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  1. Took 1hour and 45 minutes but finally got GA for NY 4... Ticketmaster was a disaster! Glad I am going to get to see the band again! I know this isn't their fault.
  2. Have had tickets now 8 different times, and each time click on buy and the ticketmaster site has an error. Never had these type of problems before. I am so upset. The first tickets they gave me were at 10:00:31 am... Now can't pull a thing. The site just spins. I have been a fan club member since 2004, and a fan since 1982... Very disappointed!
  3. I have pulled GA tickets 6 times click buy and the site crashes... This is disgraceful!
  4. My favorite picture of the night. i took this one from my spot in the Inner Circle on June 29, 2011 as Bono sang Moment of Surrender.
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