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  1. GA Line Hard Rock Stadium

    That is correct. Line is by Gate 6 - NW entrance.
  2. Presale questions for new dates Sept / Oct 2017 (merged)

    Ticketmaster is not working today for GA's and regular seats. Period. its like an intern forgot to activate GA's for the presale!
  3. Presale questions for new dates Sept / Oct 2017 (merged)

    Colombia sirve. All good
  4. Presale questions for new dates Sept / Oct 2017 (merged)

    Max, Big wave, mich: Speaking to friends all over the country, no one able to get regular tickets in presale. Only VIP's and red zones.
  5. Presale questions for new dates Sept / Oct 2017 (merged)

    Officially no one can get GA's to Minneapolis, St Louis, Kansas City that I have heard. Bigwave??
  6. Presale questions for new dates Sept / Oct 2017 (merged)

    Bigwave, This is a legit problem. Tried with a few browsers and the app. Only VIP and RedZone options for all North American shows.
  7. Presale questions for new dates Sept / Oct 2017 (merged)

    Max, your patience answering the same 4 questions is admirable. Seriously! My respects.
  8. getting back to south Beach after gig

    Hi Julianne, Welcome to South Florida. Have to be honest with you, the stadium is not too close to South Beach unfortunately. (35-40 minutes north). On the way up, you should take an Uber or taxi, no problem. On the way back, the exit will be a mess. Trying to get public transport may prove difficult. I would pay up a bit $$ and hire a pickup service if I were you. Just to avoid the stress.
  9. Miami Hotel?

    Miami local for 17 years here. Yes, stay away from the Fountainbleu. Check in Sunny Isles Beach, which is north Collins Avenue by the sea (180th street or so) and only about 20 minutes from the stadium. PM me if you have any questions or if you want to email or call.
  10. Joshua Tree Miami

    Joshua Tree Miami
  11. $72 ticket price + $14 in fees = $86
  12. Dublin Shows 1 And 2 #U2ieTour Live Thread

    The e-stage rotational songs have become very predictable. Elevation, Desire..Ange of Harlem 90% of the time. We were very lucky in North America with the varied selection.
  13. Happened to me for Bruce Springsteen last year. Take the new card by itself and you will be fine. The arena staff swipe the cards through a machine that prints your tickets. The machine reads the account number NOT the card itself.
  14. That's 1 minute of my life Im never getting back. Terrible post
  15. Either. You can either suscribe to regular HBO service on TV, or suscribe to their smartphone/digital only platform which is called HBO Go. It costs $9.99 a month I think.