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  1. Shannon387

    Will they come back to USA after Europe?

    Delete...It posted twice...
  2. Shannon387

    Will they come back to USA after Europe?

    The setlist is fine actually... It's all a matter of perspective. If you follow all the live updates on social media you'll be seeing repeats. If you're actually at the show you're more likely to enjoy the experience. If the setlist bores you, stop following all the live updates. My money is on the high ticket prices as a key root cause myself. Will they come back to the US? Eventually, yes. With this tour...who knows. They haven't said anything about it firmly. Time Will tell
  3. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

  4. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

    Oooh man... Argentina...what happened?
  5. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

    I hear the vuvuzelas are back. I've not watched a game where they've been used...that I can tell. The time difference is getting me. Not able to watch most of these. Sleep > soccer/football Tuning in for Tunisia vs England ⚽
  6. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

    It was a great game! Renaldo has skills! Now I want to catch Argentina tomorrow but I'm not feeling that 6am pst start time... It's my day off. I can do 7am... maybe 😁
  7. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

    I'm definitely catch today's match with Spain and Portugal. Did you catch the news Spain dropped on Cristian R. today? Daaamn! Spain is playing to win. I can't live comment tho... Watching on the app in my phone while at work. 😯🤭
  8. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

    😂⚽ Good to know!
  9. Shannon387

    Red Zone 2018

    I have had positive experiences in the past. You're free to roam around the GA also. Food for thought... I haven't done RED zone this year. The section is getting pushed further off to the side w each tour. GA is better. That said I always enjoyed myself in the past. You don't have to wait in line all day unless you want rail. Even with GA... The red zone crowd is pretty easy-going also. My advice, go and enjoy yourself and don't listen to opinions on anything...
  10. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

    Never too early to plan. How soon do tickets for that go on sale? I'm in soccer/football town USA. We're definitely getting some games here. I'm already thinking ahead. 😁👏🏼
  11. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

    Yes! 2026 baby! ... hopefully we'll all still be friends by then
  12. Shannon387

    U2 Apollo Theater - meet up / live thread

    ❤️ ❤️❤️ I so wish I could have gone. Still rebuilding my vacation, fun and U2 funds. Adulting sucks sometimes...😛
  13. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

    No US men's team 😕 That said, I'll try and catch a few games for sure. The group chats here have been fun in past years. Hopefully we'll have more of the same this time around.
  14. Shannon387

    RED ZONE Newbie. HELP!

    The email comes from the people hired to organize and run the RED zone. I believe the band management hired them. You'll know it's a RED zone email. It will be clearly marked. It will detail your instructions. RED zone has their own check in area with a big red banner and designated staff. You won't miss it. Don't worry, they'll contact you. 😉