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  1. angelofharlem4u2

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I am so grateful for the Apollo show as it was the only time I heard it live among the shows I attended this past June/July.
  2. angelofharlem4u2

    U2 Apollo Theater - meet up / live thread

    I was blessed and fortunate to have made it there - literally at the last minute. What a cherished memory.
  3. angelofharlem4u2

    U2 Apollo Theater - meet up / live thread

    U2 Apollo Setlist Lights Of Home I Will Follow Gloria 2 Hearts Beat As One People Get Ready Pride American Soul Love Is Bigger Than Anything In It’s Way One I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For When Love Comes to Town Angel of Harlem All I Want Is You 13
  4. The Harlem Tavern is on 116th Street I& 8th Avenue/Frederick Douglass Blvd (outdoor &I indoor seating) , and Angel of Harlem Restaurant 2272 Frederick Douglass Blvd, corner of 122nd Street.
  5. That's my plan as well!
  6. Those of us who haven't won can all convene at the Harlem Tavern on 116th Street :).
  7. LOL, l've been a fan club member since 1986, but was not selected. Oh well....
  8. When I asked Bono and Edge to do a show three years ago, it was a sincere request. I would love to be's hoping that it will be a special moment for everyone lucky enough to attend.
  9. This is once in a lifetime event, take the time off! :).
  10. I have an itinerary for them:Sunday in the AM - Take in church services at Shiloh Baptist ChurchBrunch at Angel of Harlem RestaurantSoundcheck at the ApolloDinner at Sylvia'sMonday in the AM - Visit the Schomburg CenterReview the Works Progress Administration's Federal Art Project at Harlem HospitalLunch at the Red RoosterAnother soundcheck before the showStart the R&R show - with SOUL!
  11. Before the show, the guys should take in brunch at this lovely place located in the heart of Harlem:
  12. The contest is for Sirius XM members who've already belonged to the program prior to April 25h (If I read it correctly), so my new subscription does not count. Regardless, I wish the best to those who are blessed to attend the event :).
  13. Of course not. As I indicated in a post, I respect that it's a business decision to do this private show, but am disappointed that fans who don't subscribe to Sirius XM won't be able to enjoy this historic event. I am definitely looking forward to the shows I have coming up, but seeing them at the Apollo would have been a special memory for me.
  14. angelofharlem4u2

    Chicago Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Hope that someone is on Mixlr.....