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  1. 2017 Subscription Gift Announced

    Agreed, but if "convenience" were the main goal, wouldn't one want to canvass the opinion of the membership about what they would prefer, instead of having a format imposed upon them? We literally have paid for the right... WAV files and lossless files are very easily (and completely without cost) converted to mp3s. Everyone wins. The original songs were recorded in a lossless fashion - why not distribute them that way? It requires more effort to convert them to mp3s. All of us here appreciate high-quality music - that's why we're U2 fans. Is it too much to ask to hear our band's music in a format worth hearing, in a format which lets us hear the full spectrum of what The Edge, Bono, Larry, and Adam create?
  2. 2017 Subscription Gift Announced

    Oh, thank you! They are there. *sigh*...with a file size of 83MB, they are almost certainly mp3s. Why do people think that mp3s are the digital equivalent of vinyl or CDs? They just aren't. They are FAR inferior... Yet another kiss-off to those here who don't have and don't want a turntable. Releasing a CD version and/or a CD-quality download is the easiest thing. has released some really great things for their subscribers over the years, and I'm very grateful for those; however, the recent turn to releasing vinyl with crappy mp3 downloads is really disrespectful to very many long-term subscribers who pay $40/$50 a year every year who have absolutely no interest in vinyl. Well, here's to hoping it will change someday...
  3. 2017 Subscription Gift Announced

    Thank you! Do you know if the powers-that-be have taken the following to heart? I wasn't the only one who was hoping for this kind of download and/or alternative versions that weren't in mp3 format. Well, one can hope...
  4. Ah! So, "Free Fallin'" was the winner tonight - I knew they would commemorate him. And, "Spanish Eyes" too - nice choice!
  5. I'm so glad that this show is going on without a hitch. Have a great show - Mexico is going to welcome you warmly and loudly! Slightly OT - what Tom Petty song do we think may make an appearance tonight? I'm still a bit stunned that he passed right after finishing his 40th anniversary tour...
  6. 2017 Subscription Gift Announced

    Please forgive my bumping this thread by quoting my own post from a few months ago. However, with the small break between San Diego and Mexico City, I'm sure that this must be being worked on at the moment. (One hopes so, anyway...) Pretty please, U2 and/or LiveNation and/or anyone else involved in the decision-making process - please...
  7. Oh, thank you very much! Yes - Mexico City loves U2. I still love watching the PopMart DVD from the show there. Let both nights be magic for everyone...
  8. Beck and U2 - have a great show tonight! It should be a fun and raucous Friday night in San Diego. Slightly OT, but they are the next shows... I hope the shows in Mexico City can go on without a hitch - I think they could be a really healing and unifying event for the city. The pictures there take my breath away in the worst possible way. Getting the city back on its feet is the first thing, but I hope that the U2 shows there can temporarily be a small part of that recovery.
  9. I'm sure the band wanted to play - this was a LiveNation decision.
  10. As far as pop singles go, I enjoy this one. The tune has been sticking in my mind for days now, and not in the annoying way. It's a bit of a shame that they released this song at the end of the summer, when it has a perfect late spring/early summer vibe to it. But that's a small thing - it's nice to have summer whenever you want it.
  11. His story about how he came up with the idea for the lyrics is interesting, and Allie's response to it hilarious! I really liked this performance, but I can't help thinking that this would sound better live in a smaller place (arena, club, etc.). Quite convenient that they will be having another tour after the release of SOE!
  12. That's a lovely photo! I took my Mom to see the Vertigo tour in Pittsburgh back in 2005, and she raved about it for the rest of her life. (She had always adored Bono.)
  13. Ahhh...there we go! Thank you for posting this!