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  1. 44 672 Same here, we used to have it on VHS 😛 I now have it on blu-ray (although it's American region so I have to play it on my pc)
  2. 44 659 Just watched Short Circuit 2 🤖
  3. 44655 Very sad news, but better to retire and still be able to walk, I had to make a similar decision when I was 30. I have very bad knees after 17 years of playing hockey
  4. 44 645 That was yesterday for me. Hope you get better soon!
  5. John 11:35 New International Version (NIV) 35 Jesus wept this reminds me always that Jesus cares about our troubles ❤️
  6. 44 623 Happy New Year to you all. Been very busy hence not posting much, but I hope you have a year of many blessings
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