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  1. dmway

    2019 Subscription - Subscribers Gift

    All good - I'll wait for more info.
  2. This is where I got my rumor info: That site, along with and, among others, are good sites for any unofficial news on the band. Any information would only be posted here on this site when news reaches official status.
  3. dmway

    2019 Subscription - Subscribers Gift

    OK - the part I highlighted is the issue. My subscription doesn't expire until the end of March, but, as you pointed out, the gift will probably be sent out earlier. Being a long-time subscriber, I would want the gift as soon as it becomes available. I think all long-term subscribers feel the same way. Do I need to call too? We really ought to be able to re-subscribe now - there has never been an issue about this in the past. Anytime we re-subscribed early, an extra year was always just tacked on at the end of our membership date, with the gift sent as son as it became available (granted, not very quickly in the past, but the store seems to be changing its ways recently in shipping things promptly).
  4. dmway

    MacPhisto fansite

    Thank you for the update! 😎 I have to agree with your recommendation of Philly 1 from the North American shows - I was at that one and MacPhisto was extra-infernal that night!
  5. Yes, that’s the one! The rumor is that they are hitting (at least) Australia sometime between August and December next year. I hope it is true.
  6. Thank you for posting these! There are some different photos in the European one! Therefore, I have just ordered it from the shop! If there are people who want to order the leftover European stock, it is now available there. just sent out an e-mail to all subscribers about it. The stock includes some, but not all, of the megaphone shirts and prints - if they had had more there, I definitely would have gotten one of the shirts for Berlin (they have the print for Berlin, but not the t-shirt). Unfortunately, no MacPhisto-themed stuff is there - I hope it will be added later.
  7. Is that a photo from near the front of the program? Are there any more of MacPhisto in it? I don’t think he’s in the US one. I’ll have to check...
  8. dmway

    Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Numan?

    Well, it could still work obliquely and indirectly if you keep in mind that Bono and The Edge wrote a Spider-Man musical. Batman and Spider-Man inhabit that superhero universe can still all work out!?
  9. dmway

    Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Numan?

    That's pretty cool! A little bit of a tangent, but posted a story about the pre-show, post-show, and even during-show extra music - that story is here:
  10. dmway

    U2 Experience + Innocence Tour POLL

    I had to vote for “American Soul”, if not only for the fact that this song gave me this picture. ?
  11. dmway

    Australian shows?

    A bump for the link Peter included - I think everyone should at least be aware of the rumored possibilities...
  12. ...and along with the new touring rumor, I have to update this statement too! ? The latest unofficial news is that March seems to be the new window for the DVD/BluRay of the JT anniversary tour. The reason for the post-Xmas release seems to be the possibility that the show will be shown in theaters first! Again, not official, but this would explain why no pre-Xmas release has been given for the show, and it’s been in the can for a while now. My head is spinning with all the new information; I was about to go into “U2-news-hibernation” and all this new stuff came out! ?
  13. dmway

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    (Would I lose my reputation as a nice guy if I pointed out that their show today was in Berlin, not Cologne?)
  14. dmway

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I still love SOE - especially since it gave birth to the e&i tour. Thank you, U2, for an amazing album and tour! ? Rest well, and we look forward to having you delight us in unforeseen ways with a new album and/or tour when you feel that you are ready. Thank you for your whole career, but thank you especially for the past 5 years, from the beginning of the SOI sessions to the completion of the e&i tour tonight. You wrapped up Innocence and Experience into a nice cohesive and complete musical package - William Blake himself would be proud of you! ??? Bless you until we all meet up again. ????
  15. dmway

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    First, very cool of your Mom to be so understanding. You really do have a lot on your plate coming up. Second, yes, my news here was just as good as yours was in Wisconsin. We re-elected our current Governor and one of our US Senators, and the other three elections I voted in (US House of Representatives, State Assembly, State Senate) all went for the candidates I voted for. So, I was 5 for 5 on Election Day! ? I hope Georgia and Florida can be equally fortunate when all the votes are counted. ?