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  1. Now down to 400 GA available. The slow trickle continues!
  2. Now down to 481 GA. Hopefully we will get some sort of announcement about any additional dates after the Japan general sale on 20 July.
  3. Maybe they are trying to reconfigure part of GA for night 2. Seems odd that they have not announced another night considering the concert is nearly sold out.
  4. Now down to 736 GA available. Still hoping for a second show!
  5. Now down to 1002 GA available!
  6. Now down to 1098 GA available!
  7. Now only 1148 GA available. Hopefully this trend will continue and we get a second show.
  8. Those tickets still appear to be selling, now down to 1157 GA left.
  9. Keeping my fingers crossed for a second night.
  10. Worked this out for myself just now. Just remembered that I had purchased a t shirt from the u2 shop on Saturday for £23 and that explains the live nation charge on my cc! Must be getting old!
  11. Will do and will let you know what they come back with.
  12. Many thanks. There's no mention of ticket insurance on my email confirmation which itemises the cost as follows: Total Amount 123,000 Won Ticket Price 121,000 Won Booking Fee 2,000 Won Delivery Fee None Discount None
  13. Same here and many thanks to all the Mods for their support.
  14. Hi I was lucky enough to secure myself one seat during today's presale. I have just have noticed a pending transaction on my cc which is on top of the cost of the ticket which amounts to £23 and comes up as "LIVE NATION MERCH ECOM". Is that the service fee for the ticket or something else? Regards Carl
  15. That's correct. Received the 2 emails. Just checked my cc issuer online and there is a pending transaction for the ticket so all appears to be fine.
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