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  1. The bad bits The queue system outside seemed to fall apart after no. 950 turned up for each queue, despite two GA entrances, there only seemed to be one queue unless you arrived silly early. We still got in before most but I don't know if people managed to turn up and get into Gate D while most people were still queueing at Gate C. Bring back the pit. People without numbered wristbands who'd obviously been out for a beer or four in the afternoon barging through at 6 o clock past people who'd been there since the morning doesn't make for the best atmosphere (it was only a few but a "pit" would stop this happening. We were stood just to the right of the b-stage and Edge's guitar's drowned out pretty much all other sounds for most of the nigh, especially when Bono "spoke" rather than sang. RHMT now sounds like a karaoke song with the keyboard backing. A really good karaoke song admittedly but it didn't match the rest of the songs. After the innocence show at the O2, I was gutted I couldn't afford to go to another show, even though a ticket had become available. If you'd have asked me if I wanted to go back tonight, I probably wouldn't have bothered. The show, for whatever reason, and judging by other comments it's just me, just didn't grab me in the way every other U2 show has. Was it too many "they're in the audience tonight" shout outs from Bono? Was it the bad mix in the sound? Was it the attitude of the late arrivals in the crowd? I don't know. Where was "Mysterious Ways"? I assume the slightly late start meant they ran out of time but that was the only non-Joshua Tree song I'd seen was on the setlist and it's a belter, why leave it out? It was great, don't get me wrong but as I've said after many other shows from other bands "It was brilliant, it just wasn't U2 brilliant." The good bits Noel Gallagher was a great choice as "warm up". Old songs people knew, new songs that made people want to hear more. I thought the start of the U2 set was an inspired idea, hit the crowd with classics, get them going and keep them in the palm of your hand (for another good example see the Foo Fighters set at Glastonbury). Whilst some have questioned finishing on a new song, I thought it was a good idea "Yes, we're looking back but listen, we've got some new stuff coming too. We'll be back!" Just leaving the stage after "Don't Look Back In Anger" was a bit odd but I'll put that down to the curfew (that they'd broken by a couple of minutes). That was one hell of a song to close the set with. The visuals. Holy hell, that moment when the camera panned down to the road at the start of "Streets" - goosebumps! When the band was being shown "live" was done to really good effect too though. Exit was magnificent but pretty much all of the "b-side" sounded great for songs that have rarely been done before (though we now know why bands don't play albums in order live, it just doesn't flow the same does it). Larry-cam. Probably the moment of the night as the camera turned to the crowd and we got a little glimpse of what he sees every night. One final note, many thanks to the steward who pretty much rushed over to me and my anguished cries as I sat down at the end of the concert. "Are you alright mate?" he genuinely enquired obviously wanting to help. "I'm fine, I'm just f***ing old" seemed to reassure him but his reaction was typical of the brilliant staff all around Twickenham yesterday. This 45 year-old may not be standing for many more concerts though.
  2. Viagogo is owned by Ticketmaster, you should not read anything into this whatsoever. Be interesting to see if any GA tickets turn up on there for London and how they'll get them to you!
  3. I'm more surprised you weren't charged them yesterday. Ticket agencies always add their fees, delivery charges and anything else they can add onto the cost of a ticket.
  4. London Grammar, did a fantastic job supporting Coldplay on a few dates last year. The Joy Formidable, support for Muse on their last arena tour. Muse are doing festivals next year so I don't think it will be them. Would be nice to see Elbow or Snow Patrol again though.
  5. A bit weird that the One Direction* pre-sale on the same AXS system stuck me in the "Waiting Room" until selling out but the U2 pre-sale was over and done with in a couple of minutes. Certainly prefer it to the Ticketmaster "Hit Refresh and Hope" approach but there are obviously issues that need to be resolved for all to be happy. Well done on getting the tickets though, as the opening bars of <insert opening track here> blast out on October 25th, you'll be jumping around like a loon and all this will be forgotten - and I'll be right there with you. *I have a six year old daughter, she wants to come to U2 as well
  6. Make sure you scroll up and down the page, I had the prize levels show up but the box to enter the pre-sale code was up at the top of the page.
  7. Ian T

    UK presale?

    For those saying they are only offered Red Zone, at the bottom of the page is a list of al the ticket options available. Don't select "Choose best tickets", select the area you want. "Best tickets" will always show most expensive as an option.
  8. Ian T

    Thanks U2.com

    Yep, all smiles here. Roll on October.
  9. Ian T

    UK presale?

    I think I was in the waiting room for half an hour and about a minute after the sales were "Open" I got the opportunity to choose tickets. Not a bad system and far better than constantly hitting f5 and hoping for the best on Ticketbast*rd.
  10. Yay! One minute past 10 and a client rings my mobile "Can you call back in a bit, I'm trying to get U2 tickets!" "No problem, good luck!" Two minutes past 10, GA tickets for the O2 purchased!!! Great system proving once and for all that Ticketmaster really are a pile of sh*te. The waiting room system is very well done, allowing you to enter all your details before selecting a ticket. Good luck everyone, see you in October!
  11. If you have four tickets that means it's less likely that I'll get tickets so two each seems fair to me. This argument happens every tour, even with two tickets each, pre-sale will probably sell out and, other than making it one-ticket each or every person for themselves, this is the fairest way to do it. Shall we go back to just being able to book by phone or turning up at the venue when tickets go on sale. You love the biggest band in the world, so do a lot of other people, we all want tickets. If you want an easy life, I'm sure tickets for "Simply Red" are still available.
  12. Worth getting in touch but I think as long as the name on the ticket is the name on the card, then that'll be OK. You'll also need photo ID. If it stops the "Anyone wanna ticket" gits then I'm all for it.
  13. Mops forehead, removes credit card from freezer, has another moan about Ticketmaster. Thanks Canadanne, you're a star!
  14. Looking at Ticketmaster UK, there are tickets that are £30 + fees and £165 + fees. These aren't the top and bottom ranges, these are the two prices available. I would think the £30 tickets are the "Up in the Gods" seats (very, very high at the o2) and it's £165 for the rest of them. These aren't Red Zone prices either, I think they are £250+ Not going to be a cheap night out is it?
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