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  1. Listened through only once so far. This album makes you stop and listen. It demands attention. Brilliant stuff here, and I hear hints from all over their career. Very much an album from "experience".
  2. I had an hour of frustration. Eventually had to use the mobile app to buy two tickets. This was a terrible experience. It's like Ticketmaster just tried to sell tickets online for the first time. I also felt very rushed since this was all just announced! I needed more time to consider travel plans since there are no shows near me.
  3. Ticketbastard doesn't need to improve because they are the only option. Until their monopoly is broken they have zero incentive to get better. I mean, seriously - it's 2014. It's not like scalable web apps and online payment systems were just invented.
  4. Finally got in for two NY shows. This was ridiculous. An hour of pure stress and anger at Ticketbastard. I do not look forward to trying for a few others on December 8th.
  5. Finally got my tickets using the TM mobile app. I would recommend that route. Abandon the broken web page! TM can't get their act together.
  6. Error with captcha. Error putting in resale code. THEN, when I get a frakkin ticket, ERROR ON CHECKOUT and it punts me back to the main TM page losing the ticket. *#&%^$*@#&%$#^&*$
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