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  1. Absolutely, this will backfire. I just checked and for the 2015 tour (same arena, same stage set up etc) I paid $115 each (including fees) for seats in first row balcony, center arena. Sec 301 row 1 of the TD Garden in Boston. This time around the same seats are each $386 with fees. TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY DOLLARS MORE FOR THE SAME SEAT????? I was planning on buying those again and getting as many as I could but NO WAY at this price. I usually go to ALL the Boston shows and shows in multiple other cities but that just wont be happening now. Enough is enough. I lucked out and got 2 GA's through the subscriber pre-sale but that will have to do. Sadly, I'm not excited about going anymore. Or the new album.
  2. True- they can't seem to Get Out Of Their Own Way!
  3. Good point- I'm sure there are many people who didn't realize they needed to register but that being said the prices are still prohibitive. I imagine that is a big factor as only one show is sold out and normally there would be a lot by this time. I would normally always purchase whatever my limit was (even when it was 8) and plan a reunion with friends around the shows but I can't offer nose bleed tix to my friends for $386 even if it is face value.
  4. These shows are NOT selling. It's amazing to see how many tickets are left for Boston, a city that usually sells out very quickly. What were they thinking? With fees it's $386 for a nose bleed ticket! Many long time fans wont pay those prices and they can certainly forget about winning any new fans on this tour. Sad, really.
  5. Looking for 2 tickets to Gillette. If you have extras, let me know! Thanks!
  6. Hi- hoping to get 4 GA's for tomorrow'S (7/15) show. Let me know if you can help. Thanks!
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