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  1. That's a great website
  2. 40 093 Well I find out the result of the interview on Monday or Tuesday... hmm.
  3. Love Window In The Skies.... probably the best song from 2000's from U2
  4. 40 062 Rainy afternoon here.
  5. I was not born yet 40 years ago.
  6. It'll go well with the SOE toilet!
  7. Cool
  8. 40 060 Haha. I sorted my CD collection the other day. I had 2 years worth of stuff to add in to the shelves so had to move loads... got it done though
  9. 40 058 Still wet in the North - although the sun is trying to get through
  10. 40 056 Yes.... not quite the same without 2/4 of the band. And you're supposed to count too!
  11. 40 054 Nighty Night!
  12. 40 050 Erm... probably not And thanks for the support chums... Think I'm really just sick of interviews. Had so many 1st/2nd/3rd interviews with technical tests too over the past 2 years. This job will be shift work which I hate but is better than being unemployed. Hopefully can get some qualifications in this job...
  13. 40 030 I have a job interview next week... just feel no enthusiasm at all. 2 years unemployment has been really stressful. All the interviews I've had have left me feeling empty I guess. Especially as apart from 3 of the jobs I was perfectly capable of doing them all.
  14. 40 007 The Friday concert had rain, look: