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  1. Hi PK! 😊 I'm around just quieter 😉😋 I am well thanks. Hope all is well on your side of the world.
  2. I checked the forcast a couple hours ago & it's supposed to be clear. I'm a West coast person...It didn't dawn on me till I got here that it's kinda humid here. Lol 🤗 luckily I packed for warm weather.
  3. Thanks for the info. I believe it's at the cree gate.
  4. The stadium has said on Twitter they will not honor the fan runned GA. Banding by the stadium at 8am the day of the show.
  5. Thanks for posting that. Glad to see wristbands will be given out early & interesting to see that there appears to be more than one way down into the GA if I'm reading it correctly.
  6. That's useful. Thanks for the info 👍🏼
  7. No holding spots... As for lining up, Id recommend doing it when your party is complete. Here is a helpful GA guide written by a fan which covers pretty much everything.
  8. Yeah...the shop is tipping downhill again. They were doing well there for a while. I ordered merch I couldn't get at my show. Still nothing. At this rate I may be able to get the merch at my next show & just cancel the order.
  9. Yes it is. You'll see a separate check in area where you line up to pick up your packet, then go off through security to line up to get into the stadium. You could theoretically leave and go hand your friend your credit card and come back. This is assuming all stadiums are doing this the same way, which I would anticipate they would.
  10. I replied to your other post.
  11. You wont need your cc for the RED zone. Just a photo ID. You'll pick up the packet prior to going thru security. You could theoretically pick up your RED zone packet, find yor friend in line & give them your credit card.
  12. I don't have any pics but I believe it's mostly all available at the store. The exception being the location-specific tshirts. They were out of a lot of stuff when I went to my concert. I got what I could & found the rest in the online shop.
  13. I'd be more inclined to believe the band completely loathe technology, cell/mobile phones & cameras if they did ban them all. Also, noticed the only ones against my post that it's not that big of a deal are the ones speaking passionately that they hate it themselves. I'm not condoning filming the entire concert. The band have banned Go Pros which I do support. Someone wants to snap a couple souvenir pics, go for it. Doing it constantly the entire concert on the other hand, super annoying. I get you hate it period. Like Mich said, let's agree to disagree. The band are on tour. I for one would like to just enjoy that. Oh yes, I forgot they got into periscoping with fans on the 360 tour...
  14. I thoroughly enjoyed the show myself. It's about the music and I enjoyed it immensely. I don't think the band gives a rip about cameras & mobile phones taking pics. If they did, it would all be banned. Can it be annoying, sure. Is it ruining the show? No, not at all.