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  1. I went to Evenko and registered for the general on sale. I don't know what the situation is for presale, though.
  2. rowlandh

    New Presales: Resetup?

    I assume that since I bought 2 tickets during presale last week that I cannot receive a code for the presale of the second Montreal show?
  3. Thanks! Didn't notice the drop down menu on Evenko's page that showed the 2nd date. Jeez, this is a bit of an Easter egg hunt at times!
  4. Where are you getting that date? I couldn't find that anywhere.
  5. rowlandh

    Specific Show Code

    Mine had nothing about dates. I didn't trust the links since they never worked during the presale.
  6. rowlandh

    Specific Show Code

    I registered for two cities and received two codes, but no way to know which code applies to which city. Doesn't matter though, as I was lucky to get tickets during the presale so I won't be buying any more today. Just thought it was worth noting as it could be a potential problem for others.
  7. rowlandh

    Montreal is going to ROCK June 5th!

    Nope. Been wondering if it will happen. Maybe after the general on sale?
  8. rowlandh


    Link never worked for me for Evenko in Montreal so I switched from phone to iPad and went through tours page on No GAs, and took several tries to get decent seats. Nerve racking to release seats repeatedly but the gamble paid off. Section 202 on Edge's side. So pumped!
  9. rowlandh

    Montreal is going to ROCK June 5th!

    Hoping to snag tickets to this, too! Wish there was a proper seating chart with stage setup posted at Evenko, tough. I don't want to end up with seats behind the stage!
  10. rowlandh

    Long Time Running - Gord Downie

    Without exaggeration, I can say that Gord's death has affected me like that of no other artist. John Lennon's death had a deep effect on me as a teenager, and that is the only one that comes close to this.
  11. Doesn't matter if tickets go on sale now or shortly after Christmas. If they anounced tour and sale after Christmas, people would complain that they waited too long for it because everyone is broke after Christmas. Doesn't much matter to me anyway, as I cannot afford the airfare. Costs an arm and a leg to get out of Newfoundland!
  12. a few shots from Moncton July 2011
  13. rowlandh


    a few shots from Moncton July 2011
  14. rowlandh

    Bono rocks it!

    a few shots from Moncton July 2011