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  1. GOOYOW is awful. am I missing something?

    Oh boy, you dont want to get me started. In an attempt at restraint... *breathes..* U2 wanted to go pop. So they, ahem..., invited a pop producer to the U2 camp who I dont think should have been given such a large role but they think he’s a perfect and flawless unicorn who can do no wrong so hey he’s now been handed the keys to the kingdom and a seat at the table of U2. Im still making peace with that... *breathes...meditates...* Moving on, Much of the poppy stuff is coming from his influence. This song is no different. That said, I enjoy the song. Not love but enjoy. Beautiful Day for me wins hands down as a really great song, timeless, & I do hear its influence but I dont mind. I liked the nods on the album to previous songs. The one I didnt get personally was You're the best thing... but loved the video & that Bono wrote it for Ali. Always cute. This song I can see how one not too in to pop might not like it. My taste musically is broad so I usually enjoy U2s musical adventures they take us on with a few exceptions. I think pop is super in & has been for a while so perhaps thats why many love this track. I think they are choosing the pop songs as singles because pop is what is popular. Also, Bono & Edge live in the US much of the time so I think the US politics are from that. Its basically a mess right now & as a US citizen having to live thru the mess feeling helpless I can appreciate the political stuff, its a nice gesture that I am appreciating. Just do what I do, create playlists with the stuff you love to here & put away the rest.
  2. I+Etour 2018- support acts ?

    Hoping no support acts.... I liked that about the I&E tour, it was just them. If they do support acts I hope they go with different bands. Inhaler?
  3. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    A step child entering into a family photo... a good way of putting it. Id agree. I do see Bono making fun of himself and attempting humor but I also sense he’s saying it to make a point. We as fans idolize this persona who is a larger than life version of himself. Not his true self. I think he's also in a way making fun of the audience doubting our sincerity. He's making fun of himself showing a cartoon version of a singer and fans idolizing the singer. Looking at him but not really seeing him (ie, you see me but you dont really care). I just started the latest season of Netflix Black Mirror and I can be guilty of thinking too much so thats where this came from... There can be a certain toxicity to fandoms. We feel close to the artists creating the thing we love. These days we have the ability to practically speak to them via social media. Jump on twitter or here even and you see fans speaking their minds. It can turn toxic. Making demands of the artist to act a certain way, sound a certain way, be a certain way, etc. I distinctly remember a song request campaign on twitter the fans thought was fun but I think the band secretly hated. Im sensing that the real reason for this song to the fans is to say hey look musicians are artists and all of this is a performance. Stop taking everything so seriously and leave us be. You (the fan) cant possibly care about us. You dont even know us. They basically dont want to deal w our BS. I think artists are fine w fans as long as they know their place and act accordingly. Im sensing a negative view toward fans looking up to or idolizing them or anyone period and for the fan to beware. The song is written from a singers perspective. I just didnt realize they can see things this way. The more I listen to it the more I feel like an idiot. I cant actually listen to it anymore. It sounds like an inside joke. In the end its just a song. Many seem to love this song and it doesnt really matter what I think. For my anxiety’s sake for the time being I’ll have to skip past it. Im just sorry he (or they) feel this way. At the risk of being placed on the undesirable fan full of bs list, wait... I think Im too late , I’ll make my exit from Zootopia. New Years goal for 2018, less social media, more real world. Thanks for your perspective.
  4. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Ok so the more I hear The Showman, admittedly my least fav track (sorry B.), the more I agree w/ whomever said it sounds like an inside joke between Bono & Ryan Tedder. I dont know where I read that but I laughed because I agree. I couldnt nail down why I didnt really like this track but I think that may be it. It sounds like the two of them are having a laugh at my (any random fan) expense. He says its about lead singers putting on a show but one or two lines sounds like they could also be interpreted as a dig at the audience. ‘Oh you dont care but you know Im there’ I believe this was supposed to have been a funny song but I guess I didnt get the joke. To end positively... still enjoying most of the album.
  5. It makes no difference who we want to do it. The fans always start it then demand the informal GA line theyve declaired as official be honored by the venue. Venues who have said no always cave in and allow the fan run GA. Unless U2 want to take over, and do so in a well coordinated way, its how its always been. Fans always run the GA.
  6. Music is “girly” - interview with Bono

    Yes, he could have chosen his words better but it's also Bono. He says whats on his mind. Sometimes eloquently, other times not. He is who he is. I'm not going to dismiss people who feel offended by this quote. They've said things on occasion I've been offended by. In the end I believe their heart is in the right place and as long as they continue to demonstrate that, I'll look past the odd comment and etc and continue to love them just as they are. Bono does have a point although I wouldn't say "girly" more like empty. There's no depth to most popular music these days. Hire the right producer and song writing team and bam, you have a hit.. It's empty and meaningless. The artist performing these songs don't feel what they are singing because someone wrote it for them. Or there is no real thought and feeling put into the songs they're putting out. They're just going through the motions. Also I absolutely loathe overly repetitive lyrics in songs. This seems to be what is in with Pop music. I do like a wide variety of music and have enjoyed music who stays away from this formula but in looking at the bigger picture it's few and far between.
  7. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Checking in to say I love the album. The individual song releases didn't work for me. A couple of the songs still don't entirely work for me. That said, some of U2's stuff have been growers for me. I anticipate the same will happen here. I had my own issues with certain things but made peace with it. I enjoyed the album much better as a whole. I found it to be a journey and listening from beginning to end was the perfect way to experience it. I certainly understand why some aren't happy with the production but to each their own. Play what you like and put away what you don't. I find if I don't pay too much attention to the details I enjoy it more & I enjoy them more. Copying and pasting what I wrote on one of the home page news articles: I'm loving the album. Lots of gems and thought-prevoking lyrics. Thank you U2 & co for another fantastic album. Favorite songs so far - Love is all we have left, Summer of love, The little things that give you away, Landlady, & 13 (There is a light). Cant wait until you tour my way. Love you U2! Looking forward to hearing these played live at the concert I'm attending.
  8. Ticketmaster is the scalper... This is where they make a lot of money. They scalp & in return allow other scalpers. To combat it, don’t buy scalped tickets. As long as people buy it will continue.
  9. True. However, the fan club presale allocation remains the same. Irregardless of codes. With this system you’ll have to register & “apply” to be a fan & get a new code. Note, if you’re hoping to participate in the general sale, you need to apply for that too... I did get a code but didn’t participate in the presale. I’m holding out for different cities. Among other things... I was in the Vertigo fiasco & was shut out, believe me I have sympathy. I understand anger & frustration. I don’t really have anything further to say then I get it.
  10. You realize the moderators have positively NOTHING to do with the sale of tickets or the management of this website as a whole or the distribution of fan privileges in any way shape or form. They're volunteers who moderate this forum. They're all fans like you and I. If you have a legitimate complaint and you feel the paid staff (that being Live Nation and Fanfire) are not adequately addressing said complaint, take it up with the Better Business Bureau. Leave the mod staff alone. If you want their help, ask nicely and if they are able to they'll help you or direct you to someone who can. But not if you behave like a child and mouth of profanities at them. Also, get a grip. Find another way to vent your frustrations. Like...Twitter? Facebook? running? exercise? And really all of this goes for anyone...
  11. Thoughts on New Cities ????

    Pacific Northwest please
  12. North american leg 1,will it be extended ?

    Nah, GA isn't gone. They know that people want the GAs so they periodically drop them, They're also known to hold onto tickets until up to the concert date and drop them then so local people can have a chance at going. If you want GA, just keep trying.
  13. Opening Act

    I hope not... There wasn't for I&e so perhaps not but who knows. Personally I loved that about i&e, it was just them.
  14. 2 minutes in and ZERO Vegas GA

    AXS sucks....especially for Vegas. I’ve bought concert tickets there before. Keep trying