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  1. dmway

    What concert are you seeing next?

    I saw the Genesis tribute band, "The Musical Box", tonight - they played one of my favorite shows that they have ever played. I have been seeing them for 20 years too. Just a great job tonight. My next show (providing I don't see Unforgettable Fire again first) will be Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets, a tribute to the pre-Dark-Side-Of-The-Moon Pink Floyd led by the PF drummer himself. I can't wait!
  2. dmway

    Joshua Tree Tour (2018) DVD

    There was already a thread here about that, but it got somewhat buried - here it is: All the info there is what we know as of now - the sites quoted on that thread will update the rumors; once the rumors become fact, the info will appear on this site.
  3. dmway

    U2 tribute band clearinghouse thread

    Yes! You’re absolutely right! That is how it happened. 😆 That’s the one thing I always notice whenever I have seen them over the last 15 years or so - they really, really enjoy doing what they are doing. They feed off the crowd too, just like U2 themselves. I’m on the fence about seeing them on the 13th next month. The show is easy enough to get to, but they are sharing the bill with 42, a Coldplay tribute band. UF are the closers that night, though; that would make me more likely to take in the show again. Choices, choices...
  4. dmway

    Plans for Saint Patrick's Day!!

    Congratulations! 🎉 I know how big a deal this is to everyone in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Try to be sober enough to go to work on Monday... 😉😄
  5. dmway

    Blessings for New Zealand

    Very well said, esp. on your last point. Social media can’t pretend their platforms are not used for horrific purposes and further pretend that they are somehow not responsible for the acts that result from them. If they are not actively opposing these reprehensible people and causes, they are part of the problem. I have managed to find one site that is collecting funds to help the families of the victims in the shootings - it’s: There may be others as well, but that’s the one I could find. Peace be with everyone in New Zealand.
  6. dmway

    Blessings for New Zealand

    It’s still a developing story, but apparently there have been shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, NZ New Zealand seems to be such an idyllic place, it’s hard to believe such a thing has happened there. It’s a tragedy wherever it happens; I just wish these kinds of attacks would stop. Peace be with you, New Zealanders. I hope things return to relative normality as soon as possible. All sympathy to the victims and their families.
  7. dmway

    2019 Subscription - Subscribers Gift

    Seconded. A vinyl version has never been mentioned (and would be a very expensive proposition in the first place). Fan club releases exist in the same temporal space as their album releases - they exist in “U2 time”. That is, whatever date is initially announced, be sure to add at least one month (in good years) and very often two or more months (in most years). Thus, since the original emails/messages suggested a January time frame for the downloads (which didn’t actually come until February) and a March time frame for the CDs, I’d bet on at least April for the CDs, more probably May (and hopefully not beyond that). It’s always better to adopt the mindset that they will come when they come. You can try to insist that they arrive sooner, but I have found over many years that that approach simply doesn’t have any effect. I’m just hoping to see them before Memorial Day (2nd bank holiday in May for those in the British Isles).
  8. dmway

    Plans for Saint Patrick's Day!!

    A very good topic! I miss soda bread - it’s tasty! On St. Patrick’s Day, I always have a Guinness or two (sometimes more, but in recent years two seems to give me the mild buzz I enjoy). I wear whatever green I have in my wardrobe. I am toying with going to NYC the night before because Unforgettable Fire are playing a top-notch venue that night (Sony Hall, in Times Square). However, do I really want to see that many hammered people in one evening? I’m not sure... 🍀
  9. dmway

    Happy Birthday Adam Clayton!

    Happy birthday, you suave and debonair man. 😎
  10. dmway

    U2 tribute band clearinghouse thread

    A close-up of Edge during “Bullet”. The Larry of the group was disobedient earlier in the day, so they kept him behind a Perspex cage all night. (No - not really, but it is entertaining to think so. The barrier was for our own protection from the volume of his kit in such a cozy venue.)
  11. dmway

    U2 tribute band clearinghouse thread

    The Eagles jersey in the background belongs to the Bono of the group. Since his real name in Tony, the name on the back is “Tono”. Later in the show, a girl in the crowd asked to try on the jersey while they were playing. He agreed (but I think with a bit of reluctance too). She danced on the side of the stage, aided by a few drinks beforehand.
  12. dmway

    U2 tribute band clearinghouse thread

    Another good image to show how close we all were to them.
  13. dmway

    U2 tribute band clearinghouse thread

    Another post or two about the show... They even had a ONE table at the show with people distributing information and signing people up just like a full-fledged U2 gig.
  14. dmway

    U2 tribute band clearinghouse thread

    OK - a bit more now... This was one of the very best shows I have ever seen them put on - very long setlist, very good variety. The songs mostly came from Boy through HTDAAB, but one more recent track was played too. From each album: Boy I Will Follow Out Of Control The Ocean (snippet) The Electric Co. ("11 O'Clock Tick Tock" was played too, w/ "Cry" opening) War Sunday Bloody Sunday New Year's Day 40 (snippet) The Unforgettable Fire Pride Bad The Joshua Tree Streets (which was great) With Or Without You Bullet The Blue Sky (which was, IMHO, the song of the night - a truly awesome version) Running To Stand Still In God's Country (they may have played "Trip Through Your Wires" too, but I may have a false memory here - I'll try to confirm) Rattle and Hum Desire (yes, you can tell he was giving his harmonicas a workout last night) Achtung Baby One Mysterious Ways Zooropa Stay (Faraway, So Close!) ATYCLB Stuck In A Moment In A Little While (yes, really) HTDAAB Vertigo Songs Of Experience The Blackout Quite a variety! They played two generous sets. ...AND THEN... The Edge of the band started playing a familiar riff - it sounded Edge-y, but different as well. As he continued playing, I slowly recognized the guitar stylings of David Gilmour... Wait...are they really playing..."Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. II"? Why, yes! Yes they are! And they did. An unexpected bonus. I can't wait until they come around again. They are close enough to drive to next month; I may give it a go.
  15. dmway

    U2 tribute band clearinghouse thread

    ...and a fun photo before bed. Their “Adam” managed to insinuate himself while “Edge” was playing keyboards. It was very amusing.😆 Mote later after rest...