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  1. YES! We forgot 8-track tape as well. But seriously... Please, powers-that-be, high-quality downloads for the vinyl-non-loving/non-possessing community here...please...
  2. So, to recap - we, the non-vinyl U2 fan community, would prefer the following in place of (crappy) mp3's: 1) FLAC/Apple Lossless flies 2) WAV files 3) Wax cylinders (soy wax, strongly preferred) Are we agreed?
  3. Now, I would buy a wax cylinder player, if they released the gift that way. Yes - that's my favorite format too - but FLAC and Apple Lossless are good formats as well. Please, Powers-That-Be, anything but mp3's for the download...
  4. Thank you as well! Yes - I'd be happy with either, lossless (i.e., FLAC) or WAV. I hope it happens. There's a reason why you generally can't get mp3's of classical or jazz music commercially, i.e., they know how much of the actual music is lost in the transfer downward. U2's music is full of emotion and dynamism - it's just diminished in an inferior format. Everyone's music is...
  5. We will all have our own personal RnRHOF u2 collections! Why, thank you! I'm just a bit frustrated when organizations involved in music think that mp3's are the same quality as vinyl or CDs in sound quality and thus, in their minds, are "equivalents" - they're just not. That's an objective fact that can be proven with simple numbers (vis a vis, file sizes) or metaphorically. I hope we can appeal to the good nature of the people at the top and get a proper, good-sounding download for this gift.
  6. However, getting them into a lossless format is easier - the songs are recorded in a lossless fashion in the first place. It actually requires extra effort to convert the original lossless recordings into mp3 format. If they are determined to take this extra time for file conversion, then please convert it to a better format like WAV, if lossless is somehow "too difficult". Our yearly dues - dues we pay whether or not there is a new album or tour - pay for things like these. It's a bit amusing that many regard the gift as a "free" one and, as an extension, that somehow we don't have the right to complain - not true; our dues allow these gifts to come into being. Now, don't get me wrong - I am not ungrateful for the yearly gift; it's a great idea. However, think of how much yearly revenue is generated by the fans here who pay $40/$50 a year every year (yes, my hand is up). I think we should have the opportunity to make suggestions on how to make the site experience more satisfactory. This ask of mine/ours is not at all an unreasonable one - the position of "vinyl, mp3, or feck off" is... R.E.M. (may the band rest in peace) had a full-time forum, pre-sale ticket access, and an annual Christmas Gift for the princely sum of $10 annually. Food for thought. So, to summarize - there are literally thousands of us here who do not have a turntable, do not want to buy a turntable, want to enjoy the annual gift (which we are grateful for) in a format that is worth listening to, i.e., not mp3. If a CD option is just not in the works, then please allow us to create CDs of our own in a CD-quality format. Thus endeth my humble suggestion. (P.S. Please don't take this response as an individual flaming, CorkVegan - your reply just allowed me to state the proposition more fully.
  7. Thank you very much! All I want is for us to have proper, good-sounding versions of these songs - allow those who want to make mp3's of them to make those mp3's themselves (it's very simple); allow the rest of us to have access to lossless (or at least CD-quality) versions of the tracks. It doesn't cost any more to have the lossless versions - the songs are recorded in a lossless fashion in the first place! Please, Powers-That-Be, please...
  8. Happy birthday, Bono! You have the same birthday as my Dad. I hope both of you have the very best day.
  9. I don't have a turntable either and I don't want to buy one. I guess they will be "art" to look at like the other vinyl I have gotten from the site...sigh... I have a humble request for the powers that be. If you don't want to release CD versions of music releases, could you at least release LOSSLESS downloads and not just mp3's? Even WAV files would be infinitely preferred to mp3's. I would love these songs on CD; if you don't/won't release them that way, at least allow us the option to create CDs of the songs ourselves - lossless versions and/or WAV versions would allow us to do so. Those who want mp3's can easily convert lossless files and WAV files to mp3's - there are plenty of free programs/apps that let people do that. mp3's are compressed and lossy - PLEASE allow us to have access to the full-spectrum sound (or at least CD-quality versions) of the songs. Thank you.
  10. Yes - that was the rehearsal I remembered. Thank you for posting the link! "So Cruel" is excellent - I hope that makes an appearance someday live too. In fact, I'm kind of hoping they do a celebration of AB/ZooTV when that anniversary rolls around the same way they're doing one for JT now...
  11. I'm with you - I love the song and hope they will play it live someday. They did come up with a live version of sorts during the warm-up shows/rehearsals for ZooTV - it was more a sampling of the song that, I think, was intended to be the introduction to the show. If you rewatch the intro to, say, the Live from Sydney DVD, the sampled/remixed 'Acrobat' seems to have been the prototype for what eventually became the intro we're all familiar with. I bet at least the audio of Acrobat from these warm-up shows/rehearsals is available on YouTube somewhere...
  12. Fri., Oct. 9, 1987 Carrier Dome - Syracuse, NY My second U2 show (the first being the Conspiracy of Hope tour finale in Giants Stadium the previous year). The nice thing about this show is that recordings (audio and video) of it have always been plentiful - so, if I want to hear/see the show, it's just a few clicks away.
  13. Well, they used to play it live - the tracks on the "Wide Awake In America" EP prove it. I agree that this tour would be an ideal time to perform it live again! I know... but hearing it live at a gig is different than hearing it "live" from an EP isn't it!!! Of course - I'm concurring that it's time to hear it again and that this tour would be a good time to perform it again!
  14. Seconded. IMHO, they will release SOE this year and continue to tour into 2018 and beyond. I could see them going back to arenas to promote SOE as well. If they decided that they like the idea of a semi-nostalgic tour for JT, I could see them doing the same thing for AB/ZooTV-era when that time rolls around as well. In short, I see the next 4 to 5 years being very active for the band!
  15. Well, they used to play it live - the tracks on the "Wide Awake In America" EP prove it. I agree that this tour would be an ideal time to perform it live again!