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    Play guitar. Love eating out when I can with the family. Do a little cycling.
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    Joshua Tree, has to be.
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    A Sort Of Homecoming
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    Dublin,June 1987, ye olde Croke Park
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    Madison Square Garden, 30th July,2015. Belfast, November, 2015. JT30, Croke Park, Dubs, 22nd July, 2017. Belfast, Oct 2018 E&I tour.
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    Belfast, SEC Arena, November 2015.
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    Edge, simple but effective.lol - like me.
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    list is endless - broad taste.

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  1. Good luck Brisbane! I'm so looking forward to Breakfast in Ireland. Have a great show.
  2. Was never good at replying to posts on this site. So to xrayjets - it's the classic 'Whole of the Moon' by The Waterboys. Hope they mix that up a bit 2 yrs down the line. Good luck everyone, have a great show, look forward to 'tuning in' at 6AM Irish time in a few hours time. There's no buzz like a live U2 buzz!
  3. To all my unknown Southern Skies buddies. This one is for you and you will know it when you hear it! I so wished to make a trip but alas. Have a great one NZ / AUS / SP/ ID/ JP......and wherever else. Love from Ireland north n south (just one big happy island!) This was my first U2 gig as a fledgling 19 yr old back in 1987 (Croke Park, with the editor doing his best with the limited available footage of the day). The way Adam semi embraces Bono before they hit the stage - these guys wanted it, they knew they were good, and to land a double header at Croker, despite the objections of the day - the rest is history - and what a history. When concerts were concerts - a bit shambolic - but loveable memories of music. To U2 fans everywhere..
  4. Whaoh, whaoh - one of my favourite unsung U2 tracks of all time. Nice one.
  5. I love this, just last year. Have seen the band in 'Dubs' many times, even in New York (that was cool) - but this, even after belfast in 2015 - was cool! Better than .......the album. U2 ALWAYS SUPERB LIVE. Good luck to the band on the tour 'down under'.
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