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  1. Rattle And Hum songs on E&I tour?

    i would be over the moon if they played some of the lesser played songs on next tour from R +h, hawkmmon...silver and gold, so many great tunes. and as it is 30 years anniversary,how about a dvd of a Lovetown gig, Sidney, ? ,,would dearly love to see a full dvd official one.
  2. How about some Pop on next Tour guys!

    Larry,if some Pop is played,,,and,and Disco is on setlist,i may wear my silver spandex trousers on tour,i promise to wear a belt this time on tour
  3. Is there going to be one more City added to European Leg ?

    yup, i got told that by peeps who went to both cities.
  4. Is there going to be one more City added to European Leg ?

    from reports from mates who went to the last one on the I+e tour, they fully deserve to get another gig..or two. now, unless i missed something,i aint seen nothing saying all Euro dates have been announced and that there will be no more added...,surely it is still possible to slot in a Scottish date. ?
  5. Because i keep looking at the current schedule and i see a big gap between Belfast and Dublin gigs ? please tell me if i am going ga-ga from Starring at the tour listing fa, far too much
  6. Paperless Tickets for Irleand

    gave nothing last time for Dublin on I.e tour, not even a wristband..
  7. Different Nights One and Two Again???

    I have looked at the Hydro Schedule,i see no more Kb dates post Belfast dates, yayyyy. There is def a gap, between Belfast and Dublin ( current scheduled) dates. Scotland definitely deserves it,if (logistic) schedule allows.
  8. Bombarded with emails

    next to... must Pay me council tax bill lol
  9. Bombarded with emails

    I got it painted on me Kitchen wall now...,,in Big red letters... ,,,Must Pay The Lads Some More Dosh Early March !
  10. Bombarded with emails

    sorry Max,i should have made it a bit more clear...i Never get emails from the only time i do, is when i buy my subs and buy merchandise. Pre-sale email code, not even an email to tell me if my susbs is ending, that Never gets sent..
  11. Album presale

    anyone got a link for Lisbon 2 retail- pre-sale please ?
  12. Bombarded with emails

    gulp- 1x per min...makes up my zilch emails.
  13. if codes had been used in Euro leg then surely they should have been removed by now. i have a friend whom i advised Strongly today not to try for more tix as they had used the code once already. i know pple should read the Tour faq by now,since pre-sales have started for the first dates,but if the code is Visibly marked out on tour page, then for pple who are not reg visitors on here,maybe able to post their errors if they see the code has either been crossed or even removed completely.
  14. Not happy about the code spliiting rule change :(

    i think not possible.. but management or maybe a mod can advise you on this issue.
  15. Time for 3 presale tiers?

    sadly U2 have gone the same way as the stones and likes of Maddge in the way of gigs sales. flogging cd in tix sales and flogging fanclub packages with tix on day of on-sale /general sale. I used to think they were better than that.