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  1. No real way to know where or when.  Most venues have a load-in area, and that's where the band will generally arrive to.  For Denver, us locals knew that there was only one way to get to the load in area, and it was on the street that we waited on.  Whether they actually stop or not is guess work ,and times vary.  We had a torrential downpour about 1:45 and were convinced that no one would stop in the rain.  But it cleared quickly, the sun came out, and Edge stopped at 2:20.  Larry and Bono followed between then and 4pm.  Adam did not stop the first day.  Not a whole lot of help for you, but that's all I've got.  

  2. Here you go.  Bono talks to my friend Elsha.  I say some stupid things to Bono.  And Bono holds your baby  :wub:    (I hope this works.  Haven't posted in the Zoo for a very long time)


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