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  1. Thanks, Max! (This far in advance to the deadline I didn't want to bother you with a PM.) UPDATE: I just checked my account status again and 1) my subscription is now showing a March 2020 renewal date, 2) my bank account has indeed been charged. I don't have a confirmation email or order number or anything, so I'll have to sit on the phone till someone answers. I was just on hold for 15 minutes and hung up to check my account as mentioned, guess I'll have to stay on hold until someone answers. I know, Saturday night, probably a skeleton staff, etc.... will update later.. Further UPDATE: OK. 25 minutes of hold later, they will send me a confirmation email which I am told will take from 24 to 48 hours to generate. Will check back in a few days. Hopefully the issue is fixed so no one else has to go through this.
  2. I (and another Zootopian in another country) both tried to renew this morning and both got a timeout error as the payment was processing (screenshot below). So far my renewal date (March 2nd) has not changed and I don't think my credit card was charged (but probably can't be certain about that until tomorrow or Monday). Any idea if this issue is known and being worked on? Any idea when it will be resolved? Anything I should do? Thanks!
  3. It was done this way for the early leg Vertigo show I attended in New Jersey. (I think we were asked to bring our fan club ID cards, though I don't remember them actually being checked). If I remember correctly, things worked MUCH more smoothly than they have since. I also remember people from U2s team there to supervise. Regrettably, I've never seen that again.
  4. Yes, but the "New York" show is actually in NJ, and it appears to be entirely credit card entry. Seats too. I bought GA and insurance. Edited to say: I just looked again and that might be incorrect. I'm not certain that it's entirely credit card entry. I do know with certainty that the GA tickets I purchased were credit card entry only, no other option.
  5. Sweet n easy 2 GA for Giants Stadium. Happiness!!!!! Total was $195.75 but I got the ticket insurance ($7.99/ticket) because this paperless entry thing freaks me out a little bit. It's probably $15 wasted but I'll take that risk. Have not done paperless like this before.
  6. I may have gotten a virus from the sneaky link, but I don't care. THANKS!!!!! I LOVE THIS BAND I LOVE MY TRIBE
  7. Exhausted after last night's show and having to get up REALLY early this morning. Would consider not going tonight for the opportunity to go to another MSG show later in July. I'm working downtown near Battery Park, so you'd need to either come here or meet at MSG later tonite. Reply or PM if interested. Thanks! (NOT interested in just selling the ticket w/o a trade, though. Sorry.)
  8. Another thank you to everyone for your ideas. Last night went very successfully, got back rail in front of VIP riser on northside of stage. Got a bit tight as the crowd moved back and forth following the band, but all in all, no complaints other than exhaustion. And I just have to say I. LOVE. THIS. BAND. Awesome tour. Need more tickets now!!! Also love that I have new Alice in Wonderland stuff that fell from the sky to add to my Vertigo and COBL confetti collection. Amrita, wherever you are, I'll never forget you snagging Vertigo confetti from the roadies. Still have a fistful in a container. Always makes me smile.....
  9. Thanks everyone! Suzie, so sorry I misspelled your name! Just me being an eejit. GIBBO!!!!!!!!! Miss you!!!!!!! Love to you and the missus!!! Thanks Jackson! That sounds like a good idea. I'm thinking I'm emotionally incapable of not trying GA my first night (22nd) and seeing how it goes. Then I'll decide on what to do my second night (23rd). Red Zone rail sounds reasonable, no idea where Red Zone is located this time....how do I find? Otherwise I guess I'll just head for the back rail and hope for the best. Hoping for a spot no one else wants that's perfect for me. Will update. Anyhoo, I'll be the one with the very charming walking boot footwear. Like a Star Wars stormtrooper costume, but black plastic instead of white. And a black cane, so don't make me play Mean and Angry Granny!
  10. Hey Susie! Glad you got the ticket, we'll see how it goes...maybe work something out later. Please give Jamie my contact info!!! Don't think I know her (?) but would love to get insight. No idea yet how this will or won't all go down. I'm definitely getting better, but the idea of GA is still somewhat terrifying. I've been swamped with life B.S. so have paid no attention to the shows so far. All I know is that there's a long B stage/ramp thingy....and there's no opening band. (Yay!)
  11. Sadly, Dave Grohl wasn't the only one to break their fibula on June 12th. I have single GAs for both 7/22 and 23 and am thinking that switching to a seat might be the smart thing to do. Please reply or PM if interested. Also, if anyone's done GA in a somewhat disabled state and has ideas about how it can be safely done, or why attempting it is really, really stupid, I'd love to hear your insights/wisdom! I seem to remember a gentleman in a walking boot and crutches as #1 and running the line at a Chicago 360 show (or was it Philly?), but I never saw him again once inside... I haven't paid much attention to the logistics this tour, so would also appreciate insights into whether hanging out on a back rail w a lot of space is possible. I guess I'm hoping there's still a way to do GA and not injure myself. Love you all, but I just can't have anyone jumping on my foot this time.
  12. Sorry edy, I've been a member here without a lapse for years and after a morning from hell now have my two gas. The other shows will be dealt with later. Hopefully not thru mr dodgy, but you never know. Good luck tomorrow, all.
  13. Lorriledger, No, you're not the goddamned world I was referring to. Getting tickets to msg is always horrific because people fly in from all over the world. And not just for U2. I've met a lot of great people and had a lot of great times, but a relatively stress free ticket purchase sure would be appreciated. Plus, if you are temporarily living here, you're exempt because now getting tickets to your local show is your nightmare too.
  14. Edy, Sucks living here and having to compete w the goddamned world for tkts every time you want to see a show. I know.
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