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    Play guitar. Love eating out when I can with the family. Do a little cycling.
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    Joshua Tree, has to be.
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    A Sort Of Homecoming
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    Dublin,June 1987, ye olde Croke Park
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    Madison Square Garden, 30th July,2015. Belfast, November, 2015. JT30, Croke Park, Dubs, 22nd July, 2017. Belfast, Oct 2018 E&I tour.
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    Belfast, SEC Arena, November 2015.
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    Edge, simple but effective.lol - like me.
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    list is endless - broad taste.

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  1. Bit of wonderful preamble to a great track.......
  2. Landing in this part of the world (west coast for the first time) in a couple of weeks. Bit of CA, Nevada, Arizona (Utah Border) then back to east coast NYC - Slightly excited - bit like what this song and video did for me back in the day, and most years thereafter!😎😉
  3. Bono in rehearsals (maybe) on Saturday night past at the 'Snow Patrol' concert I was at. What a surprise, and awesome. Bangor, County Down, Northern Ireland. Gary Lightbody, lead singer of Snow Patrols' home town.
  4. So, so pleased for the fans in Australia, Japan etc. Huge fanbase there and great to see the band respond to demand. Actually contemplating a trip - maybe. Arrgghh.
  5. Thanks Mano', they've grown into a really tight band, they were superb at Gary Lightbodys home town. I have a video of Bono singing One on my phone - unfortunately though, my wife is singing in the background and absolutely murders it! 😎
  6. Just gotta be this today. Question is, can I get to Australia????😂
  7. Top man made an appearance at a Snow Patrol concert I was at Saturday night.😂 Total surprise NO THEM, THERE'S ONLY US https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X32Zgph2hDQ
  8. With or Without You. Possibly my favourite live version of this song (well, perhaps - apart from Belfast in 2015). Just makes you feel alive. Spent 3 nights in Paris a couple of weeks ago for my wife's 50th.....couldn't get this outta my head!😉❤️
  9. Ye know what - whilst it's not umph U2 - Love is bigger remains a fabulous track for me on the last album - reflective, uplifting - everything you want from the band if you've followed them for 'a while' In the vein of 'All I want is You' 20 years ago. If the confirmations come through for this tour, I might even attempt travel.
  10. Been away a while. Lost my dad a few weeks back. Back in the saddle!❤️ Love this.
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