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  1. This is quite stressful... I finally managed to grab them. They were in the pick-up all along, but the people there weren't looking right. I hope you manage to get yours, @tan_lejos_tan_cerca
  2. I am really really worried about my ticket. I received tons of emails from Chronopost through the process of delivery... Since it failed on the first try, I opted for a delivery in a PickUp point. They sent me an email telling me it was delivered there on the 1st of March, and since then I have been to the point THREE times to pick it up and they say the envelope isn't there. They did not reply to the messages I sent I can't contact them by phone, the call drops every time.... Anyone having this issue?
  3. Hello, i'm selling my GA ticket for tonight, if anyone is interested. PM me. cheers
  4. Hello, I have one GA for Saturday and I'd like to swap it for one GA for Sunday. Is anyone up for it? T.
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