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  1. I’ve been watching it too! Great soccer/football! (On a side note - congratulations to the Ukrainian U-20 men’s team for winning the U-20 football championship yesterday. That country could use good news too.)
  2. Yes, I remember those years in the UK. I guess it’s a rite of passage to endure seas of mud for festivals in your teens and twenties, though, isn’t it? I hope Peter is having a great time.
  3. Yes, that’s another thing that has really impressed me with SOE: its staying power. I love it as much as I did in December 2017; frankly, I love it even more. The only other album I can say that about in the same way is AB. Coincidentally, these two albums (along with NLOTH) are the only albums where I feel like I haven’t listened to them properly unless I listen to them in their entirety in one sitting. Therefore, I guess, in my own personal reckoning, I have to call it a classic U2 album. If I’m placing it with AB (and I am), it must be a classic.
  4. 😄 So, I take it the UK is living up to its rainy reputation recently? Or is “Tiger Feet” going to be blasting out of the speakers? Or are Puddle of Mudd the headliners? So many options...
  5. One more for good measure. This was during “Gates”. This is a show worth seeing if you are a Yes fan.
  6. Here is the “Imagine” cover - John Lennon’s head is on the screen.
  7. The colors on many of the backdrops were mind-blowing...
  8. The Yes show I saw Wednesday night was absolutely phenomenal! They really varied their setlist, with two massive surprises: they played “The Gates Of Delirium” for the first time in 19 years (and it’s a massive 20+ minute song to boot), and they covered John Lennon’s “Imagine” for the first time ever (Alan White, Yes’ drummer, played drums on the original studio version and also was the drummer for the Plastic Ono band for the “Live Peace In Toronto” concert - he also played drums on George Harrison’s “All Things Must Pass” album). They played songs I never dreamed they would play. And the light show...my goodness! I’ll see if I can post some photos next.
  9. ...and now I am seeing Yes tomorrow night on their very first night of their new tour! 😎
  10. Who is the headliner this year? Have fun!
  11. Well, remember that all four of them are just like us: they are U2 fans. The guitarist was someone who was a fan of Edge's guitar playing. He tried out to see what he could play on his own - he learned that. Then he tracked down all the information that he could about Edge's equipment - over time, he got better by practicing a lot and getting better gear. He found three other like-minded individuals who went on the same journey with their own particular instruments. They became a tribute band. I have heard that there is even a group on FB of guitarists in U2 tribute bands where they share information (I can't confirm that - I'm not on FB). All it takes is practice and devotion. The last two shows I saw they did a cover of "Another Brick In The Wall, Pt. II" as an encore - he nailed David Gilmour's playing too. 😎
  12. It is a pretty cool visual effect in the picture, isn’t it? 😄 His voice is spot on - @CorkVegan and @Vertigo3333 will back me up on that. 😎
  13. Tom Bailey usually tours on his own now, but he plays the TT catalogue live. Google him instead... 😉
  14. ...and now we have some confirmation - upcoming summer shows (showtimes in parentheses): June 27 - Belmont Park (Elmont, NY - 7:00 pm) July 24 - Orange County Fair (Middletown, NY - 10:00 pm) Aug. 16 - The Paramount (Huntingdon, NY - 9:00 pm) Aug. 21 - Penn Community Amphitheater (Bensalem, PA - 7:00 pm) Aug. 22 - Seaside Heights Concert Series (Seaside Heights, NJ - 7:30 pm) If more pop up, I'll update the list. 😎
  15. Same guy, 35 years later. 😄 He is promoting his new excellent album, “Transform” and honoring the 35th anniversary of “Humans' Lib”. He was just touring in the UK and will be again later in the year; he is still worth catching.
  16. Krieger and Jones vigorously enjoyed! 😎 Howard even had a guitar/keytar duel! 🤺 See? 😄
  17. A bump for this thread since I am hearing rumblings of UF having a couple of shows this summer after all. More info when I get it...
  18. ...and Robby Krieger was incredible! It's wonderful to hear The Doors' music live on in the new millennium. 😎 I just saw The Musical Box (tribute band for older (i.e., pre-trio) Genesis) again last night - again spectacular! Tomorrow, I am seeing Howard Jones for the second time ever in the US (the first time was also the first time I saw U2, at the finale of the "A Conspiracy of Hope" tour at Giants Stadium)! I saw him 6 years ago in England, and tomorrow will be a wonderful reliving of that great night!
  19. Thank you for the support! 😎 I’ll try to come up with something soon. BUT, back to the happy U2 fans of 🇦🇺🇳🇿🇯🇵 🇰🇷 and 🇸🇬 (eventually) for now! 😎
  20. Is it too soon to start a petition (on-site and/or off) to request a show in Honolulu after the end of the Asian dates? They didn’t play there two years ago and it’s in the mid-Pacific. Just sayin’... 😎
  21. Continued from the last post: And now we are returned to the regular tour announcement thread...
  22. It's a reference to the classic British comedy duo, The Two Ronnies: I'll put one of their classic skits in the next post.
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