeting Bono in Dublin twice in a week !!!
  21. Meeting Bono in Dublin twice in a week !!! Getting some more of my U2 stuff signed, caught Bono heading into his brothers special charity event (just off Temple Bar) and he came over, chatted briefly and signed (Melon CD & U22) for me and also signed for a friend who was there too...
  22. Meeting Bono in Dublin twice in a week, this was by complete accident, I was going to meet someone else and noticed Bono's car parked up so I hung on for a few mins and along he came - I actually didn't have anything U2 with me apart from a black & White Colm Henry - Which I got signed and he also drew a cool pic on blank-black board in silver !!!
  23. 63810 The Lucky Duck ?? Nothing today AGAIN - actually NO post what-SO-ever today... So I was hoping my postman was just late but now it's 5:03pm Im guessing TOMORROW will have to be another possible chance
  24. 63 615 - I have nothing interesting to say !!! Im staring at my computer waiting for inspiration BUT noting happening - all I can think of is ''I Want A Mars Bar''
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