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  1. nitz1

    Vegas, Baby!

    Still have a few NY shows and CT as well for the final show of the tour! Thanks! It will be awesome--
  2. nitz1

    Vegas, Baby!

    Destination show for me - haven't been to Vegas in 19 years - Just booked hotel yesterday. Only 3 nite trip from NY and the Friday nite show for me. I hope to make time for other awesome Vegas activities!
  3. Was in Dublin in 2009 Croke Park, 2015 IE tour and 2017 for JT at Croke. Best trips I have ever had! May not be up for the next as I was just there last summer and the trip is becoming hard to justify! Still finding things unrelated to U2 to do in the city and its surrounding areas as well. Great time!
  4. nitz1

    GAs in Vegas.

    I quite too soon! I tried for 30 minutes!
  5. Crazy that they can do this - that makes no sense at all - You pay 329 for a ticket last week and now the seat next to you is 175 - so now you can go and get a "better" 329 or more expensive seat? That is ridiculous! Thanks for the info!
  6. Sounds great! They should have a Sirius/XM Radio Channel
  7. TM said they would exchange?? This happened to me for Roger Waters there a few months ago and I called to complain that my 300 ticket was now 150 and TM told me that happens sometimes and its up to the discretion of the artist and they could not help or refund me the difference. If this is the case can you let me know where on their website this is stated? Thanks
  8. I bought Bridge tix - 2 for $275 - cheapest I could find as no GA obviously - The bridge is literaly suspended from the roof! the Roof! And I paid like $135 each!
  9. nitz1

    Have They Have Gone Too Far?

    Will ticket prices drop? I paid small fortune for Roger Waters when they went onsale for this last tour and they never sold out. Got my son a ticket the day before and the prices for all sections were slashed by half! I called TM and asked whey seats better than mine were half the price currently. She said it was at the discretion of the artist and management and that they most definately can reduce the ticket prices. I was furious as I paid so much! No recourse - my problem for buying on the first day of the onsale she said - Your dammed if you do - dammed if you don't The same thing will happen here - and the VF thing obviously was a bad call in this case as most shows are still not sold out hours into the onsale.
  10. nitz1 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I remember this well - Unfortunately - a new website and platform were built for the 360 tour and if you look at the date you have been a member since, I believe it only goes back as far as that new site date which was 2009. I know mine says 2009 and I have been a member since like 2001. So seniority will now work up to a point - but not prior to that date - I agree - this is the only way it should be done. And in no way should you be able to sign up for a membership the day before a presale and get a code - even if it is delayed one day! The site and TM have promoted this the last 2 tours and that is just a money grab.
  11. nitz1 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I am still finding it hard to believe that this tour has intentionally decided that after 12 years or more allowing paid subscribers a few guaranteed tickets each tour that they would change this to a lottery system for subscribers and not be clear about it. I think it was an error and a mistake. I think they decided to do VF fan for the general sales and in turn instead of dealing with the sub sales separately were convinced by TM that they could easily handle both. I believe subs were all supposed to be guaranteed 2 tix. I believe the lesser powers that be at were under the impression that the paid subs were guaranteed a code for their subsciption as they have been ALWAYS! Live Nation runs this site and owns TM. They thought they could deal with it. They could not. Corporate miscommnication. I remember the Vertigo sales as well. in 2005 Website and online tech was nothing like it is today. I understood problems then because the tech was a problem. Now there is no excuse. I am sorry for all the fans here that were unable to get what they paid for - a chance to buy some tickets.
  12. nitz1 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Just logging on here now since yesterday - the sheer number of views of this thread has jumped to nearly 50,000!!! - WOW, just WOW!!! I hope that says something to the powers that be. Sometimes change is not good - not at all
  13. nitz1 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    As some have said looks like TM has put the Subs in the Lottery VF code distribution instead of the guaranteed code distribution- What a joke - sorry for those who are in the middle of this -
  14. nitz1 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I think mine had 2 for some reason - Just click GA floor Admission in the price range box