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  1. Just got this text from my mobile phone company: from 3Plus: Due to unforseen circumstances the 3Plus U2 ticket sale is cancelled and the code you obtained is no longer valid. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Tickets on sale 9am Friday 02/02/18 from usual outlets. Now, as it happens I am not relying on this presale, having eventually gotten lucky with the other presales this week. However I’d be freaked if I was relying on it.
  2. This happened to me on i+e in London... unfortunately can't remember the solution but I do know that I got in to the gig so it all worked out! I'd say just bring along the old credit card and the new credit card on the night. That's what I'm planning on doing this time around as I'm in the same boat again...
  3. I saw 3 Ireland Customer Service tweeting to somebody that the 3 Presale starts Friday at 9am. They specified that it's the same time as the public onsale, but that there is an allocation of tickets for 3 customers only. I don't know if they'll be sold through Ticketmaster or through the 3Plus website. There is no mention of it on Ticketmaster at present.
  4. This isn't going to make you feel any better mate, but yes I can tell you that there were GA tickets for Dublin Night 4 available in the Album presale, long after they had run out in the innocence presale.
  5. I received a second email from the retailer this morning, reminding me of the presale. This email listed all 4 Dublin shows, along with the other most recently announced Europe gigs. So, yes I believe that these shows will be included. My guess is that the Retail Presale will appear on the drop-down menu on Ticketmaster at some point from 12 noon... so just go into the appropriate page on Ticketmaster for the date that you want, and keep refreshing.
  6. My brother just got 2 tickets for the Saturday show at 10:55am... they were seated, not standing as we wanted, but they'll do. Keep trying guys. He must have refreshed about a thousand times before they came available.
  7. GA sorted. Thanks Bigwave and all for help. I'm continually baffled at the stupid mistakes and confusion between U2.com and Ticketmaster... anyways all's well that ends well.
  8. Hi all. I'm nervously awaiting these pre-sales like many others... thanks to all who have shared their experiences from the shows that have already gone on sale. I note that U2.com/tour states that tomorrow's eXPERIENCE pre-sale for Dublin begins at 9am local time. This matches the email that I received from U2.com. I believe that earlier today, the information on Ticketmaster.ie also said the same. However as of right now, Ticketmaster states that it starts at 10am local time. See here - screenshot attached: http://www.ticketmaster.ie/u2-experience-innocence-tour-dublin-11-05-2018/event/1800543A9D707807?artistid=736365&majorcatid=10001&minorcatid=1 Same applies for the innocence presales... U2.com now says 9am Wednesday (although I am nearly sure it previously said 10am). Ticketmaster says 10am. Can one of the mods please clarify, or pass this along to somebody who can notify Ticketmaster?
  9. Can't say for sure, but I think that must be a misunderstanding. Olivia at u2.com probably meant that the retail presale code can't be used in the Innocence or Experience presales - rather you have to use in in the Retail presale... Either that, or she is misinformed...
  10. It's Guns 'n' Roses actually - I've got my ticket :-)
  11. Not one of that size... There actually aren't any more stadia of sufficient size... The RDS in Dubiln holds about 20,000 for concerts. Thomond Park in Limerick holds 25,000. Pairc ui Caoimh in Cork holds 32,000. The Gaelic Grounds in Limerick can apparently hold 49,000 but I've never heard of a concert there... it's probably got a lot of standing area in the stands...? Similar story with Semple Stadium, Tipperary - 53,000. The Aviva Stadium in Dubiln holds 52,000. Croke Park holds 85,000. So, 2 nights at any of the 3 largest alternate venues above would give you slightly more attendees, but ​​I'm guessing it's not enough of an increase to make it financially worthwhile given the extra cost of an added date. Of course, they could do one night in Croker and one night somewhere else...
  12. Credit card entry? No, my croke park GA tickets are e-tickets, printable PDF files. I am pretty sure the London GA tickets are physical tickets being sent out in the mail.
  13. Ha ha ha. That would be very cool jjwan. My first gigs were Popmart, it holds a very special place in my heart. We can but dream!
  14. OMG, Please into Joshua Tree would be simply amazing...
  15. Per my Joshua Tree Tour conspiracy theory on another thread (I+E->JT->Next?), I'm going with pre-Achtung Baby songs only: 01. Where The Streets Have No Name 02. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For 03. With Or Without You 04. Bullet The Blue Sky 05. Running To Stand Still 06. Red Hill Mining Town 07. In God's Country 08. Trip Through Your Wires 09. One Tree Hill 10. Exit 11. Mothers Of The Disappeared 12. All Along The Watchtower 13. Silver and Gold 14. Stories for Boys 15. All I Want Is You Break 16. God Part II 17. Sunday Bloody Sunday 18. Seconds 19. A Sort Of Homecoming Break 20. New Year's Day 21. Pride (In The Name Of Love) 22. I Will Follow 23. Bad (Occasional encore) 24. Helter Skelter - with guest vocals and guitar by Noel Gallagher 25. Out of Control 26. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock Okay it's a bit indulgent but we can dream...
  16. So... I've been thinking about how out of character it is for U2 to look back like this... I mean come on - many on here will remember Bono's mantra on Popmart: "Kiss the future, fuck the past". I am wondering if it's a way to allow them to fast forward a bit at on the next leg of I+E. That could be the "Experience" leg, if you will. Assuming we ever see that album, and I'm not holding my breath, lol. So - when I+E was announced, the band originally wanted to play one night of old tunes followed by one night of newer stuff. Now - and this is my own interpretation - that COULD be seen as pre-Achtung stuff and post-Achtung stuff. Right? It's well documented that when they got into the nitty gritty of rehearsals and tour planning, U2 realised there were too many classics that they felt they just could not play on one night only - either the innocent or the experienced audience might feel screwed over if they booked tickets for the "wrong" night from their point of view. Now - disregarding the comments last week about how the world has changed with recent political upheavals and so on... let's just imagine for a minute that the U2 team is planning an album release and the associated tour - likely an extension of the last tour. I could imagine a desire to do two things: 1). Continue indoors - the shows were great, everybody loved them 2). Play the Experienced songs... more stuff from 1990 onwards, the more electronic complicated and musically interesting stuff. It sort of fits the theme. Yes, I know they played lots of this stuff on I+E, but there is a *lot* more that could be played. The whole Pop album, for starters - actually that won't happen, disregard :-) Now, imagine somebody in the room floats the above idea. Then some pragmatist in the group - possibly in the rhythm section - says "no way lads, we just can't do it - we have millions of fans who want to hear With Or Without You again. And by the way, sing the bloody SHINE LIKE STARS bit Bono". Then the manager notes that they can't stay indoors, there's too much demand for tickets. "We need to go outdoors or we'll be playing 5 nights in every city again. We'll never get to Australia at that rate". So, some bright spark floats the idea of a Joshua Tree anniversary tour. They go all out, play stadia to big crowds and lash out all old-school crowd-pleasers. Every night a guaranteed sellout. Then, afterwards, release Songs of Experience and immediately do another tour - this time indoors again, but make it very public that it's going to be a tour that focuses on the post-Joshua Tree era. One for the experienced fans as opposed to the old fans - the ones who have seen those old tunes a million times. I would personally love that Experience tour, it would be nirvana for me. Any thoughts? It would mean the Joshua Tree tour has no songs from after, say, Rattle and Hum. That would also be kind of cool, and true to the title of the tour.
  17. Yes, two friends of mine both got GA in the Wires presale. Total 7 tickets.
  18. Hey - maybe I'm misinterpreting but it sounds like your recent good GA experiences were outside the pit... you should really try getting inside. You can be *way* closer to the band, but because of the barrier dividing the outside and inside sections, you'll have plenty of space to step back and chill out if you want to while still being closer than the majority in the stadium. Inside the circle on 360 was the most amazing concert experience I've ever had. I+E was a bit different in that there was no pit section. Looking at the stadium layouts for Joshua Tree though, I think that "stepping back" if you are outside the pit area will mean being way back at the back fo the stadium. Which is okay, and better than sitting, but nothing beats being in the pit :-)
  19. You may need to let know the people next to you where you go... also, there are usually fans who are in charge of the line, giving numbers and taking care of it... You may need to ask for particulars on the line on the day of the show... This is good advice. I've usually not had a problem, but once in Barcelona on the Vertigo Tour, I nearly got lynched... As an overseas buyer I needed to collect tickets from the box office, but the box office didn't open until AFTER the gates opened at about 5pm. We had been queueing since noon, and at about 4:30 I went to the box office to collect our tickets - leaving my 3 friends in the queue, holding our place. At that time, the queue wasn't moving - but it was very long, snaking around the stadium. While I was waiting at the box office, the queue started moving and there was a lot of skipping, people walking faster than others, etc. so that when I got back to find my 3 friends, tickets in hand, it took a while to find them and more importantly the others who had been next to us were now elsewhere in the queue. Anyway even though my 3 friends were there and I was clearly joining them, waving 4 tickets in my hand, I had about 20 angry Catalans shouting at me and telling me I couldn't skip the queue. It was quite intimidating... thankfully it didn't get too ugly - just a lot of shouting ! - and we all eventually got in. I've had better experiences in Barcelona since then :-) Moral of the story is, make sure everybody around you knows what you're doing and you should be fine. Just allow for the fact that there may be some movement in the queue. And bring a native speaker if you're in a country where you don't speak the lingo, ha ha.
  20. Me too - yesterday in the Red Hill presale. One friend of mine had same experience with Wires presale for London. Another got London in Wires after about 40mins trying. All GA so we are happy out.
  21. Could be, I really don't know. They should really post information about this, if that really is the reason then it would be in their favour for people to know about it. As long as there is uncertainty, people will queue up early... I found a slightly more detailed seating chart on Seatwave, it also shows the barrier. http://www.seatwave.ie/u2-tickets/croke-park-stadium-tickets/22-july-2017/perf/1093095
  22. That is quite possible, although it would be a change from last time U2 played there.
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