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  1. An outstanding show - one that reveals that it's always worth it to catch them for more than one show on any given tour. I saw them ten days before in Philadelphia, and that show was incredible too. The only downside for that show was that it was very humid - otherwise, it was a very enjoyable time. Last night, though, we had about as close to perfect weather as one could hope for in late June in the Northeast - relatively cool and low humidity. When I went through the setlists for shows before Philly, I noticed that they seemed to be alternating "Bad" and ASOH, as well as "Vertigo" and "The Little Things That Give You Away". In Philly, they played "Bad" and "Vertigo" (which slightly disappointed me because I would have preferred to hear the other two), BUT we got "Mysterious Ways" instead of "Ultraviolet" - so that variation was unique. Now, I really like "Bad", but I have heard it countlessly many times live; I've never heard ASOH live - so I was hoping to hear it last night. Tragically, it wasn't to be (frankly, it seems that from Pittsburgh onward, they are just playing "Bad in that slot - which, of course, means they'll probably play ASOH tonight and/or Saturday just to spite me. Anyway, not hearing ASOH was only only (mild) disappointment of the whole show (as far as song selection anyway - more later...) HOWEVER, when in previous shows they have been playing "Vertigo" or "The Little Things That Give You Away", last night we got BOTH! From the DC show onwards, they seem to be playing longer encores. We also got "Ultraviolet", which I hadn't heard at the last show, so that was a bonus too. Of course, hearing JT all the way through was a special joy yet again. All in all, a blinder of a show! I did have a quibble with some later-arriving audience members on the floor. Now, I parked up at about 3:30, then went to wait in line for GA. We were promptly let loose at 5 p.m., and those who had arrived in a timely fashion got the spots they wanted in the GA area in a nice, calm way. Fast forward to when U2 hit the stage, those who didn't arrive early decided they wanted to defraud those who had gone out of their way to arrive as soon as possible to get as close to the stage so that these interlopers could be there instead. NO! That is not right, and those around me (I was about 10 feet from the edge of the b-stage) were NOT letting these cheaters closer. Why do people do this? Those up front have been there for literally hours, so we know who belongs there and who doesn't - no vague "oh-I'm-trying-to-find-my-friend(s)" BS will work - it's VERY easy to spot the liars. If you want to be closer, arrive earlier - it's that simple. End of rant. Again, it was a great show. I hope the last two show in the US go as well as this one.
  2. I also recommend this film for those who missed it the first time around. When you watch it, you really feel like you are there!
  3. Wow! Thank you for finding that! Someone was alert in the U2 camp for finding this in time for the tour!
  4. Yes - as was already mentioned by a kind poster. We have been discussing how this download should come to us since page 1 when I brought up the idea of higher-quality downloads being available for us, quoted below: It is more fully discussed by many after this post - it is our collective hope that the downloads will be high-quality ones, especially since many of us won't be able to play the vinyl anyway...
  5. Well, not to belabor the point, but they have had such opinions since at least 1983, if not for their entire career. I don't think they think they are trying to be above it all either. If they can be helpful in their position, they would like to be - that's always been their M.O. It's also fine that you care less what celebrities have to say about the state of the world; however, if that were really true, why did you feel the need to take U2 to task for the movie snippet on their own message board? Yes, it was a great show, and I'm very happy that you are exposing your son/daughter to high-quality music.
  6. Actually, I (and very many in the stadium) found that quite amusing - I don't know who around the band found that snippet from an old movie, but the fact that it lined up so well with modern events made that quite a good find. If you're attempting to criticize the band for criticizing our current administration, they have always spoken truth to power - no problem there. Bono was also quite diplomatic all night in praising political left and right (former Pres. Bush and even Rick Santorum(!) got a shout out from him).
  7. Loved the show too - I also was hoping for "Homecoming". They seem to be linking "Homecoming" and the new track ("The Little Things That Give You Away") and interchanging that pair with "Bad"/"Vertigo". I've seen/heard the second pair lots of times - I haven't heard either of the other two live ever. So, I hope they will play the "Homecoming" pair when I see them next on the 28th. I've seen them do "Ultraviolet" quite a few times, so the return of "Mysterious Ways" (especially with the visuals) was quite nice, IMHO. I would be happy with either. Roll on the 28th!
  8. I got the info from Ticketmaster, and the casino idea sounds like a very good one. Thanks one and all!
  9. P.S. Responding either here or by private message would be fine - thanks again in advance!
  10. Where is the best place to park in downtown Pittsburgh for the show at Heinz Field? I have attended a few events at PNC Park in the past, and the parking I find is either not very close and/or very expensive. Surely there must be better than what I have found in the past. Any suggestions, Pittsburghers? (I was relieved to see that game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals will not be until the following night - having both events on the same night would have created a parking nightmare.)
  11. Thank you for posting this article, and good suggestions! Please, powers-that-be...please supply FLAC/Apple Lossless and/or WAV downloads for the vinyl-non-loving/liking among us!
  12. YES! We forgot 8-track tape as well. But seriously... Please, powers-that-be, high-quality downloads for the vinyl-non-loving/non-possessing community here...please...
  13. So, to recap - we, the non-vinyl U2 fan community, would prefer the following in place of (crappy) mp3's: 1) FLAC/Apple Lossless flies 2) WAV files 3) Wax cylinders (soy wax, strongly preferred) Are we agreed?