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  1. Congratulations. Great that a member won>
  2. Ticketing Rip Off The Band Need To Act

    Thanks for the response bigwave and for your and the other moderators work on this forum. I have to admit I was/am sceptical about Osearys motives. If nothing else it will be a test of his bona fides . If something does develop it's important that it embraces as broad a group of fans as is possible. It would be unfortunate if the impression is formed that an 'elite clique' of fans have access to 'the top'.
  3. Ticketing Rip Off The Band Need To Act

    Regarding the Oseary communication it would be nice to know if there had been any further contact between him and the signatories to the original letter. As the U2.Com/Zootopia Community Managers were among those signatories maybe they could confirm whether or not there has been any follow up.
  4. Delighted to have secured GA for Monday but the confusion over start times is unnecessary. It's a first world problem but could have been avoided. As always kudos to the Zoo Mods for their sterling work on our behalf.
  5. Get yourself down to the sunny south east. Wexford is a great town (and county)
  6. We might be a little country but there is alot more to it than Dublin. Go beyond the pale and spend some of your hard earned dollars in other parts of the country ;-)
  7. Less gigs this tour?

    I would say cost is a major factor and squeezng in the tour last year probably hasn't helped
  8. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Nice that people can give their opinions on the album. I would too if I had it. 5 days after release and still nothing form U2.COM. Hate saying it but my opinion of U2 is deteriorating rapidly. Well Bono may thank us for giving them a great life. It appears he is just paying us lip service as he looks for another East European shopping centre to invest his spare millions in. They charge crazy prices for tickets and then take pre orders for albums that they don't fulfill in a timely fashion.
  9. Have They Have Gone Too Far?

    Sometimes it seems that it all about topping the billboard box office list for the year. Overall the Live Nation deal while great for their bank balances has not been good for their fans
  10. To me the only ones coming out of this with any credit are the moderators. So well done and thank you bigwave, mich40 and Max Tsukino. There is an awful lot of justifiable anger out there and that anger should be directed at Live Nation, Ticketmaster & I'm sad to say U2
  11. U2 MTV Presents

    It's very disappoiniting to see the 'super fan' tickets on sale like this.
  12. U2 MTV Presents

    I was at the Astoria too. One of my U2 highlights without a doubt. I remember well getting an email on Saturday morning and hastily arranging time off work, flight, hotel. A 2 hour drive to Dublin for a midday flight on Tuesday. A few pints before the show. The show. A couple of hours sleep ( I needn't have bothered with the hotel) before a 6.30 am flight back to Dublin, 2 hour drive home and in work for 11 am. Would be great to be doing something similar tomorrow, so all I will say is everyone who is there, ENJOY!
  13. U2 MTV Presents

    So it looks like no one from outside the UK?
  14. U2 MTV Presents

    Congratulations to the winners. Have any of you won in the 'super fan' ballot? Is there any info on how many 'super fan' winners there were?