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  1. cathkel

    Selling 3 GA tickets for 6th of Nov UPD SOLD

    Hi natashin, GA tix for Glasgow are paperless.....meaning you have to swipe the original card used to purchase the tickets, to gain entry. So if you are selling the purchaser needs your credit card too. I understand other European shows are different but Glasgow is paperless.,,,,no ticket or e ticket
  2. cathkel

    Need 2 tix for Barcelona October 5 or 6

    Hi, sent you a private message ☺
  3. Monday 5th Oct Section 115 Row 9 Seats 4 & 6 Cost price : €106.50 each
  4. cathkel

    Need 2 tix for Barcelona October 5 or 6

    I've got 2 tickets for Barcelona 1 for sale. They are section 115, row 9, seats 4 & 6. Cost price €106.50 each
  5. The Odyssey is very much a possibility. .....I was told that from the horses mouth in LA
  6. Please help a girl out , Il be forever grateful
  7. Im curious Has anyone used the mobile ticket option and had success transferring them to someone else??
  8. cathkel

    Wanted....2 koln ga, any date

    Please Pm me....anything considered
  9. cathkel

    Wanted....Berlin ga?

    Hoping to find ga's for any of the Berlin dates. Pm me please
  10. cathkel

    LA tix for Sunday? ?

    Desperately seeking 3 ga tickets for Sunday 31st gig. I'm over from Ireland for the gigs. Would also consider seats ☺
  11. We'll shine like stars in the summer night