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  1. dmway

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I'm wondering if they played TLTTGYA during the JT anniversary shows having already decided that they weren't going to play it on the SOE tour - i.e., they thought so highly of the song, despite not including it in the later tour's setlist, that they wanted to give it public airing in advance of the album's release. That's my best guess...
  2. dmway

    The World Cup Thread

    Agreed. England should have hosted the WC this year and the USA should have had it in 2022. Since we now have it (along with Canada and Mexico - a great idea, IMHO) in 2026, you certainly should have it for 2030 - it would be beyond farcical were it to be otherwise. And, yes, the vast human toll just for the construction of stadia that will be used for just a few weeks is almost too tragic for words. I hope Blatter never has a comfortable night's sleep again...
  3. dmway

    The World Cup Thread

    P.S. Good luck to France tomorrow! I hope you win because you have certainly been the best team since the start of the tournament.
  4. ...and a bit more, now that I have finally heard it all. One of the sites that rates shows has said that the recording of this show is one of the best ever, and I have to concur. The band and audience were fully on for MSG 3, and the recording captures that. It is lovely to have a permanent reminder of such a wonderful concert. A great show is coming your way soon, Europe!
  5. dmway

    The World Cup Thread

    Yes, congratulations to Belgium! Without the super-heroics of Lloris in the semi-final, IMHO, Belgium would have won the WC this year. I also have to agree with our site Padawan - England is in a great position going forward. If I am remembering correctly, England is the current U-20 and U-17 champions right now too. So, combine that with the fact that this is the best finish from England in 28 years, and this particular team is quite young itself, I'd be placing a lot of money on the Three Lions in Euro 2020 (and 2024) and the next WC in 2022 in Qatar (unfortunately - proof positive that FIFA under Sepp Blatter was nothing more than a bribery syndicate ).
  6. dmway

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Since @Canadanne has a MacPhisto website, I hope she knows about this!
  7. ...and thanks to the humble suggestions from kind and friendly folk, I have been able to track down this show for my listening pleasure! The comment about The Edge's guitar sound during "Cedarwood Road" that was made by a woman standing near me (and also made in my own mind at the same time) still holds true - even on the recording his sound is awesome! I'm still on the first half of the show, but so far this listening delight is filling the void I have felt since the day after Uncasville (July 4, to be exact). More later...
  8. I'm of two minds about this idea too. When I first heard it suggested, I thought, "Well, perhaps, but probably not - they've already done a walk-down-memory-lane tour with JT." Then, I thought about it more, and it seemed a little less outlandish. IF there is a long break coming up, and IF they wanted to ease back into touring again coming off of the break, this would be an ideal way to do it. You wouldn't need a new album, you would be playing AB in its entirety in order which was never done in the past (like JT), you could still play lots of other songs in addition, there would be demand for such a project among general concert fans, not just U2 devotees like ourselves - it would be a useful way to get back into action again. Do a new album after it's over (or have one pretty much done in advance, like SOE was essentially finished before the JT anniversary). But, ultimately, who the hell knows? I'm sure the band has no idea right now either.
  9. dmway

    The World Cup Thread

    No love for New Order?
  10. dmway

    What's the word on a DVD for JT17?

    Yes, I loved those VHS tapes too - wore them all out! Sony always makes good stuff - that's why my 5.1 system is Sony. (It's also why I'm aching for everything in BluRay too - odds of surround sound are increased with BluRay (yes, there is 5.1 for DVD as well, but for BluRay it is more likely and sounds a bit better).) I'm hoping for a double serving this Xmas - but I'd be happy for just JT if they wanted to release things more progressively.
  11. dmway

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    That is indeed a weird lyric. It almost looks like an intentional inversion of "hot as a can of mace in a handbag" except why would such a can be described as "hot"? I just looked at the "official" lyrics here on the site, and they give that line as "hot as a handbag and a can of mace" - that's a little better, but still a bit strange.
  12. dmway

    What concert are you seeing next?

    Interpol is very NYC and thrives on being menacing - well said! That's why I love them so much. There was a nice write-up over here on the Cure show you saw - complete with clips. I hope they are touring over here soon. I had just come back from England two years ago, just as they were wrapping up their North American shows in 2016. I haven't seen them since the Curiosa festival back in 2004 and I'm ready to see them again!
  13. I love this movie and Bono's appearance in it!
  14. dmway

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    The “happened a boy” bit I think is pretty straightforward - “happened to a boy” wouldn’t have fit the rhythm of the song, so he just left out “to”. I think he has done this before, i.e., left out a word so as not to affect the flow of the lyrics with the music. I also have a definite opinion on the second too. However, I wouldn’t feel right posting it on this thread yet. You, IMHO, are barking up the right tree with what you wrote.
  15. dmway

    This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    When I was living in England, I did get to appreciate his music a bit. I liked him better solo than with Take That too. However, I do wish he would not jeopardize Mr. Page's house. I know The Edge, his buddy from "It Might Get Loud", wouldn't like it either.