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  1. The Platinum tickets for Amsterdam are in blocks 104 & 105, i.e.at the opposite end of the arena from the 'permanent' stage. It seems very unlikely that Platinum seats would be at the opposite end of the arena from the 'main' stage.
  2. I used my code to buy one ticket for London and one for Amsterdam, I assume this is okay? Will the audit recognise that I only bought one ticket each time? Obviously, I can provide booking confirmations if necessary.
  3. I might be mis-remembering, but I think on the last tour, after you used your code, it disappeared from your My Account page, or got marked as 'Code Used' or something, although this didn't happen until a couple of weeks after you used the code. Am I remembering correctly? In which case the vendors must communicate the information to U2.com, which would allow U2.com to request cancellation of duplicates (though I suspect vendors would be reluctant to cancel tickets that had already been sent out, as e-tickets or whatever, as this could result in big problems at the turnstiles). Hopefully the Amsterdam and London vendors will tell U2.com that I only bought one ticket for each.
  4. Yes it has happened in the past, but I think it was some special concession for so that people could get tickets for shows at the start and end of a tour lasting more than one year, I don't remember the exact details. And it was certainly flagged up as a special concession involving people being invited to renew their memberships before renewal was due.
  5. I remember people had this problem on a previous U2 tour, they got emails saying that orders were being cancelled for this reason but were able to phone Ticketmaster and get it sorted out.
  6. I would guess Songs of Innocence songs the first night and Songs of Experience songs the second. The title of the tour suggests that they expect to have Songs of Experience out by then.
  7. Got one for Amsterdam and one for London night 2. I could have got two nights for London, but didn't want to risk it in case ticketmaster.nl and AXS talk to each other retrospectively and cancel one or more order.
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