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  1. ONE is best. Mine is, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.
  2. Cedarwood Road
  3. No worries, it's Edge Birthday Week, month.
  4. That's great Illum! I was asked and recommended to be part of a book for the government for my very small part in a community project. Don't know yet if it will see the light of day with the way things have been and our government cutbacks. We'll see
  5. No...thank you....!! You just gave me an idea for something.
  6. Always loved graph-paper drawings.Love it!!! He's the man!
  7. Happy Birthday sexy Edge and the most all around guitarist, musican with a heart and a most respected rock and roll soul. Can't wait for you to blow our minds with the new stuff! : ) You can't lose when you have an Edge! ha!
  8. Most mind-blowing song was the Little Things That Give You Away. I'm with U2 as far as not playing it each time on the set list. Agree with fans who are saying I WILL FOLLOW is a good ender. Besides the most beloved U2 song ender, 40. Exit was a song that never really captivated me and what U2 did to it. The whole thing..the graphics,,the adding of new lyrics..The Shadow Man and what Bono did with him. It took on a whole other meaning for me. Red Hill Mining Town and One Tree Hill had a lot of heart and soul. All the songs do, but for me some days you could really feel the heart of the songs in them.
  9. Agree, seems after the Joshua Tree setlist seems get heavy..ie...Exit...Mothers Of The Disappeared. They can add a couple of B-sides..or Heartland, something from Rattle And Hum. Make it B-side fun time, in between songs to play with. Then into Beautiful Day.
  10. Speaking of Songs Of Innocence.....really have missed hearing this song live. Iris
  11. I, I, will FOLLOW.....!! Thank you U2, Mods, all the wonderful mixlrs and the periscopers, zootopians and all the U2community posting tweets and instagrams. Above all thanks to U2 for your music and your hands of Love. Stay safe and enjoy your time off, we'll miss you.