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    Lol at the stripping away the Taylor Swift production I think the delay was a couple of things, they wanted to evaluate the songs & see if there might be more to say. Also, it’s been mentioned that Bono underwent an unknown brush with mortality. I think this was the delay. It sounds like it gave him a new perspective on life & he wanted to leave behind letters to people who mean something to him. Friends, family, fans...etc
  2. True. However, the fan club presale allocation remains the same. Irregardless of codes. With this system you’ll have to register & “apply” to be a fan & get a new code. Note, if you’re hoping to participate in the general sale, you need to apply for that too... I did get a code but didn’t participate in the presale. I’m holding out for different cities. Among other things... I was in the Vertigo fiasco & was shut out, believe me I have sympathy. I understand anger & frustration. I don’t really have anything further to say then I get it.
  3. You realize the moderators have positively NOTHING to do with the sale of tickets or the management of this website as a whole or the distribution of fan privileges in any way shape or form. They're volunteers who moderate this forum. They're all fans like you and I. If you have a legitimate complaint and you feel the U2.com paid staff (that being Live Nation and Fanfire) are not adequately addressing said complaint, take it up with the Better Business Bureau. Leave the mod staff alone. If you want their help, ask nicely and if they are able to they'll help you or direct you to someone who can. But not if you behave like a child and mouth of profanities at them. Also, get a grip. Find another way to vent your frustrations. Like...Twitter? Facebook? running? exercise? And really all of this goes for anyone...
  4. Thoughts on New Cities ????

    Pacific Northwest please
  5. North american leg 1,will it be extended ?

    Nah, GA isn't gone. They know that people want the GAs so they periodically drop them, They're also known to hold onto tickets until up to the concert date and drop them then so local people can have a chance at going. If you want GA, just keep trying.
  6. Opening Act

    I hope not... There wasn't for I&e so perhaps not but who knows. Personally I loved that about i&e, it was just them.
  7. 2 minutes in and ZERO Vegas GA

    AXS sucks....especially for Vegas. I’ve bought concert tickets there before. Keep trying
  8. North american leg 1,will it be extended ?

    One can hope. I’m waiting on Pacific Northwest dates myself.
  9. I have seen the Joshua Tree & Las Vegas Freemont experience I believe it’s called. It’s where they shot the Still haven’t found video. I’ll sit down & put something together to share one of these days. I have photos & video.
  10. Rolling the Dice. Anyone else?

    I’m with you. I’m waiting for additional cities & dates to be announced. If not this leg then a future one. I'm sure there will sooner or later. I doubt this is all of them period. If I change my mind later, I’ve had decent luck finding a ticket. I just can make the financial commitment to travel right now. I’m also curious on if they’ll have an opening act & if yes, who it is. I admit, I loved that about i&e, it was just them.
  11. Anyone Receive the Email Today?

    Emails going out now. I just received one.
  12. U2 MTV Presents

    Yes, Bono did change the spoken word for Get out of your own way. Blessed are the bullies for one day they shall have to stand up to themselves. I’m just curious, who are the ‘bullies’ Bono is speaking of? Too open to interpretation or misinterpretation for me. Are the bullies the superstars? Plenty of bullies there... I guess it’s different for everyone I suppose. Lyric pondering at 7am .
  13. U2 MTV Presents

    Hope everyone who is able to go enjoys themselves. I don’t think I’m going to be attending the next round of tour dates. I look forward to the opportunity of seeing them at unknown date(s) in the future.
  14. U2 MTV Presents

    It sounded like he changed the spken lyric at the end of Get out of your own way. Caught a couple periscopes. Looking forward to seeing what makes it to MTV
  15. Red Zone vs GA

    Pros, your up front with not much wait time. Its a good spot. I enjoyed myself. Proceeds go to RED. Note, you can move into the GA if you want. cons, GAers have figured this out & are now turning it into an all day wait starting at roughly 9am (starting with the JT 2017 tour). I still come at about 4pm and end up with a decent spot. Location is off to the side, to the far right & left of the band. GA has the better view. For the i&e tour there were entire songs where you couldn’t see the band or what was going on while they’re on the B stage. This is where having the flexibility to move into GA comes in handy... If you’re on the rail, don’t move. Otherwise walk around to view the show. Its a nice spot. If you’re wanting an easyish GA experience, it’s worth doing & proceeds go to RED.