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  1. Guys, you have to remember, or possibly not aware of - the many wranglings there have been over the years with the residents that live around the Croke Park area. I suppose understandable - and U2 over time get that. Croke Park is in 'inner city' residential Dublin ( or on the edge of it) - which means lots of close knit communities. Perhaps not the wealthiest areas of Dublin - but a football stadium that was built to represent the working class, the gaelic loving football supporters of Dublin and Ireland. It's a short distance from the fun buzzing city centre that displays also the effects of poverty and misfortune in life. Over time the controls have been agreed and put in place to alleviate some of the major disruption that affects this area when a big show hits town - which is quite often during the summer, and many of the locals I dare say love it and make some 'spin offs' from it without a doubt. However, Croke Park is a symbolic venue. It's not, like many modern stadiums sited in a green field area, or by the sea as part of modern city re-generation. It just is where it is - and that's what makes it unique. I would just respect the controls that are in place. They are generally there for a reason and taken from learnings over many years to ensure the relationship between concert goers and locals remains a harmonious one. I'm not from the area myself by the way, but I do understand why it's a much more 'sterile' environment than say, 30 years ago!! Bedlam then. I'd have been a very annoyed local resident myself!
  2. A must watch this one. Great open, honest and funny insight into the greatest band on the planet.
  3. Ah fantastic. I'm sure there are many more like you. Ive fond memories of seeing them in MSG 2015. Croker is the bis though. Enjoy your trip.
  4. So, it's now our time. Is it just me or has anyone else thought that the 8 years since the band last played in Croke Park has just flown by? I can almost smell the place - Here we GO! Good luck, safe travels and safe passage to everyone heading to Croker on Saturday night. Enjoy.
  5. Clarion Liffey just emailed me. Got direct buses to and from gig at 12 Euro return! Now that's fantastic value in Dubs. Ok, no drop offs and parking up top of East Wall St , which might change our plans as we usually come in from cityside rather than dockside. EXCITED MUCH? Decisions, decisions at the 11th hr!
  6. 'It's coming out at the end of the year according to 'The Edge'.'
  7. Great show - hope the guys bring ' Homecoming' to the set list next weekend in Dubs.
  8. Don't know how long you're staying for, but enjoy the buzz in the city centre on Saturday - there's nothing quite like it on a U2 Croke Park day. Take a walk along Grafton St for the buskers a plenty, maybe a slight detour over to 'Temple Bar' area to soak up more atmosphere, following the masses as we head along O'Connell st making the right turn and short walk out to Croke Park. Creatures of habit. Hope you have a great time.
  9. I'm so feckin excited for dubs gig. See you all there.
  10. Missed everything pre 'still haven't found' last night, late in from work - here for the duration this evening. Hopefully a few good links.
  11. Well done U2, Well done London. Great show. Let's do it all again tomorrow.
  12. Tonight is really the first time Ive managed to stay tuned to the live feeds on this tour. Fantastic - maybe they're just in my time zone now! Thanks to all the contributors and .com of course. Pav' - never grow tired. So beautiful! thanks all n one. I'm a happy man tonight. Not long.
  13. Exit is just soo good on this tour. Great to hear it again!