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Status Updates posted by Carlos

  1. Looking forward to 2 shows in Vegas. Is anyone arranging a fan meet up?

  2. Fingers crossed for details of the European Tour soon!

  3. Hi Max can you help with the problems some of us are encountering with AXS for Vegas on 12 May. Are AXS not accepting credit cards from outside the US/Canada. 

    Hope you can help.



    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      You will need to contact either customer service here or AXS customer service...

    2. Carlos


      Thanks and I have contacted both AXS and the TMobile Arena Las Vegas.  Contacted previously and they were not much help.

  4. U2 @ Trafalgar Square 11 November 2017

  5. Fingers crossed for some official album tracklisting news this Friday.:D

  6. 20 October 2018 :)

  7. Rumored U2 appearence on Fallon show this Thursday.

    1. iloebonoalso


      Yep Jimmy just announced it. Performing TWO songs. Yea!

  8. Hoping the rumors on ATU2 and U2 Start about SOE are true i.e. first single on 8 Sep (Best Thing), second single later in Fall, followed by Album on 1 Dec:)

  9. Hi - Heading to the Barcelona gig on Tuesday. Just saw a copy of the stadium plan which was retweeted by atu2. The "Importante" note on the map stipulates bringing your passport as a form of ID to accompany printed tickets. Just thought I should let you and fellow zootopians know about this. Carlos

    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      thanks for the info...

  10. Looking forward to seeing U2 in Barcelona on 18 July:)

  11. RIP Chris Cornell

  12. Got 2 tickets for Barcelona - Presale was a breeze!

  13. Hoping to get tickets for Barcelona tomorrow!

  14. U2 Chile reporting a possible Tour announcement on 9 Jan

  15. Feeling Warm in London in Sep!

    1. Malahide


      We had the warmest September 14 since 1901 today!

    2. Carlos


      Nice to have some warmth in September.


  16. On my last night shift

  17. Looking forward to hearing more about the new gift next week.

  18. Any news on the new subscription package?

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    2. eltimbomofo


      Yeah, whats going on with this? came here to resub and i dont want another time another place a second time

    3. U2Air


      U2.COM: WAKE UP!!!! You said there is would be an announcement for the 2016 by the end of January...2 more days, let's go!

    4. mofo1


      I guess the band and management is on vacation. They have forgotten about the fans. Everybody needs to re-subscribe today or pay $50 instead of $40 what a rip off.

  19. RIP David Bowie

  20. Wishing fellow Zootopians a Happy Christmas and New Year!

    1. pain_18_


      Merry Christmas !!!

    2. joshthetree


      Hope you have a happy and peaceful new year

  21. Just been on Twitter and seen the rumors (U2 Start) about no Euro dates in 2016 but possibly some in fall as U2 need to spend more tome completing SOE

    1. pain_18_


      So it's true...SOE will come out in late 2016...

  22. Happy 39th AnnivesSary U2!

    1. Anjana


      I always forget, thanx for the reminder:)