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    Music going to U2 concerts - never enough, seeing tribute bands, walking in Cornwall and lots of other lovely places, visiting Dublin for the first time in 2013 and wanting to go back again
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    The Unforgettable Fire
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    Wembley 2009
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    Cardiff 2009
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    Cardiff 2009
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    Adam Clayton
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    Gary Numan, Faithless, Nine Inch Nails, Jayce Lewis, White Lies, Editors, Simple Minds, OMD, Rammstein, Protafield

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  1. Attended the London Arena o2 on Monday 2/11/15 - superb performance seated tickets at the 2nd stage end perfect watching Bono enter the stage so close. Whole concert was amazing - so much going on.
  2. It was guaranteed disaster - I failed both with pre-sale and today fast losing the will to live with it.
  3. I agree had the same problem hope you got some today I tried and failed
  4. I to never received my email till the day of the pre-sale was off work sick didn't see it till the afternoon - by this point all gone only over priced tickets - I am fast giving up with U2 too old for all this crap just trying to get a ticket is impossible. Today was a no hoper I was in work and trying to do both was mission impossible. I was hoping for 2 GA's as it's my 50th next year - unless they do any more I won't be renewing my subs as £40.00 is not worth it. Sorry but I know not everyone has had this problem but when you read FB comments there are alot of genuine fans that have no tickets. U2 - dis-service
  5. ps - this was supposed to be for my 50th next year so I'm even more gutted - I would say something stronger but I will probably get reported
  6. Gutted did not get my pre-sale code till the day they went on sale and off work sick so by the time I saw the e-mail all reasonable priced tickets had gone and failed in anything today on gen sale as I was in work impossible - not impressed with U2 the prices were ridiculous how do they expect people to have this kind of money so close to Christmas - really bad planning on their part. I am seriously considering not renewing my membership when it runs out in Jan, I feel we have had a dis-service U2.
  7. Beautiful pics - must have a well decent camera
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