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  1. Yes - thank both of you for fleshing out the reasons why others and I complained right out of the gate. Your observations are what we were getting at. It would be very useful to know what the site means exactly by the word "limited" in the description of this gift. It is "limited" in the sense of "special and truly unique" (and if so, how is it special/unique specifically), or is it "limited" meaning time-limited, i.e., it is the 2020 gift and not beyond that? Will this concert be getting a wider release? That would be good to know too. IMHO, this show will certainly be released commercially - there is no way (again, IMHO) that this DVD will be the only way this show will become available. If this were the only place to get the show, multiple formats would have to be offered. Further questions: if a worst-case scenario plays out (i.e., the U2.com edition is identical to the general release regular edition), would we at least get it in our mailboxes before it goes on sale to the general public? If it ends up being identical to the general release, and the general release goes on-sale first before any of us receive the U2.com edition in our mailboxes, any complaints posted here would be richly earned and deserved. Well, let's hope for the best. More information about this show, I think we can all agree, would be very nice to have as soon as possible. Also, there were a few comments above that were not completely well-founded, and I'd like to address those further here. I think everyone knows that it's not very fun to read people's complaints on message boards and forums. However, what really matters is whether any objection is valid. I've read a few complaints on the site over the years here that have made me laugh and/or roll my eyes; I've read other that were right on point and addressed a failing that was/is properly a failing. While it is no fun to read trivial complaints, it is also important not to conflate the rational objections with the irrational ones. There are some who conflate complaints about the shortcomings of the site and/or fanclub in general (and there are legitimate ones) as if they were complaints about the band. That's complete nonsense. The band and the website/fanclub are separate entities. Complaining about LiveNation/Island Records/Interscope Records/Universal is not the same as complaining about the band. Also, there are a lot of causes that are leading to the complaints that have developed over a long period of time - that also isn't being properly acknowledged sometimes. There are ways that the benefits of membership here have declined over time; unfortunately, this seems to have coincided with the time when Paul McGuinness departed the stage and LiveNation took over. The benefits of being a member here were chronicled by a few above - and those mentioned are benefits. However, for other acts' official webpages, most/almost all the benefits mentioned are completely free of charge; U2.com is one of the very few official band pages that still charges a fee every year. Many bands used to charge, but now no longer do. Yes, the ones that don't charge don't usually have a membership gift, but an overwhelming majority of sites that don't charge do offer pre-sale ticket access. I would hazard a guess that the two main reasons most of us (including myself) continue to renew here are: pre-sale ticket access during touring years and the annual gift. Some might ask, "How about the forum as a reason?" Well, that may be in your personal top two (it would be co-number 2 for me) - however, as I already mentioned, most official band forums are completely free to sign up for and use - even a section of this site is free. I mention this because other bands manage a fully-functioning fan forum without charging; thus, site-upkeep as one of the reasons to charge doesn't really hold water - how do the other sites do it, if membership fees are truly necessary? (I'll stop here and leave other issues for later.) Also, I would argue that our devotion to the band is what feeds our complaints sometimes - we want a site that kicks ass like our band does. When it falls short, we have every right to say so - hell, we have literally paid for the right. Being paid members here shouldn't require us to be submissively obsequious when we have a legitimate issue. Well, I don't really wish to go on here. I have already resubscribed - gladly, proudly. In broad brushstrokes, as I said earlier, I love this year's gift - however, it would just be nice to have answers to the questions we all raised above. Thanks again to the mods who read all these complaints, legitimate and otherwise. Peace. ✌️
  2. dmway

    R.I.P. Thread

    I agree - years like 2016 should stay far away. I'm still wobbly from the beginning of that year. I can't add anymore to what everyone has been saying on TV and here; it increases, rationally or not, my suspicions about that particular mode of transportation. My heart also goes out to his daughter who was on the helicopter with him and the other 7 people who perished in the crash. I also can't imagine what Kobe's wife and their surviving children must be feeling right now. It seems so senseless. R.I.P., Kobe, a truly great person and athlete.
  3. Maybe that was their thinking... 🤷‍♂️
  4. Well, perhaps where you are; not so much here. That's also why I suggested both formats be offered.
  5. No - BluRay players play DVDs - not the other way around. Re-read what I wrote. 🙂
  6. Of course they did. 😎 https://www.u2.com/tour/date/id/45561544 I responded on the other thread too, but I'll reply here briefly too. There's no reason why both DVD and BluRay couldn't be offered for this. LiveNation is a multi-billion, multinational corporation, and all of us pay $40/$50 each for our "gift". BluRays do have much better video quality and sound quality than DVDs - that's just a matter of storage space on each. You wouldn't need to upgrade to a "whole new system" to watch either - BluRay players work on the same TVs as DVD players. Extra bonus: BluRay players are no longer expensive and they play DVDs as well. However, the choice of what the gift actually is I couldn't be happier with - in fact, it's better than I thought it might be. I hope they can offer both formats.
  7. Yes, I have to concur - we should at a minimum have a BluRay option (I would have chosen that at once). Now, I am quite happy (thrilled, in fact) with this gift in general; however, @handsomebob is right. In 2020, people mostly have BluRay players - today is not 15-20 years ago. Well, at least we finally have the announcement.
  8. dmway

    R.I.P. Thread

    R.I.P., Terry Jones. He was one of the 5 main comedians of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus”. That show made me laugh more than anything in my youth - and still to this day. Terry was the one who directed their three feature films too (“Monty Python and the Holy Grail”, “The Life of Brian”, and “The Meaning of Life”). The wonderful Monty Python boxset, which has every MP episode cleaned up as much as humanly possible (both the audio and the video, including the animations) was just released on BluRay this past November. Now, I can watch Terry and the rest of the troupe in pristine quality forever, the way they are meant to be seen and remembered. R.I.P., Terry.
  9. And of the humble narrators of the thread by the “Hollywood” sign.
  10. Nov. 6 (pt. 2) - the location where the streets have no name (with street names!), and a hotel that has seven figures attached to it... And one of the best parts for last... Our sat nav guided us to the area where the "Streets" video was shot (no, it wasn't in the sat nav as a location like the "Hollywood" sign; we plugged in the intersection where it was shot). This is right in downtown LA - no wonder the cops were a bit annoyed that U2 shot a video here. (It's also not far from City Hall, so the cops wouldn't have had to drive very far to hassle the band.) We were looking for a place to park and were a bit uncertain; however, providence came to the rescue again in a big way. We were driving right next to the location, eager for a place to park. We suddenly saw a humble Mexican-American man waving a little orange flag to guide people into his parking structure. I got a feeling that this was the right place to go (IMHO, Mom was at work again). So, I pulled into this little parking structure on East 7th Street and found a spot to park. We were happy just to park here and walk to the intersection to get a good look at it. However, we got an extra gift - this particular place was the absolute perfect place to look upon the actual rooftop where U2 played their mini-show on that famous day. We had no idea that the vantage point from this simple garage had just the best view you could hope to have (short of being on the actual rooftop itself). Another added bonus! As you may know, it was from this video shoot that Bono saw the famous sign that led to a movie script of his ("The Million Dollar Hotel", of course). They shot this movie in two different locations on the same street, using the Rosslyn Hotel (which we drove past, but didn't stop at) and the Hotel Cecil. The latter is right next door to the "Streets" video shoot location. It was great to see both places so close together. Amusing side story (which I promise I am not making up) - as we walked to look more closely at the Hotel Cecil, a guy came out of the lobby who looked just like one of the unusual characters that was in the film, and he asked us if we were there for the film shoot. Both of us looked at each other quite amazed. We said we weren't and continued down the street. He followed us telling us more about this alleged shoot, until another person walked by and then he started telling him about the film shoot. I'm pretty sure there was no film shoot. Bono captured the irregular nature of many of the natives of this area very well in his film; the people there are really just like the characters in the film (which is sad in some ways because, both in the film and in real life, many of these people were/are homeless). Pictures:
  11. dmway

    R.I.P. Thread

    I forgot to respond to this earlier in the week. Yes, thank goodness we had Christopher to continue his father's legacy. (As a side-note, Tolkien was one of my favorite films of 2019 - I'm glad that film was made; he deserved such a cinematic memoir.) Tolkien's work is still interesting to read. I'm glad that Christopher found so much that had yet to see the light of day and brought it there. R.I.P., Christopher.
  12. GREAT write-up of your trip to Oz! (It’s nice to have an illustrated travelogue of a U2-related trip, isn’t it?) I’m glad you were able to accomplish a dream - it always feels good to do so.
  13. dmway

    R.I.P. Thread

    Oh, I think you are accidentally overstating our supposed differences of opinion about Rush. My personal preferences are much more in line with yours; I was just offering advice above based on those who are U2 fans first and may be encountering Rush for the first time. My first musical love (in terms of genre) is progressive rock, from the late 60s through the entirety of the 70s. Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, ELP, Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, Rush, Kansas, Styx - those bands made the music I loved, and still love, the most. The true impressiveness of U2 is displayed by the fact that, despite being inspired by the punk movement that was supposed to be overthrowing these progressive bands, I like our band from Dublin every bit as much as the bands from this movement. That's quite an accomplishment (however, they deserve the love - they are just that good). I also personally prefer early Rush. "A Farewell To Kings" is my favorite Rush album - I love every song. "Permanent Waves" is a co-favorite. I suppose my favorite era of Rush crosses the decade boundary - "2112" to "Grace Under Pressure" is my personal 'definitive' Rush. The debut album (which lacked Neil's input) up to and including "Caress Of Steel" was larval-stage Rush, IMHO - I am buoyed by the fact that the band members themselves also regard their first fully proper Rush album as "2112". Before that album, I like many songs (e.g., "Fly By Night" "By-Tor and the Snow Dog", "Working Man", etc.), but I don't love any of the three albums from start to finish - they just didn't fully gel for an entire album until "2112". However, from that point on, they were simply one of the best bands in rock, especially live. I also metaphorically chafe at those who prefer 70s Rush who are (somewhat or very) dismissive of their music after the 70s - their 80s and 90s music is truly excellent. It's just not classically progressive anymore; however, that doesn't mean that is isn't still outstanding - it is. Anyway... The fact that Neil had joined the great rock band in heaven is sad for us still on Earth. Like you, I was always rooting for one final reunion. I wish they had charged less for tickets on their 40th anniversary tour (I was still living in England at the time) - had I known that it was the last time I could see them, I would have gone for certain. I just thought they would be around longer, especially when "Clockwork Angels" was so good. Oh well... R.I.P., Neil.
  14. Nov. 6 (pt. 1) - the last full day in LA (but LA still had a lot to give us yet) One of the most significant days of our U2-oriented American Southwest adventure. I'll split this into two parts because we managed to squeeze in a lot again. We spent one final time looking at and taking pictures of the Walk Of Fame (we stayed very close to Hollywood Avenue) - we found diverse stars as those for: Phil Collins, Chris Pratt, Javier Bardem, Mark Hamill, Tom Cruise, Eddie Murphy, Johnny Depp, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Tom Hanks, Paul Newman, Miles Davis, Stevie Wonder, Oliver Stone, Alfred Hitchcock, Roger Moore, Drew Barrymore, Elton John, William Shatner, and many, many more. (I would give photographic evidence of some of these below; however, since these were shot in portrait orientation and not in landscape, the weird iPhone glitch is rotating the images by 90 degrees - I hope this will be fixed soon.) We also found that The Magic Castle was very close to where we stayed. Did you know that Hollywood had a magic castle? Well, see for yourself - it has a hotel and a club. Practitioners of magic in LA like to sightsee locally and party down afterwards in the same place apparently... We also found LA's famous City Hall. If you have seen LA on TV and/or the movies, you have seen a shot or two of this very famous building. Pictures:
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