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  1. seresere

    You Decide...

    I am just wondering about The Little Things That Give You Away too, but that's fine - to me at least (Great memories from Rome 2017 )
  2. seresere

    MacPhisto fansite

    MacPhisto is one step forward! Waitin' for your update!
  3. seresere

    Birch Forest Fever !!!

    This is really beautiful!! *_*
  4. seresere

    U2 Experience + Innocence Tour POLL

    I loved all the songs from SoE live My fav is Lights Of Home. So emotional...
  5. seresere

    Favourite tour of the last 4 years?

    It's very hard to choose. Anyway, Experience & Innocence (2018) because of SoE and very personal reasons.
  6. seresere

    My Poplar Scented Life...................

  7. seresere


  8. seresere

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    ... I've to say... Happy B-Day, SoE!! 😊 ❤️
  9. seresere

    MacPhisto fansite

    I agree with you! Thank you so much for your wonderful work!! 😊 It's very hard to choose because every speech is special but I've to mention: Montreal 1 for the American Leg Paris 1 (about the climate change) And... Milan 2 (about... Mussolini), of course! For Europe MacPhisto is so brilliant! 🤩 😍
  10. seresere

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    And now I love it more than before... I got the opportunity to listen live: The Blackout, Lights Of Home, Red Flag Day, You're The Best Thing About Me, Summer Of Love, Get Out Of Your Own Way, Landlady, Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way and 13 (There Is A Light) My favorite is Lights Of Home but all the songs live are awesome. This album is so special for me... it's something personal. 💜 🖤
  11. seresere

    Velvet Moonlight Fever

    Beautiful! Relaxing atmosphere ?
  12. seresere

    Milan Live Thread #U2eiTour

    4 shows in Milan: I got my U2 beautiful week!! ? Gloria Landlady The Fly Gloria + The Fly + Landlady MacPhisto's speech for 4: sensational! I loved every minute of every gig. I like the "american setlist" too but this european setlist is absolutely fantastic. I miss them already...
  13. seresere

    Milan Live Thread #U2eiTour

    I'd like to do it but probably my English is not that good... Anyway... The Fly tonight. I was speechless and then... screaming out loud!
  14. seresere

    Milan Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Good morning everyone! At the moment I can say... I like both shows! Gloria was the surprise of the first night for me and Landlady the second. I love every second of the show. MacPhisto is... terrific! The intermission is very cool!! I've seen Adam leaving the building in his kimono the first night
  15. seresere

    Milan Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Hello everyone! I am in Milan to see them! I got tickets for all the shows at the Forum! I really enjoy it! My heart is still running so fast...