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  1. It's a very nice place! I saw Jon Anderson solo (Yes' original lead singer) there 2006-ish. That show was a bit unusual, but the venue is lovely!
  2. Updated UF autumn dates coming soon! 😎
  3. One of my favorite towns in NJ. 😎 Count Basie?
  4. You're not alone - I'm doing the same thing. 😎 Why get used to some of the songs in mp3-quality when you're going to get them all in WAV-quality eventually (rumor has it...). 🙄😆(Let me clarify - I'm not knocking those who are happy with the downloads; I'm happy that you're happy. I'm just explaining why I'm abstaining.) AND, there is this completely valid point: Agreed. If you consult earlier in this thread (my goodness, it has lasted a while), I was a preacher of patience. However, even by U2.com standards, this wait has been epic (meant not in the modern sense of "awesome", but in the original sense of "(interminably and frustratingly) long"). In any case, I'm looking forward to hearing this before Halloween. 🎃
  5. Are you catching their whole Northeastern tour? 😎
  6. ...and I did only see Interpol. 😎 But they dazzled as usual.
  7. My next show is tomorrow! Morrissey, with Interpol opening. You know @CorkVegan, I didn't know what you were referring to when you wrote the highlighted bit above; however, I later saw a story where he was singing his praises of a new nationalist party in England. I threw up a little bit in my mouth when I read it. 🤢 So, I'm still going to the show to see Interpol, but I may only see Interpol. I'm not staying for someone who is acting as a mouthpiece for right-wing nationalism; that philosophy is ruining the world right now (US, UK, Brazil, etc.). I can't believe that someone who, very admirably, stands up for the rights of animals (there's no meat being served at the venue tomorrow; I approve) can't stand up as he once did for the rights of humans. Disappointing...
  8. ...and the show was excellent! 😎 They played two songs from their upcoming(!) new album due mid-November. The first (“Hero Ground Zero”) was debuted live in London this past July, but they played it again tonight. Getting it’s full-fledged live debut was “Big Cigars” - this song was truly outstanding! It sounded like classic Who! Needless to say, I’m looking forward to the new album even more now. Strong possibility of more shows next year - both UK/Europe shows and a date or two in Mexico have been rumored by reliable sources. Let’s hope it’s true! 🎸
  9. Works for me! On Sunday, it will be The Who in Madison Square Garden for the second time this year. 😎
  10. Oh, thank you so much for posting all this! When I talked to one of the moderators about starting this thread, I was hoping it would be a thread for all the U2 tributes worldwide. Thank you for making this thread more like it was intended to be! I’m not in the UK, but if you ever cross the pond, I’d gladly catch a show! I think there is at least one subscriber who regularly posts here who has seen you play. Maybe she’ll see these posts and reply. Thanks again! 😎
  11. The last three dates from the list above are coming up soon. ...AND... On Friday, October 11th, UF are playing the Tupelo Music Hall in Derry, NH. So, if you are in that part of New England, they are coming! Also, the previous weekend, they are playing in Albany, NY (I think on Saturday, Oct. 5th, but I have to check on that.) Their autumn schedule is filling out. Of course, when I know more dates, I’ll post them here.
  12. This is an intriguing photo. Is it a joking FU to everyone acknowledging that he is now another year older, or is it a special FU dedicated to Elton John, vis a vis, the elaborate glasses? The mind boggles... Anyway, happy birthday to two of the men I admire most: The Edge and my younger brother Mark (R.I.P. - he passed in 1996).
  13. I’ve neglected this thread for a bit - I’ll catch everyone up soon. BUT, for now, I am here...
  14. I wonder if there will be an extra volume released eventually from these two tours, like "Edge's Picks" came out after the original "U22" compilation from the U2360 tour. It would be nice to have a collection of the rarely/never-previously played (or virtually reinvented, e.g., "New Year's Day", "Dirty Day") songs from the i&e and e&i tours in addition to what we are getting. I have no problem with what's on these two discs; I just hope for a bit more - the total "Innocence and Experience" tour cycle had a lot of exceptional performances that deserve to be commemorated.
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