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  1. Wouldn't it be fantastic if the band played an intimate show like last nights in the Apollo when they come home in November? Most of us here couldn't get access to tickets for last nights show. Please lads make it happen!
  2. Yes I have to agree with you the Live Nation deal has not been good for fans.
  3. On a rational level it's hard top disagree with your points but with regards to U2 rationality probably goes out the door for most of us on here! Opportunities to see the band in this this kind of setting are few and far enough between so I am just expressing my, and probably some others, disappointment at not being able to enter the draw. While it is a Sirius XM event, I find it hard to believe that they would dictate to the band to this extent as to who they can give their own assignment of tickets to. In any event I am aware of at least one UK radio station competition that was giving away tickets to it. Hopefully they will put on something similar when thy come home. Dublin would be fine but The National Opera House in Wexford (Snow Patrol played there recently so its not totally beyond the realms of possibility .... is it?!) would be really good for me.
  4. It's a pity that the U2.COM draw for tickets is limited to US residents
  5. dermo

    Chicago Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Yes 8.40 seems to have been the stage time for all shows so far
  6. Well having attended the Las Vegas shows and doing GA for Saturday I still feel that fan run 'queues' are not the way GA entry should be done. Mr Oseary indicated a willingness to engage with fans some months ago and this is one area that might benefit from such engagement.
  7. dermo

    Ticketing Rip Off The Band Need To Act

    I would be interested to hear if there has been any meaningful interaction with Mr Oseary recently. Obviously this is a busy time for him but nonetheless if any contact is being made it would be good to hear updates on what might be discussed in any such interaction. The issue of GA 'queues' is an area that I feel could be addressed with him through the channel that was opened with the letter he was sent.
  8. Virgin Radio in the UK are running a competition for a trip to this show
  9. dermo

    U2 takes another stand

    The referendum on repealing the 8th amendment is understandably a very divisive subject in Ireland and in the run up to the vote it will undoubtedly get more ugly. The Ireland that voted to insert the 8th amendment is very different to the Ireland of today. Since it was inserted there have been calls for it to be repealed. It is is far to simplistic to describe those against repealing as far right, pro life and ‘religious’ groups. I don't believe all those in favour of repealing want abortion on demand. Both sides have extreme elements who would like to shut the other side down but the majority of Irish people are not extremists and people on both sides of the debate have real and genuine concerns. I saw one of the images from last nights show says 'Free Speech'. I hope this is respected by all sides in the run up to the vote and that regardless of the result any divisions caused will be temporary.
  10. I am not against people queuing where this involves people going to a venue and staying there until the show. What I am against is the fan organised lists that some self appointed list keeper starts, sometimes days in advance of a show, and then declares that those on the list have priority over those that are not. I think the method used for Bruce Springsteen shows makes sense.
  11. You're not a jerk in my book Manohlive. I've said it before and I'll say it again. A queue to me is not a book that someone records names in and then tells you to come back at certain allotted times to 'check in' in order to maintain maintain your place in said 'queue'. What makes it worse for me is some of the language that the self appointed holders of the book use like 'policing' the (should read their) queue. It seems that the band/promoters/venues will not be having any part in the GA queue again on this tour and will probably give in the the 'fan queues'. It's plain to see that this is a divisive issue and yes it is a first world problem but that's not a good enough reason for those who object the these fan organised queues to be silenced.
  12. dermo

    GA line

    In the absence of anything official by the band hopefully the venue will do as they say and all other venues will do likewise.
  13. dermo

    GAs in Vegas.

    The mistake was mine in posting in the thread instead of sending the PM. No need for an apology on your part. Thanks again for your input.
  14. Can you transfer them using Flash Seats? I was able to buy a GA for LV2 and now have the ticket on the Flash Seats app.
  15. dermo

    GAs in Vegas.

    Thanks Carlos. That post was supposed to be a PM but your information is very helpful and reassuring. Enjoy the shows.