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  1. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    So good!! πŸŽ‰ RE: The best does come across better live. Still not really doing it for me. I'm actually surprised they didn't go with The Blackout as a first single. But hey The Best Thing is something different.
  2. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    Just watched the show. Jimmy is cute πŸ˜„ U2 We love you! 😊
  3. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    I like the way you put it & agree that they're trying to show us the album will be diverse with the release of both songs.
  4. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    I heard this earlier. Bono has a sense of humor about him. I don't think he minded in the least.
  5. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    I'm generally not a fan of overly repetitive lyrics. I think this is the issue I'm having with both songs. They're borderline a little too repetitive for me. It's an issue I have with some pop songs. Eh... they're going to be growers for me. I'll sit with them for a while & get to know them. πŸ€—πŸ€˜πŸΌ
  6. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    Found the other version of the song. The link to it is in this tweet...
  7. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    It's a grower for me... The more I hear it the more I like it. Different sounds coming from U2 are always welcome. Looking forward to what else they have in store. I've already voiced my opinion on the thought of Ryan Tedder being so heavily involved. I won't do it again. Really looking forward to the album! Side note, apparently there is a remix version of this? Where can we hear it?
  8. The Blackout

    I should add I'm not necessarily 100% pleased by this (I have good reasons) but the band love him & appear to be good friends with him. I love U2 so I'll shush 😷 He has produced notable hits & does good work when he's trying. I'm keeping an open mind. While I'm enjoying this song I am hoping for more from the album. I did absolutely love The little things so I'm definitely excited for the album. I ❀️U2. Roll on SOE πŸ˜ŽπŸ€˜πŸΌπŸŽΆπŸ€β€οΈ
  9. The Blackout

    It's all about that bass. ❀️ I'm also hearing perhaps some Ryan Tedder influence in the song? *Play, Repeat* 😎
  10. The Blackout

    Love the tune! Looking forward to hearing the rest!
  11. U2 fans getting mysterious Blackout letter in the mail

    Secret letters & emails going out to only certain fans. Very mysterious.... well, just give me a new album and I'm good.
  12. Where were you when Elvis died 40 years ago?

    I was too young to remember it. My parents were/are big Elvis fans so growing up he's always been a part of the family so to speak. I've gotten to see Graceland a few years ago. It was pretty awesome & very surreal. When I was at the grave site I actually thought of Larry. I can see how he felt the way he did.
  13. Declaring September 25 as International Day of U2

    My favorite day of the year. Anyone who knows me knows why... 😊❀️
  14. Congratulations to Adam & Mariana!