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  1. Just thank the person above for making the effort i'd say.I've been in a few fucked up GA lines this seems a decent way to go about it but hey ho
  2. you're not alone in thinking that to be honest
  3. gibbo1968


    A joke shirley?????? ask any U2 fan worth their salt and I think acrobat would top most peoples lists
  4. at 360 overnight queue'rs were let in under the stadium so depends on how the security feel i'd guess.
  5. More to the point respect to any fan who can still fit into their shirt from 30 years ago :-) and even more to the point it survived a mothers ironing(or lack of ) technique!!!
  6. did philly and NJ for 360 started queueing at 4.30 am in philly but you do need to see who's running the line as we got our 'number' the night before.Got a perfect rail spot in the middle.as for NJ we turned up for the 09 show at about 4pm as we were travellin from the UK and got a good-ish spot but to the side.The 2011 show I queued from 9 am and got on the front of the outer. So in a nutshell if you want a rail spot you do have to put in the hours outside on the concrete.
  7. I was on the dole and luckily my signing on day was the day of release.So most of my measly dole went on that album which i played to within an inch of its death Managed to scrape together enough for a ticket fot the august 3rd n.e.c gig in birmingham. good times,luckily ever since i've been in employment!
  8. C'mon we're always on U2 time remember!
  9. the person i know who's a winner is a sweet girl and before anyone says i'm bound to say that cos i know her,we've not long known each other it's due to me knowing her fella. Only really got to know her the last couple of months properly and queued with her in london and she's no diva. granted it was a daft idea by U2 to run the whole shebang about who to get onstage again but hey U2 have always been about daft idea's and yep i'm jealous as fuck but hey ho
  10. Epic just bloody epic! Loads of old skool zootopians up for both nights Cheers to suzie m for meetin bono the second night in vip and asking for shine like stars a couple of pics that sum up the weekend.
  11. does this go here? stupid forum keep it simple FFS great two night for 3 and 4 by the way
  12. Oooh I have an alter ego lol? God please no! One of you is bad enough ahem a slap will be in order next weekend missus!
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