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  1. Worked - you can scratch me out! Same code I've been trying all morning just worked - thanks Max & others for all your help!!! x
  2. Code just worked - I had my name in the other forum http://zootopia.u2.c...g-list-no-chat/ and have been checking all morning & no. Just retried & it worked - good luck everyone. Thanks so much to moderators for help here. xx
  3. what is the phone number to call - i'm sure i've no chance of getting tickets at this stage...
  4. Already gave name & city above but order number is 6632281 Debbie Weldon Dublin added your order number to your OP - BW
  5. When did you resubscribe last Debbie? May 2015
  6. Mine didn't work either - i'm a subscriber since 2009 & from Ireland and haven't used it yet. FFS, going to cry
  7. I've read elsewhere that the codes should pop up on this site later for paid members - keep an eye, fingers crossed.
  8. When are the emails going out with presale codes for Dublin? I'm a paid subscriber with no code yet - don't want to miss my chance - thanks. So excited...
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