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  1. Achtung Baby: why?

    Yes - I understand why it was cut on the VHS too; however, when the DVD was released, the "controversy" had long since passed - PUT THE SONG BACK IN! The same problem happens with the "Send In The Clowns" section during "The Electric Co." on the "Live At Red Rocks" show. The original VHS kept the section in (by excluding "The Electric Co." on the packaging setlist - clever idea that... - however, on the DVD, they cut it due to a royalty being due if it had stayed in. Two problems there: 1) Why are the original publishing-rights holders being so anal-retentive about "Send In The Clowns"? U2's including that bit increases the profile of the song which would invariably bring in more sales for it later. 2) If the royalty demand can't be dismissed, why doesn't U2 just pay it? It can't be that much. With the edit, Bono leaves the stage and mystically comes back moments later to rousing applause - what exactly is the crowd cheering? A successful bathroom break? Why we aren't allowed to know on the DVD version that the crowd is so pumped because Bono had just come back from climbing to the top of the stage to sing the "Send In The Clowns" section is just annoying... PUT IT BACK IN! Maybe BluRay releases in the future will fix these needless problems. One hopes anyway...
  2. Achtung Baby: why?

    The incredible irony of the song you just posted here is that it DIDN'T make it onto the VHS/DVD of the show! Apparently, the young lady above was not of legal drinking age - thus, this performance was tragically cut from both. I had seen a bootleg CD of this show in a record store back in the 90s, and it had TTTYAATW on it - I had watched that VHS tape more times than I can count and I knew that this song was not on it. I was quite confused. Thanks to this site, I eventually found out why it was cut - too bad, as it is one of my very favorite songs from AB and the ZooTV tour. Surely, she is of legal age to imbibe now...PUT THE SONG BACK IN THE SHOW!
  3. Rattle & Hum 30th Anniversary

    In a word, YES! I'm a bit disappointed that the band seems to have taken all of the criticism of the album and movie received at the time and just believed it wholesale. Neither deserved the mistreatment. It was the right time to make such a movie, and the studio songs are very good on the album. There are plenty of extra tracks from those sessions too. A 2CD version could be made very easily - perhaps with a LoveTown show included also as an extra. I don't think R&H has ever seen a Blu-Ray release either. It's time for all of these things to see the light of day.
  4. Bono's voice better on SOE than SOI

    Yes, I love both POP and AB (AB will always be my fave, but I love POP. It was tragically underrated, esp. here in the US - I never understood the dislike from some for that album. It was a sneakily bold album to have made at the time, the third straight bold album in the 90s...) ATYCLB is very bland - it desperately needed another stomper or two (or more)... Back on topic: still loving Bono's voice on the new tunes!
  5. Bono's voice better on SOE than SOI

    HTDAAB is probably my favorite post-90s album, although, to be honest, I've really liked every post-90s album...except ATYCLB. That album, IMHO, was overly praised when it first came out and has not aged well at all - I mean, I virtually never listen to it. Even Bono - in the Vertigo tour program no less - didn't have very kind words for it... Interesting observation about the colors (or lack thereof) of their albums. The 90s covers are among my very favorites; I have to single out UF as well for its color combination beyond the black and white photo - to be fair to SOE, there is quite a bit of blue among the back and white (Is it a sign of colors returning in the future? Stay tuned...). But, back on topic - Bono is truly in great voice on SOE. May he continue delivering the goods live (which he will),
  6. Bono's voice better on SOE than SOI

    I also like Bono's vocals on SOE better than those on SOI - but, I would quickly add that I also really like his vocals on SOI. Some of the credit for the better sound overall would have to go to Jacknife Lee (remember that he also had most of the production credit for HTDAAB too); however, I also think that Bono's vocal approach and delivery are just better on this album. IMHO, this is one of his very best singing successes - he always sounds good, but he is especially good on this album.
  7. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I highlighted one line of yours because it is what is really catching me about the album, especially the end of what you wrote - lyrically, this is an album that Bono only could have written in very recent years. That is, these really are "Songs of Experience", with lyrics that one would need a lot of experience living to write convincingly. The suggestion given to Bono to "write as if you're dead" seems to have been followed very well. I'll expound on the lyrics more later, but IMHO this is one of Bono's very best bits of writing. I really, really like the words (and the music
  8. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    ...and it's Europe! Good luck to all Europeans and those able to travel to Europe for a show!
  9. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I don't know if anyone knows yet - at least here. I've even heard a moderator or two say here recently that they haven't heard anything yet. I'm personally curious whether they are going to begin selling tickets for the European tour first, or selling tickets for extra shows on the leg announced so far that are clearly (IMHO anyway) going to happen eventually (e.g., third shows for NYC and/or LA and/or Chicago). I guess we'll find out before too long...
  10. U2 2020/2021...The REAL I/E Tour=Boy+Achtung Baby???

    I don't want to belabor the point because I like both albums. However, let me add these details... There are very many people who consider themselves "big U2 fans" worldwide who likely do not own "Boy" and may only know "I Will Follow" from it. (Keep in mind that there are very many U2 fans who go to shows worldwide who are not subscribers/posters too. The reason I point out this: if you were to solicit opinions HERE about "Boy", you would find a lot of justifiable love; however, if you were to go to shows and ask about "Boy", I bet you would find a lot less familiarity with it - the same point can be made for "October" as well. If I had to hazard a guess, I wouldn't be at all surprised if "Boy" and "October" were their two lowest-selling studio albums (obviously, I'm excluding the "Passengers" album).) The JT tour was so successful in large part because JT is their best-selling album - 13M + so far. That sales figure gives that album the rarified "Diamond" status - sales at/above 10M give an album Diamond status. U2 is one of those very rare bands that have more than one Diamond album - the other, of course, is AB (10m +). If they were to do a start-to-finish tour again for an album, it would have to be AB. You have to appeal beyond the hardcore fans to do an album in its entirety for an entire tour. Memories of the wonderful ZooTV tour - which many non-hardcore U2 fans attended - would only fuel this desire. There is doubtless no such nostalgia for "Boy" among the general concert-going public... Finally, I honestly can't see the band members themselves wanting to play "Boy" start-to-finish. Perhaps in a one-off, fan-club oriented show, it could be appealing; however, a full tour? I just don't see it... Now, I love the album - it is a great album. However, remember that U2 didn't even begin to become a worldwide sensation until after they released "War" - and really it took UF and JT to come out before they became the band that we all love who sells out arena and stadium tours worldwide. If, by chance, they announced such a show, I'd be one of the first in line - I just don't see it happening...
  11. U2 2020/2021...The REAL I/E Tour=Boy+Achtung Baby???

    With the experience of playing all of JT under their belt, I sincerely hope they at least think about doing the same with AB during the timeframe that you mentioned. IMHO, AB is the one album out of all their albums that would sound the best being played from start-to-finish. I think doing two albums in their entirety on the same tour would be quite a stretch - what other songs would they play (or, perhaps more importantly, not play)? Also, if it goes beyond one other album being played all the way through, there is the danger that the idea begins to look like a "gimmick". So, to summarize: fully on board for AB start-to-finish, less so for Boy...
  12. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    ...and hope dies. Nothing today...
  13. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Nor has anything appeared in suburban Philly - but the last mailing day of the year is today. Hope springs eternal...
  14. The Little Things

    I like both a lot - like you, I may actually prefer the studio version as well. Frankly, despite how recently the studio version of the song has come out, I think this song has a very good chance at rating among their very best songs as time goes on - definite "all-time classic track" potential...
  15. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    You would get the option of the JT singles/live vinyls (this year's gift) or next year's gift which hasn't been announced yet (this will allegedly be revealed in January; failing that, as soon as possible after that).
  16. OK - thanks for letting us know! Everyone, keep watching your mailboxes - they're coming without warning!
  17. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Yes - I noticed this right away, especially on songs like "You're The Best Thing About Me" - the YouTube version was ok; the CD version blew me away!
  18. Did either of you get emails before the fact informing you that the gift was coming? There was speculation here that there would be, but, from what I have been reading, they seem to be arriving at people's houses all of a sudden.
  19. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    ...which is oddly appropriate as this website still has the master template set to NLOTH as well! Back on topic: Congratulations, U2! Not many acts have #1 albums this far along in their careers.
  20. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I understand your points of view and, vis a vis, the business side, I agree with you both. I just suspected that many people were accidentally venting their spleen in unworthy directions. I like the separating church and state metaphor - it's about spot-on perfect for what we have been discussing here. Apparently, SoE has hit #1 in the US again - quite an accomplishment for a band 37 years after the release of their first album.
  21. Yes - I'll place them in frames next to last year's vinyl... Yes - I'm hoping next year's/belated-this-year's(?) (I'm confused now) will be extra good. I humbly suggest a full CD/DVD set of a JT 30th anniversary show (NO VINYL, please - at least not exclusively vinyl). I know better than to suggest BluRay, but with all of the extra cash with the early renewals this year...hmmm...
  22. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Oh, my comments were exclusively about the new album. I wholeheartedly agree about their deal with LiveNation/Tickemaster - I have never been a fan of that - my previous comments here would only confirm my overall disapproval of that arrangement. The pre-sales so far (before and during) have been quite ham-fisted - I personally have been lucky (i.e., things have worked out as they were supposed to), but too many others have not been. (Please keep in mind that I think the moderators here should get some kind of award/recognition for having to field the justifiable complaints from the list membership - let's hope things don't go so poorly again.) I also think that making people re-subscribe, even if their memberships were active and not on the verge of expiring, just to be able to participate in this round of pre-sales was just a naked money-grab. They get nothing but a hairy eyeball from me for all this. I just don't want people taking their proper disagreements with U2's unfortunate management relationship out on the new album itself - hating one doesn't mean you must hate the other. That's what I was obliquely getting at...
  23. Yes - exactly what I was trying to say when they first announced this set. I have absolutely no interest in buying a turntable either - I think very many people here share this opinion as well. If they are hell-bent on releasing vinyl without a CD option (I'm also strongly in favor of the list membership being polled for such things in advance), at least let us have a download option WORTH HAVING - NOT crappy mp3s! PLEASE let us have downloads either in lossless format or at least WAV format (that's the CD format, to those who don't already know). Those who want to convert such files to mp3s can do so very easily and free of charge - everyone wins. Someday I hope and pray basic logic will prevail...
  24. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I'm very happy you posted this. Like many on here (some may even have a selective memory about that time - you know who you are), when UF first came out, I was VERY disappointed in it. I wanted another "War"-like album. UF wasn't that. Boy, am I glad that U2 didn't consult me when they were recording UF. I think it's the single most important album they ever made (not my favorite, but most important - it proved they could change their sound and still be intriguing). Without UF, there is no JT or really AB as well - similar leap of faith involved for AB as for UF. I also remember the "no sure-fire hits" comment from Rolling Stone in their review of JT as well - a bit laughable now, isn't it? Has everyone heard the old line, "Opinions are like @ssholes - everyone has one, and they all stink" ? If you haven't, now you have (I apologize for any bruised sensitivities). The Romans had the more intellectual, "De gustibus non est disputandum" (Literally, "About tastes, there must be/can be no dispute"). Something moves you or it doesn't - that's the truth. I was hoping for a harder-rocking, rawer sounding album. That part of me is occasionally let down by SoE. However, U2's creating on SoE what I didn't even know I would be open-minded to absolutely adores this album - the same experience I had with UF after War. I have to force myself not to listen to it - yes, I'm actually fearing I will listen to it so often I could risk burning out on it. The last time I had this experience? Listening early-on to AB. Now, AB will always be my first love with U2 overall, just as War is my favorite 80s U2. However, liking War doesn't mean I can't like UF - I like both very much; it just took a little longer to appreciate the second. Yes, there's Ryan Tedder production on this album; however, there is also a lot of Jacknife Lee and Steve Lillywhite production too - the last time they worked in tandem on a U2 album? HTDAAB, my favorite post-90s U2 (although most of the post-90s work I quite like, except for ATYCLB - I can leave that one behind...). So, I'd humbly suggest continuing to listen to it. (Claims of their potentially becoming "evil" certainly are quite hyperbolic.) I hope something moves the current detractors eventually. IMHO, this is the nicest complete whole from them since HTDAAB at least, if not AB - not necessarily as good either (time will tell), but I have trouble listening to it without wanting to hear all of it. That doesn't happen with every album - it is happening with this one.
  25. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    While I am certainly no fan of having producers like Ryan Tedder on this album (and the last one), I have to say I'm enjoying it more and more with every listen. Little snippets go through my head of every song long after I've stopped listening (yes, this is a positive thing, i.e., the hooks are working). Every day a different song attracts my attention, and yet one of the songs I look forward to hearing the most is the single (Adam and Larry rule in that song). More later - a lot of these songs will sound great live...