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  1. “Wow! I have seat U2.” My sister’s boyfriend had the special seat. How did I miss that? But it was a night that changed MY life. I dragged them to see the hot Irish band that I’d been following on MTV. The new videos from “War” seemed dark and serious. I didn’t know what to expect. They had at me at “Out of Control”. Pure, raw energy. I was caught up in a force that I’ve never felt before. And U2 wanted EVERYONE to feel it. During “An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart” I made my way into the aisle to take a few pictures. Why am I the only one standing? They were filming the show, and the front was clogged with camera equipment. Bono didn’t like it. He stopped the show and asked all the camera people to come up on stage. “I need the front row,” he said. I don’t even know how it happened, but the next moment I was at the stage. Alone? No, I was with my four new Irish friends and they were with me. The barrier was broken and we were all spinning in a musical, physical, spiritual, emotional vortex. No bell and whistles, just four guys performing like it was their last show. It was stunning. I couldn’t believe how amazing they were, and how deeply I was moved. I leaned against the lobby wall of the Capitol Theatre - dimly hearing the ethereal sounds of Clannad mixed with the chorus of “40” being sung by fans spilling out into the street. I felt euphoric, like I had just witnessed an incredible event. My sister was chewing me out for leaving them when I stopped her and said, “Can you believe what we just saw? These guys are gonna be huge!” Never in my wildest dreams did I realize how huge. Nor did I imagine the impact U2 would have on my life, and how very proud I am to call myself a fan. Seat U6? – Glad I took it. #unforgettablegig
  2. Mike Peters of The Alarm. War Tour 1983. NYC
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