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  1. I like your new cover photo - very nice! :Zoo_Idea:

    1. mich40


      Thank you! I was doodling the other day and made it. 

    2. mich40


      It is a brilliantly true lyric. 

  2. dmway

    U2 dreams

    I love how the dream world puts together settings that couldn't possibly be sequential in real life (e.g., auditorium and mall in immediate succession). I'd love to know what extra meaning Ali had to relate - that would be cool to know!
  3. dmway

    What concert are you seeing next?

    Well, I was going to add a few more photos from the Beck show last night, but even the smallest ones are "too big" - oh well, maybe we'll get a greater posting allotment someday. But, back on topic, my next show is tomorrow, and it's all day tomorrow. I like music from before the 80s revolution as well, and tomorrow the first band I ever saw live is having their 50th anniversary celebration - the band simply known as Yes. The band started the same year as Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull, among many others. Their UK celebration was in London a few months ago, but their US celebration is in Philadelphia! Philly has supported this band since their very first tour here in the early 70s (they even have an official "Yes Day" by proclamation of the mayor and the city council - I was at that ceremony in City Hall back in 2004). They are playing tonight, but I am seeing them tomorrow night live after their anniversary celebration earlier in the day (I didn't want to see three shows on three consecutive nights - I knew Beck would put on a show that would ecstatically exhaust me, so I needed a recuperation day). I didn't see them live until the 80s myself, but their older music is my first love. A lot of the band's alumni from back then are even coming for the celebration, and two are even playing again with the current version of the band on a few songs! A full day of lovely music!
  4. dmway

    What concert are you seeing next?

    ...and here was the setlist: What they left out in the encore was that each member of the band played an NYC-connected song - in addition to what was listed at the setlist site, they also played snippets of: Walk On The Wild Side (Lou Reed) Good Times (Chic) Takin' It To The Streets (The Doobie Brothers - the keyboard player did a spot-on perfect impression of Michael McDonald) Once In A Lifetime (Talking Heads) This show was PHENOMENAL! If you can see it before it ends, do. (The new album "Colors" is incredible as well.)
  5. dmway

    What concert are you seeing next?

    P.S. This is how close I am to Beck tonight - I’m going to stick with this GA thing 😎 :
  6. dmway

    U2 dreams

    Did you remember to write Adam's number down when you woke up? Bono would be grateful to hear such a compliment, and he deserves such praise too - and the whole band.
  7. dmway

    What concert are you seeing next?

    He flies - he just hates it! Yes - really all of Disintegration is just heavenly. Back on topic: I'm seeing Beck today at MSG! I love seeing shows at MSG again...
  8. dmway

    U2 dreams

    Did any of the revelations come to pass?
  9. dmway

    U2 dreams

    If it was a proper tabloid, it would tell you to go to page 18, and there would be no story there. Of course, this is perfect for this story because there would have been nothing they could write...
  10. dmway

    U2 dreams

    It's not my thread; it's the list's thread - I was hoping people would post in it! Get cracking on the other dreams - that's why this thread is here!
  11. dmway

    U2 dreams

    I'll have to get a Wii - apparently it helps in having U2 dreams!
  12. dmway

    U2 dreams

    I wish that we could take pictures of parts of our dreams. The black mullet wig made out of yarn would be worth having forever all by itself! 😄 I would have liked to have a picture of the dining room in mine too - I wonder if the lyrics of “The Crystal Ballroom” informed my dream because there was indeed a crystal chandelier in the middle. I wouldn’t want a picture of frazzled Edge though - I’d rather have one of him playing on a flatbed truck in a front yard! 😎 🎸
  13. dmway

    U2 dreams

    I like your interpretations of what I dreamed. The second one we completely agree on - I either channeled an experience one of the band members had or I constructed a reasonable facsimile. The first one I can’t get a definite feel about - all I know is that The Edge was not happy being the one organizing things! 🤣 See, I wish I would have ones like yours - a live performance in the front yard and a deep conversation are MUCH better dream topics! 😀 I only started this because I got two U2 dreams in about a 3-hour span and there wasn’t already a dedicated thread to the topic. I bet a lot of people here have them; posts on them must be spread throughout other threads. Well, now there is a specific place for them if anyone wants to share.
  14. dmway

    U2 dreams

    I looked for a dedicated thread on this topic, but I couldn't find one. (If there is one, and I just missed it, mods, please place this thread in the appropriate place.) I usually don't dream about the members of the band ever, but last night (i.e., Sunday night/Monday morning), I had two in short succession. Thus, I had the inspiration to start this thread (somewhat embarrassingly). Neither dream is incredibly remarkable - I was just amazed I had any in the first place. The first was one where I, for some reason, was having dinner with at least some of the band. If I had to guess, it seemed to be during an off-day on a tour. The funny thing about it is that The Edge seemed to be left holding the bag - that is, he seemed to be the one getting everyone together for this dinner and looked a bit frazzled that he was doing it instead of normal minders of the band for such an occasion. I felt like I was one of two people who was supposed to be following him to the table (with whom I allegedly was, I have no idea). Edge flew through this crowded anteroom and up some stairs - so quickly, I was sure I lost him. But, when I climbed the stairs, I found our guitar hero pretty quickly. BUT, he was off like a shot again! Through a door and down a dark hallway, we finally emerged in a somewhat dark dining room. It wasn't very full yet. The Edge seemed to unwind a bit once we were there. He pointed to a seat for me to sit in (and for whoever I was with), and he sat down on the other side (I guess to be with the other band members, although I didn't see Adam or Larry; Bono's presence was implied - not directly witnessed, but a certain Bono-ness (Bono-itude? Bono-osity?) was hanging in the air). Of course, as with many dreams, it anti-climactically ended there. The next one was more dramatic, but briefer. I was in a back-stage room where the band was (allegedly), and then a very strange thing happened. A very excited woman wearing a JT t-shirt jumped at me and knocked me off my feet! Was she a covert security agent who thought I was a baddie? No - it didn't feel like that. Did she mistake me for someone in the band? That feels closer, but not quite right. Was I getting a bizarre vicarious experience of what it was like sometimes being in U2, as if I were one of the members of the band? THAT'S what it felt like. I'd love to tell you which member if the band I was apparently channeling, but I couldn't be certain. If I had to guess, it would be either Bono or Larry. She was blond, buxom, and screaming - so much so it woke me up. I feel like I have a new respect for the band, now although I do hope none of them have ever had to endure that (but they probably have). I didn't realize that listening to boots from U2 shows before bedtime was so programming to the dream world, but apparently they are...
  15. dmway

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I'm wondering if they played TLTTGYA during the JT anniversary shows having already decided that they weren't going to play it on the SOE tour - i.e., they thought so highly of the song, despite not including it in the later tour's setlist, that they wanted to give it public airing in advance of the album's release. That's my best guess...