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  1. Shannon387

    Plans for Saint Patrick's Day!!

  2. Shannon387

    Happy Birthday Adam Clayton!

    Adam is definitely worth double posting 😁
  3. Shannon387

    Happy Birthday Adam Clayton!

    πŸ˜πŸ˜„ jinx... I can't delete mine so it shall stay.
  4. Shannon387

    Happy Birthday Adam Clayton!

    Happy Birthday Adam!!!
  5. Shannon387

    R.I.P. Thread

    I lost my mom and my brother & gained invaluable knowledge about who all truly cares about me & who I had to walk away from. Yep, the reaper needs a vacation. ....and so do I.
  6. Shannon387

    R.I.P. Thread

    ...and to check in on people you care about.
  7. Shannon387

    Favourite tour of the last 4 years?

    1. IE 2. JT 3. EI
  8. Lol. I would recommend being more specific. It's been my experience that a lot of it is cultural differences. What is acceptable to us in the US is considered rude & not acceptable elsewhere and visa versa. I'm American & I admit we can come across as clueless. Most of us mean nothing by it.
  9. Shannon387

    Sunday Times interview

    Nice read. I've heard talk recently of them not touring anymore. I would only ask that if they go that route, to have some kind of farewell tour. Even on a smaller scale, Like park it in LA for a week, NYC a week, London, etc. A number of bands with the fan following have successfully done this.. We come to them. I don't know...Get creative....Just don't pull an REM or I'll be pissed. ?? Love ya U2 ?
  10. Shannon387

    What concert are you seeing next?

    Foo Fighters! ???
  11. Shannon387

    Where In The World are U2 ?

    This looks like a fun bunch ?