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  1. Just got my shipping confirmation. That was fast🙄
  2. Finally some good news Colinos! Hope to receive my shipping confirmation soon...
  3. And the wait continues.... thanks Max for the short update. As Colinos said: not a single comment was given by U2 nor Live Nation concerning this matter so it is indeed a relief to hear at least something from one of the moderators!
  4. Just received another e-mail. Apparently there seem to be some production errors causing another 6-8 weeks delay.......... Unbelievable!
  5. Still waiting.... I've been a fanclub member since day 1 and never had any problems before, but this is getting absolutely ridiciulous, ordered it a year ago. U2's 'helpdesk' isn't helpful at all, they just acknowledge the fact that there is a delay and I'm supposed to wait for a shipping confirmation (which according to a lot of users don't seem to be send out). Gonna contact them again.