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  1. Yes, the barcode looks indeed partial and it's very tiny. Please let me and others know, if eventim lets you swap the ticket or gives you any other advice. I might contact them as well.
  2. I eventually bought tickets for Köln, standing. The only option for delivery was mobile ticket and I got the ticket(s) delivered straight away to my phone. The barcode looks a bit odd, but I guess it's ok. I was actually wondering if I can print it out anyway, just to be sure. I mean, what if I loose, break or whatever my phone during the next year! They do have the option to send the text again, but I hope I can change the phone details if I it comes to that. I hope others here get their mobile tickets as well.
  3. If someone gets any info on this mobile ticket thing, please share! I don't know if I should go for seated with normal tickets or standing with mobile tickets... Can't even find info if mobile tickets work for people outside Germany.
  4. Prices for Germany: Red Zone: 280€, Standing: 68,90€, Seated: 201,15€ ,114.90€ and 68,90€.
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