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  1. mullendrums

    2019 Subscription - Subscribers Gift

    Can't wait to get this set, Very happy
    Wow? My first show of 7 on this tour and what a fab start, Major turnaround in the setlist, Gloria, Unf Fire, Stay and Horses I was literally ? gobsmacked, people by me on the rail went crazy. It was great to see Larry up close again and he still does smash the hell out of that kit, it’s like thunder when he plays ?. Tonight was a special night as it was Joe’s 40th year working with the band and it was a privilege to be part of the celebrations. Bring on the next shows!
  2. mullendrums

    My condolences to the Mullen family

    Sad to hear this news, My thoughts are with Larry and his family.
  3. My copy was shipped on the 20.1.2015 and was registered post from Dublin, I hope you get your copy sorted Joshua _ Temuh , Let us all know here bud. And Mich one day we will meet mate I'd love to see your collection of all things U2.
  4. My copy arrived today!, Now going under lock & key, Lovely vinyl pressing.
  5. Thanks John, Merry Christmas to you, Enjoy!
  6. I've only just heard today via a text off a friend that I won one of these special vinyl's, Im so made up ! Thanks a lot for choosing my story, Also well done to all the other winners here Inc the Larry fan Mich x
  7. My sub ends a week today, First thing when I get paid Friday is to resub Can't wait to get that vinyl set in my collection.
  8. mullendrums

    Have To Count!

    16 085
  9. mullendrums

    Have To Count!

  10. mullendrums

    Have To Count!

  11. mullendrums

    What music are you listening to Prt 2

    U2- Until the end of the world ( Live Turin 2010)
  12. mullendrums

    What music are you listening to Prt 2

    U2 - Get on your boots- live rose bowl.
  13. mullendrums

    What music are you listening to Prt 2

    Interpol - PDA
  14. mullendrums

    What music are you listening to Prt 2

    Stevie wonder - Superstition