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  1. @fscully Very good points raised above - I think on the last page a very young fan also pointed out the lack of the Aboriginal flag. I bet that gets fixed very quickly. (Note: that post seems to have been deleted now; I can assure you that I read a similar calling out for the lack of the Aboriginal flag earlier.) I will offer a simple potential explanation of the preponderance of American poets writing about America on the screen before the show. JT, the album being featured in its entirety on - and lending its name directly to - this tour, was written about America. Thus, the poems. I’m sure they are the ones that they used when the tour was in America; I think they showed the same poems everywhere else they toured back in 2017 too. I think the band is further encouraged by our current administration being properly taken to task at long last right now (today was an especially bad day for The White House); Bono referred to the current state of America multiple times at the NZ shows I listened to. Thus, the Amero-centric elements of this show. In any case, your other advice is completely sound, and I hope the band takes it on board.
  2. My hope is that it ends up on this DVD/BluRay - I was on the front rail in front of the main stage in front of Adam at Newark. I even photographed the camera:
  3. I was going to ask you where you found your information, but I found it myself: https://www.u2songs.com/news/experience_of_innocence_filming_the_show
  4. Having just returned from LV, I can say that I agree that it would be a good idea; however, from your own words, I can also think of a reason why they might not want to do it. I’m not completely sure they would want to come to the heart of the Mojave Desert in the middle of the summer. Will the new place have a retractable roof? (When they played LV outdoors for POPMart, they had the good sense to come in April, and for U2360 they came in October.) Maybe 2021 would be better - possible new album released before then and AB’s 30th anniversary. Just a suggestion. I’m sure they would play there for their next North American stadium tour.
  5. Yes - I understand your feelings then. If I were able to vote there, I'd have to go with Corbyn. (Farage is clearly the lovechild of a used car salesman and the Cheshire Cat, and he has the authenticity of a 3 pound note. I also suspect he was/is in cahoots with Assange and Putin - no wonder he liked/likes Trump. 🙄 Sturgeon has no presence outside of Scotland (obviously, being the leader of the SNP); and Boris...Jesus H. Christ. 🤮) Good luck. 🍀
  6. dmway

    R.I.P. Thread

    Yes, Gay Byrne was a national legend in Ireland. He seemingly appealed to virtually everybody. R.I.P., Gay.
  7. Thanks, Max. Both comments are helpful. I’ll wait another week then.
  8. Hello! The discs sound great and the package is great overall (I would have preferred no gaps between the songs, but that’s just a niggle). However, a couple of tangential questions occurred to me. I noticed that I renewed my membership last year to get this gift on November 21. With that being the case, does that mean that the next gift is going to be announced imminently? Also, I still haven’t used my discount code from last year’s membership renewal and now only have 10 days to use it. I often don’t use my code, but I would like to this year. Are the items currently in the store the only ones that will be there for the next 10 days, or is it possible to find out if anything more will be added to it during this brief timeframe? Any and all help is greatly appreciated in advance. Thank you!
  9. When is the election, and who’s running in the major parties? Has there been a new deadline established for Brexit, or are you in the final countdown now? (With our politics garnering all of the national attention right now (and appropriately so) I don’t know what’s going on in the UK currently.)
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