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  1. What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    ZOO TV 25 years ago this week, October 30, 1992 at Chavez Ravine.
  2. What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    The U2 Mods deserve this Pizza! I'm getting better with my guitar playing.
  3. What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    A trick or treater came to my Mom's house as a little Bono dude. wearing a hat, glasses and a U2 button.
  4. The Mood Thread (Reboot)

    Sorry to hear Illum, hope everything gets better soon. X Current mood is creative, playing my guitar a lot and learning new songs, I learned God Bless America, Free Falling, Vertigo.... carving my pumpkins today and getting ready for Halloween and the World Series......Larry's B-day.. so it's Pizza Night!
  5. Happy Birthday to Larry

    Larry, the hardest-working member of the band. Sorry Edge...it's Larry's day!! Happy Birthday!!!
  6. u2 song of the day

    One Tree Hill
  7. World Series music

    They played during game 1 and during the post-game show as well! And it's Edge's(my neighbor)Morleigh's hometown team!
  8. Your pic reminds me of the many world situations and events we went through and wish had never happened and asking God questions and why.........War...terrorism, 911, so many world disasters. :/ We not only come to listen to the music but to become aware and a conscience to what is happening around us in our big(or small)world.It's been quite a musical and life journey (sorry....I can't help myself wth the usual U2 banter..lol) End of this tour did this to me, thanks a lot U2!! haha. Anyway, thank you for posting your pic!