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  1. Presumably you have multiple ways of playing MP3?
  2. Astonished that people would rather have plastic ‘bird scarers’ than quality vinyl plus download...really hoping U2 also produce a limited vinyl version to buy through u2.com shop rather than just cheapo CDs...
  3. It’s all Ticketmaster and their own resale sites. Coupled with touts being allowed to buy instant memberships. Not real fans at all.
  4. Got this re GA today: You should receive your order in the next 2 working days! ?
  5. I agree with all of this except the fan club members selling into resale - I think that part is minimal if not non existent. I think the ‘primary agents’ have sold inventory directly into (their own) secondary, which makes them even worse!...
  6. 100% correct. Ticketmaster and Livenation (and U2) should be taking a LONG HARD LOOK at process and correcting it for next time. NOT blaming their 'greedy' fans!....Totally agree making the process complex and/or weakly protected is THEIR responsiblility not the fans, and should not be used as an excuse (or deliberate means) to make more tickets available for resale, platinum or verified - cons of their own design.
  7. That’s what I was thinking. I’m sure on previous tours the codes got ‘struck through’ or deleted from user profiles/tour pages once they had been used, and that you couldn’t physically re enter them (technically impossible) in subsequent presales. Has anyone who has used their code notice any of the above measures this time?
  8. Mine came from: no-reply@livenationmerchandise.com don’t know if that is consistent across all retail sales but the email does say plural: ie‘with participating retailers’
  9. Thanks a lot Max. That’s weird as the original email from my album preorder says that it expired at the end of the first presale. But, as others are saying, the original preorder presale email now links through to the Ticketmaster links for Dublin ‘retail presales’ - I was worried there may be some local Irish Shop retail presale that I wasn’t aware of. Fingers crossed you are right.
  10. Max, is the ‘retail code’ the one originally sent via u2.com album preorders as I haven’t used mine yet? Should I get a new email about that or use the original code I was sent for buying the album?
  11. Just remember though at O2 they usually take your tickets from you! I didn’t get a ticket souvenir at Depeche Mode as a result! We learned the following week for The Killers to ask at which door they return tickets after the show and got lucky! They only return tickets on one exit, so ask as you go in which!
  12. Who knows if it is deliberate, or accidental. Crap either way. I'm getting two for London (GA I hope), would swap one for Manc (GA).
  13. You're right they moved the goalposts and changed FAQs earlier....
  14. Don't reckon it will happen. They want everyone to use presale codes so that the demand on Dubs is lessened is my guess...
  15. That's less specific than the FAQ quote I gave...
  16. Hoping that: 'We do plan to email subscribers codes and info the night before your presales begin' (see Tour FAQs) doesn't mean LATE on Weds, I need to be sure that the code/instructions is here/okay before I leave for a very early commute. Please send it earlier than in the 'night'.....
  17. Did they ever give a discount on membership?! I thought T&Cs said not, nor on music products....I’ve been missing a trick if they do
  18. I’ll hold you to this Bigwave when we lose out on UK/Europe presale
  19. ANYONE received your u2.com preorder?!....
  20. Did you go as far as getting a US presale code? I did, didn’t use it and am now worried I won’t get sent a UK/Europe code despite not having applied for any tickets yet and having now unlinked from TM US - I have ‘incomplete’ again on my account. This is a mess and I have only done what I was instructed IMO.
  21. Hi, I linked my US Ticketmaster account to my u2.com membership as I was told to do so to get presale, not realising that that was for US presale - I only want UK/Europe presale tickets - i was then issued a US presale code which I didn’t use. i have now delinked my US TM account from u2.com. how do I get a UK presale? Presumably I am stilll eligible for two UK or European tickets under my u2.com membership as I haven’t bought any tickets in US sales? Also what is Fan verification for general sales and how do I do that for UK/Europe? I have been in Fanclub since 1982/3 and it has never been this complicated and unclear?! Please sort out presale issues for UK/Europe so this doesn’t happen again and give clear/simple instructions way up front...
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