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  1. Would be nice to know, indeed................
  2. The captcha thing was quite a ride, but finally I got it...... Thanks!
  3. Sorry, maybe I'm blind, couldn't even find the Conact Us form?????????????? Thought I found it.....sorry, language....I'm from Germany...
  4. couldn't find a valid phone number??? And at the moment I don't have that much time. Would be extremeley phantastic if I/we could get an official answer here on the website, clearly seeable for all who want to know !!!!! Thanks.
  5. I've bought one ticket for Dublin, 5thNov. But when I would like to buy "my second" ticket also at TM.ie for Dublin, 6thNov, that would be the same agency, splitting would be no problem, as it is the same agency??????????????? Advice is appriciated, thank you!
  6. interesting... I could be wrong, as I said in other thread i do think it has at least a small bearing, but maybe not full explanation then... Nice post, bigwave, at least a small bearing............... or maybe I don't get it
  7. I'm with you, Cazza! But not only is it "a little cunning", I think, it's not necessarily 100% legal, beause of the late change. I'm not a lawyer or something like that, it's just all day live when it comes to contracts of any kind. I've said that before........ no one cares about .......not nice....
  8. When we "paid subscribers" signed the contract = renewed our subscription, the terms here on U2.com were, that we would be able to buy 2 tickets for different shows, which means, 1 ticket for one show, e.g. Berlin, and 1 ticket for another show, e.g. Hamburg. Over night the terms have changed FOR ONE PARTY OF THE CONTRACT = U2.COM, which at laest in Germany is against the law, because every party of the contract has to agree to the change of the contract. Or am I completely wrong??? Than one can of course correct me! And to top it all, Telekom customers of a certain contract in Germany will be able to buy up to FOUR TICKETS. That's the same betrayel as with the conditions for City Bank customers in the US. The same bad thing......
  9. I received the CD today in Germany via Universal!!!! Great!!!! It's on right now!!!! The presale codes are not in the package, Universal (for Germany) will send emails in time prior to the start of the presale for the European Tour with the codes, which you definitely would have to use at ticketmaster..... for buying tickets. Good luck for all of us, hope the process will be better.................
  10. GA entry in Germany in 2015 was via smartphone ONLY, when you ordered tix at "eventim" which is another big ticket selling company in Germany. I don't know, if that was the same with "ticketmaster.de" --> Germany. I have just checked both eventim and TM.de. At "eventim" NOW there is an option, what kind of ticket you would like, if you buy any ticket. I couldn't find anything there kind of CCE. Maybe they have it, I haven't seen such thing. At TM.de now I could only find a categorie which says "Ticket-Personalisierung", which means a ticket has to be personalised when buying it and be verified by passport or so for entry. Also no CCE. Hope I got that right. Anyway, monica m, thanks a lot for claryfying CCE for Dublin in 2015!!! Let's hope, this will be the case next year too!!! And for the rest, for now, I'll hope for the best, which means, CCE for GA in Germany also!!!!! Probably the mods read the two last sentences and if there are some official announcements concerning GA entry ticket formats, PLEASE let us know. Thanks a lot.
  11. I definitely know, at least in Germany, GA entry was via smartphone. You had been sent a link, by which you had to download your barcode = entry code to your smartphone, which you had to show to gain entrance, GA. And as far as I know, there was no credit card required. I think, it was the same case for Dublin as it was in Germany, but I'm not so very sure about that....I would also like to know, what would be the case for Dulin GA entry this time around. I would prefer paper tickets!!!!!!!!! as I don't have a smartphone. I only have an old-fashioned mobile phone, no internet availability. In 2015 I have been with people who wouldn't like to have GA, so we all opted for seating tickets. But this time around I would definitely prefer GA TIX!!! If this information is alreadly available and ready for confirmation, I would very much like to have it published!!!!! Thanks for clarification!
  12. Mobile Tickets for GA Entry again???? Hi, I havent't read anything about that yet, so I have a question concerning the format of the tickets. In 2015 the GA tickets in Europe were Mobile Tickets, they had been sent to a smartphone and you needed to show the code to get into the arena. Now the procedure for buying tickets is somehow different.....with all the registrations things......will the GA tickets again only be available via smartphone so to say, or will we get paper tickets/print@home tickets for GA??? Would love to know it in advance.... Thanks!
  13. I didn't call the customer service, but I probably would have got the same answer as andkar, I also used my code for just one ticket. This socalled presale has been a joke. For us where the codes didn't work, we could never even try to get a ticket. Such a shame.
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