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  1. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Not a unicorn.... Remixes.... ? Packaging looks nice
  2. What's Your Be Attitude?

    Drunk U2! A classic!
  3. What's Your Be Attitude?

    Ah... Id try DMing Bigwave if you havent already. I would think that its alright but doesnt hurt to ask.
  4. Lol! It was a few days ago. I read Ted Nugent said some stuff and stopped there. If you want to pursue it a quick internet search should turn something up. I cant look at that stuff...Im so done with people like him who think they know it all and are jerks about it.
  5. What's your tour game?

    Same... Ive already started muting what U2 news accounts Im following. At least here they have the live threads that can be avoided.
  6. What's Your Be Attitude?

    It gave me a verification that it went thru so if you didnt get one I would assume yours didnt go thru. Id resubmit, if your able to.
  7. What's Your Be Attitude?

    They arent stealing anything... if you submit something you are willingly giving them permission to use it. They'll use the recording and I would imagine theyd tell you. Hence asking for your name & email.
  8. What's Your Be Attitude?

    I literally woke up and my beattitude came to mind. Ive recorded & submitted it. I didn't have any issues with submitting an mp3. Im using an iPad.
  9. What's Your Be Attitude?

    Still coming up with mine. Regarding what to submit, I think this is an anything goes type thing. Theyll consider it all. I dont think the beattitudes were sarcastic I would say more satire & thought-provoking.
  10. He deleted it all and sent out an apology. The link to that is a few posts up. Most people I dont think realize who he is or what he went thru. I think if he were more well known it would have exploded more. Im glad it didnt. Now Ted Nugent on the other hand...yikes, dont get me started. He said some stuff to which I didnt read fully. I think that did blow up. I wish people would just stop attacking those kids, they're amazing.
  11. Precisely. Mine either. To explain, I just happen to have experienced something traumatically negative where the guy (who meant a lot to me) showed 0 compassion & even incites negativity when it comes to me and it changed me. I'm speaking from that experience. I've just very recently come to terms with it and had to walk away, so to speak. Now that I've experienced that I think my compassion and empathy levels are up.
  12. I also have no idea why the font in my posts change randomly all the time...
  13. Id agree you can be angry & compassionate. You dont need to be BFFs with one who hurt you. Be angry or Hate them if thats what your needing to feel. I wasnt saying not to. I have plenty of people who hate me. The list is long & distingushed. My point was the minute you go at someone hurting you who is themselves hurting, it wont solve anything & in the end can have very negative effects for both. However, the person suffering from a mental health issue processes very differently than you. Your words & actions can literally hurt them. Im just mentioning it because I dont think people realize it. Definitely do what you need to do. Id suggust staying away if some level of compassionate isn't something people can be towards them.
  14. We do have BBC America. I believe it's on a delay though & we don't get everything. This appears to be one of the "won't get it's"
  15. Meet and Greet

    This is common for the paid meet & greets. It's rare to talk to them. IMHO It's a money grab... That said, I've done it once. I only ever paid to meet 1 band, The Fray. I was lucky. They were the exception. I was curious about the experience & thought they would be an excellent choice to see how it is without having a traumatic experience. I was right. I actually had a nice yet short conversation, hugs, photos. They were awesome. The rest were by chance or radio contests/opportunities. Nearly all were enjoyable. 1 not but they weren't a band I follow really & I didn't care. I've heard of many many others where it's as Mich described. I personally would never pay again unless it was for charity. I think The Fray were awesome but it's not something I'd pay for again. Honestly I think the only band I really want to meet is U2. As for the rest....I enjoy a lot of music but am now of the opinion that it's best to just enjoy the music and keep your distance. Finding out one of your favorite bands or artists is a jerk isn't something I care to experience again. But hey, to each their own.