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  1. Shannon387

    Where In The World are U2 ?

    This looks like a fun bunch 😄
  2. Shannon387

    Where In The World are U2 ?

    Bumping.... because why not ✌🏼😎
  3. Shannon387

    Besides U2, who are your pick-me-up bands?

    Kurt Cobain’s daughter Fracis Bean is a pretty kick ass singer. Shes only on Instagram but rumors are flying about her getting in the music biz. Worth checking out. Edit, read the title of the thread happens...Im not here as often..😜🤦🏻‍♀️
  4. Shannon387

    What concert are you seeing next?

    Up next, Pearl Jam home shows! Jack White next week! August is concert month. I have a few others coming up. Looking forward to them.
  5. Shannon387

    Happy birthday, The Edge!!

  6. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

    Congrats France!!
  7. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

    I’ll be tuned in for the game tomorrow! Good luck to both teams.
  8. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

    I randomly made the mistake of reading sports related comments a couple times. Its reeeeellly bad with sports. I thought fandoms could be bad, sports can be downright nasty. It does seem really bad in recent years. All these people being horrible to each other & those who run social media, Facebook, Twitter, do nothing about it, so it continues. count me in as fed up...& fed up horrible people are allowed to be horrible without consequence no matter who it hurts all because people who have the power to step in & stop it, or encourage better interaction, dont do anything & people could make an effort to less jerks but hey...
  9. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

    Congrats England!
  10. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

    Watching Col v Eng... I didn't know they did overtime. I thought when it's tied it automatically went to penalty shots.
  11. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

    The Belgium v Japan was crazy! That last minute goal!
  12. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

    That dude is nuts. So much bad acting... Sorry Mexico... I was cheering you on.
  13. Shannon387

    The World Cup Thread

    Wow...Spain is out too. Losing via penalty shots is so awful. I hate that part. Messi out, Renoldo, out, Spain out...Now I’ll have to find new teams to chear on.