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  1. Tatiana Monassa

    No electronic tickets?

    This is quite stressful... I finally managed to grab them. They were in the pick-up all along, but the people there weren't looking right. I hope you manage to get yours, @tan_lejos_tan_cerca
  2. Tatiana Monassa

    No electronic tickets?

    I am really really worried about my ticket. I received tons of emails from Chronopost through the process of delivery... Since it failed on the first try, I opted for a delivery in a PickUp point. They sent me an email telling me it was delivered there on the 1st of March, and since then I have been to the point THREE times to pick it up and they say the envelope isn't there. They did not reply to the messages I sent I can't contact them by phone, the call drops every time.... Anyone having this issue?
  3. Tatiana Monassa

    Sell 1 GA for saturday

  4. Tatiana Monassa

    Sell 1 GA for saturday

    Hello, i'm selling my GA ticket for tonight, if anyone is interested. PM me. cheers
  5. Tatiana Monassa

    Swap 1 GA Saturday for 1 GA Sunday

    Only if I get to buy a ticket for Sunday...
  6. Hello, I have one GA for Saturday and I'd like to swap it for one GA for Sunday. Is anyone up for it? T.