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  1. Helloooo still not come down!! Was at both nights GA - first night up at front rail, 2nd night front rail catwalk, a little more than midway down towards B-stage. As incredible as night 1 was up front, night 2 blew it out of the place for me!! Sounded better night 2 in that position and the crowd was a lot livelier IMHO. Had 2 great queues with all my U2 best friends from all around the world and local -- scheming now for another show(s). Haven't posted on the Zootopia since Vertigo probably ... have to figure out how pics and videos work lol https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1oSjOBkKTmHHX9g5O7Ov2g/videos It was so funny in the queue for night 1, I was alone holding the spot while my friends were out eating / bathroom break etc and our local radio station stopped right in front of me, and got an impromptu sing-a-long going and it made the news. My brother and sister-in-law were arguing if that was me, my own brother said it wasn't ahaha she won the bet. The line was so much fun, meeting people you haven't seen since the last tour, meeting friends you've only talked to online, random strangers bringing pizza or chocolate or water by, lively conversations and plot hatching ... would do it all over again!
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