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  1. i waited nearly 2 hours to get in on Sunday but i think there were some problems. I had an expired card and AXS told me to take that one and it was the new one that worked, so basically take every card you have related to the sale/account you bought the tickets with, just to be sure! :) and they didnt check my photo ID, i took it anyway though as you never know. That was for GA tickets. i did get the feeling that people in the GA Queue were not the people in GA when we got in the arena but i could have been wrong.

  2. wow this sounds amazing, i didnt see the thread about the free tickets (was off work too :( but was knee high in decorating and gardening!)


    I watched it twice and saw the extended version on Channel4 as well, great to see Zootops on TV and recognised some guys in the front row, awesome experiance for you all.


    Enjoyed Slaves as well.

  3. ive noticed this :( so we only get 2 tickets, last time was 6 :(


    Q - How Many Tickets Can I buy?
    A - As a paid-up U2.com Subscriber you are eligible to purchase up to TWO tickets for any ONE show in Europe in a single transaction OR up to TWO tickets (in total) against up to two shows in North America. (This is because ticketing vending arrangements are different on the two continents.

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