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  1. Strange, I must have misread it. It says it expires 2020. I could have sworn it said 2019. Sorry.
  2. My account expires on April 27, 2019. When I last signed up it was to get the live Songs of Innocence and Experience package. I feel like I should renew soon but there is no new gift announced. What should I do?
  3. Should we be worried at this point if we haven't received a shipping email at least? (I have not)
  4. I already have the book, but have no need for vinyl as I don't own a record player. Is U2.com's thinking that I can take the record and resell it or just let it collect just in my house? I guess they are going to offer digital downloads of the vinyl tracks, but why would the default option be a record and not a CD in 2014? Confused about U2.com's thinking.
  5. People who don't believe the billboard article are just in denial. The only thing that strikes me as odd is how the sources could be so confident it won't come out until 2015. If they are truly recording with these new producers, why would U2 (even if they've never done it in the past) want to rule out the possibility that they can redo some of the songs and/or record some new ones in 4 months or so and release the album in nov. which is prime release season? Seems like there must be something preventing that possibility - perhaps scheduling conflicts with the desired producers or Larry wanting to film another movie role, etc. So hard being a U2 fan with their lack of output. Must be a lot easier if Taylor Swift is your favorite artist.
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