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  1. Should have been a choice between vinyl and cd, 3 years in a row vinyl, i would prefer cd dont have a record player and wont be getting one, disappointed again this year
  2. Again, 3 years in a row, more vinyl, why not give the choice of cd or vinyl, i know they will be available to download but not the same without the packaging, will someone who makes these decisions please take note, not everyone wants vinyl, and 3 years in a row is more than enough. Highly disappointed again.
  3. Thanks for the info. Yes im going by previous tours, so i could be wrong about that now, it may have changed
  4. you cant split them between shows, but has it been confirmed that 4 tickets is the allocation?
  5. Anyone know how many tickets are allocated per member? it was always 4 tickets for stadium tours is that the same this time?
  6. Ok, i just found my missing presale code. If you have any of the emails from u2.com for presales for any of the shows all you need to do is scroll down and your access is at the end of the email, it looks like when they notify you by email for any presale shows it includes your access code automatically. So if you havent got any of the old emails for show presales, im fairly sure when you receive your presale notification email later for the Dublin /Belfast shows it will include your access code.
  7. You sure thats not a coupon code for the U2 shop? I dont remember getting my presale code emailed to me. But i do remember it being within my account info but now its gone.
  8. Not happy with this subscription offer at all. I already have North side stories. I dont have a player that plays vinyl dont even know if you can buy one, even if i could i wouldnt, not to play one album. I think there should have been a choice between vinyl and cd. Disappointed this year.
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