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  1. Mixed feelings :(: I am happy for New Zealand, Australia, Japan and Singapore & South Korea :) I feel lucky because I've been in Rome in 2017 But I wish I could go to see them again...
  2. https://www.u2.com/news/title/latest-live-downloads/news/
  3. I am not so good with words... Anyway, From the bottom of my heart... Happy B-Day Bono!! And Happy B-Day to Jordan, too!!
  4. seresere

    Bono AR

    From the album: seresere

    One year after... I still got the U2 eXPERIENCE app on my phone
  5. Happy Easter!! 🙂

    1. pain_18_


       Happy Easter to you too !

    2. seresere


      I hope you're having a nice day!! ^_^

  6. From the album: seresere

    Record Store Day today in the centre of Florence! (13-4-2019)
  7. From the album: seresere

    Record Store Day today in the centre of Florence! (13-4-2019)
  8. Thank you so much for the featured on my image!! :-) 

  9. OMG!! Thank you so much!! Especially for The Little Things from Rome!!
  10. I absolutely LOVE IT!! ♥️
  11. MacPhisto is one step forward! Waitin' for your update!
  12. This is really beautiful!! *_*
  13. I loved all the songs from SoE live My fav is Lights Of Home. So emotional...
  14. It's very hard to choose. Anyway, Experience & Innocence (2018) because of SoE and very personal reasons.
  15. From the album: seresere

    1 year of Great album, great tour. This is my little "tribute". I was inspired by the fantastic Intermission Pencil on printer paper

    © Drawing by seresere

  16. ... I've to say... Happy B-Day, SoE!! 😊 ❤️
  17. I agree with you! Thank you so much for your wonderful work!! 😊 It's very hard to choose because every speech is special but I've to mention: Montreal 1 for the American Leg Paris 1 (about the climate change) And... Milan 2 (about... Mussolini), of course! For Europe MacPhisto is so brilliant! 🤩 😍
  18. And now I love it more than before... I got the opportunity to listen live: The Blackout, Lights Of Home, Red Flag Day, You're The Best Thing About Me, Summer Of Love, Get Out Of Your Own Way, Landlady, Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way and 13 (There Is A Light) My favorite is Lights Of Home but all the songs live are awesome. This album is so special for me... it's something personal. 💜 🖤
  19. Beautiful! Relaxing atmosphere ?
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