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  1. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Is it going to be "An Evening With..." performance then? That would be my/our dream come true - but is it really true?
  2. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Yes, Acrobat is well overdue live. I'd love it! Mixed with all the SOE tracks, it would be perfect.
  3. It's official...I can't wait anymore.

    "The Little Things That Give You Away" is one of the finest songs that U2 have ever written.

    Great lyrics, great singing, great music - both the studio and live versions are excellent. No wonder that it was the sneak peek from SOE last year - they just couldn't wait to play it!

    I can't wait to hear it again live soon! :)


  4. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    A "P.S." for the above... Upon looking more at the whole catalogue, even JT and R&H seem to fit this rough pattern too. I should add that I don't think they go into a recording session saying, "Ok, boys! This is a U2 album - remember the template!" I think this pattern is noticed after the fact - i.e., after they record all the songs that might be included on an album, when they pick the ones that go on and the running order, they end up with a whole that displays this rough pattern. So, in their collective opinion, ordering songs in such a way appeals to them. I would be surprised if such a quasi-guideline were unique to U2 albums. However, they do seem to like this kind of running order, especially the last two songs.
  5. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I've been listening to it even more recently (big surprise), and SOE seems to fit, to my ears anyway, the quasi-template that they have employed on many albums beginning with AB. Roughly, this template would consist of: A. The Opening/The Prelude (usually consists of the first two songs) B. The (or, at least, A (Potential)) Single C. The "Meat" Of The Album D. The Peak (hard rocking and/or intense song - the 2nd-to-last song on the album) E. The Calming Resolution (at least musically; lyrically, it may be more subtly intense than the music - the last song on the album) Maybe "guideline" would be a better description - in any case, AB, Zooropa, ATYCLB (non-UK/Ireland version), NLOTH, and now SOE seem to fit this guideline. Anyone else notice such, or even a different, pattern?
  6. What's Your Be Attitude?

    @bigwave Sorry to bring this up again, but it has been 8 days since the last query. I guess you haven't received any response then? Should those who think they may have been adversely affected just try to resubmit? Thanks in advance!
  7. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    It's amazing what one can pick up when you listen to an album hundreds of times... The birds chirping at the very end of "Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way" reminds me very much of the birds singing at the beginning of "Unknown Caller" from NLOTH. For those with the technology and the interest, are they the same birds, i.e., is it the same recording? (If they are, are we meant to read anything into that?) Also, people have pointed out Bono's lyric in LIBTAIIW, "If I could hear myself when I say...", and how it puts a different spin on the lyrics of the whole song. It certainly does! All songs are meant to be consumed by the world at large (or else they wouldn't be songs in the first place); however, with this line in it, strictly speaking, Bono seems to be singing to himself - at least in the chorus. I wonder what Bono was thinking when he wrote/sang those lyrics. He just as easily could have come up with different words, but he wrote and sang those specifically. It does make me wonder...
  8. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Yes - it was curious that there was no specific commemoration for POP. As much as many people like it, it never gets the due is deserves. "Zooropa" indirectly got one on the deluxe boxsets for AB, although I hope they do an expanded version for it as well. At least the POP fans who like vinyl will finally have it in that format.
  9. What is Donald Trump Smoking.

    Oh, I am absolutely no fan of May - for example, how she could possibly want to form a government with the DUP is beyond imagining (although that snap election was a wonderful example of "instant karma", as John Lennon might put it). I lived in the UK during the Cameron years and I didn't like May even as Home Secretary. I was just acknowledging that for better or worse (mostly worse), the US and UK perform almost all military actions together. I was a big fan of Corbyn while I was living there. I hope people of conscience like him can run the government someday. Ah, I'll have to research that - thank you!
  10. What is Donald Trump Smoking.

    In this particular circumstance, I feel sorry for Theresa May in the same way I felt sorry for Tony Blair when George W. Bush was president. US and UK military actions are almost always joined at the hip - so, if the US has a trigger-happy president, you're going to end up with a hawkish-looking (and acting) PM. France joined in the shooting as well - that also surprised me. In my life, I think the only two times the US and UK weren't side-by-side in fighting were Vietnam (where the UK very wisely stayed out beyond an advisory capacity) and the Falklands War (where the US stayed out because two US allies were fighting one another). I think this round of missiles will be the end of it - at least I sincerely hope so.
  11. What is Donald Trump Smoking.

    ...and the dog has been wagged... How long to sing this song...sigh...
  12. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    @Ender Obviously, I like the way you think...and write. (I was the one asking how the gifts are decided and by whom, btw - but I'm sure there were others too.) I know I probably annoyed some by writing in such an impassioned fashion about what I thought - I was sitting on many of those thoughts for several years now. The current state of affairs was the metaphorical "straw-that-broke-the-camel's-back" - problems don't get fixed unless grievances are aired in a timely fashion. I would like it to be part of our account info page, i.e., a question is asked during the renewal process, "If the gift is music in any given year, in what format would you like it? A - vinyl, B - CD (or lossless/WAV download), or C - mp3?" It would save the site money too because to make and mail vinyl to everyone even when many don't want it is just wasting money - vinyl is expensive to make and to ship, much more so than CDs/downloads. I just don't know why this would be too difficult to execute. You made great points - thank you for all of your posts.
  13. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Unfortunately, I am one of those who hears the difference as clear as day between mp3s and WAV/FLAC/any-other-format-far-less-compressed-than-mp3s. I don't listen to music exclusively on portable devices with earbuds; I can't imagine ever wanting to. Yours is a really good plan to listen to the vinyl-quality music in the car. I think more people ought to employ it - to be honest, I don't think people know that they can...
  14. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Not to belabor the point, IMHO, this would have been an ideal RSD/Black Friday release. I kind of wish it had been done that way. The songs collected for this gift, in and of themselves, are completely fine. Are they my favorite ever? No, but not every annual gift is going to please every person. Also, someone high in the U2 hierarchy seems to think there is unlimited desire for remixes among the U2 fanbase - I really wish they would revisit this opinion because I suspect, if they actually canvassed our opinions, they would be shocked to discover that we collectively want remixes less than they think. Still, my objections to this release, and I know there are others who feel the same way, would immediately vanish if we were given the option of having a factory-pressed silver CD (which costs MUCH less to produce and to mail than new vinyl) - or, failing that, a CD-quality/lossless download so that we could burn our own CD with a CD-quality file. If you like vinyl, that's great - I'm very happy the vinyl is available for such fans. BUT, the rest of us who don't want vinyl pay exactly the same dues here as everyone else. We are equally deserving to be given the opportunity to be pleased with the annual gift. Having mp3s as the only other option doesn't do the trick - they are not the digital equivalent of vinyl. The last two vinyl releases only had the option of mp3 downloads - I don't want this one to be the third. I hope you enjoy the vinyl.
  15. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    You and I are operating from the same place. We would just like to have things be as good as they used to be not all that long ago. I'm don't know why anyone would think more than that. I hope no one does. The thing is I am legitimately happy for those who are happy with the gift. There are many who like vinyl - that's great! Can't those who don't want vinyl be equally happy too? That's all I'm asking... The thing is I'll probably keep resubscribing too - I love the band. But, the frustration has been building for 3-4 years now. The service has declined over the years. I wish it would stop. Now, I fully agree here - the remixes for the 90s era are really great. It's just that somebody somewhere in the U2 hierarchy thinks there is this endless appetite for remixes. I suspect that that opinion is not correct. For example, I didn't get the last JT boxset because all it really had over the deluxe edition from a decade ago was a few remixes - I couldn't justify buying that whole set just for a few remixes. It also was lacking the DVD of the JT show from France. So, I was fully satisfied with the original deluxe edition. Now, those who wanted everything on vinyl were very well served by last year's set. So, I'm glad it was made. (I did get the 2CD version for the live show included - of course, I scratched my head why it wasn't the complete show, but such is the mystery of life...) The thing is, if a CD version (or a CD-quality download) of this year's gift were available in addition to the vinyl, I would have no complaints at all. I think many feel exactly the same way. Max mentioned something about permissions, and that may be why something like a JT live show from last year was never going to happen. This may be because they are eventually going to release a set commercially or it could be for royalty reasons or any number of things. It would just be nice to know.
  16. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    An observation: there were complains about these gifts as well (from mild to very, very loud)... Yes - some of the suggestions were unfeasible and I think I said that when I commented on it originally. I think a lot of us would feel better if we knew in more detail how the ideas are decided upon. We are completely in the dark about that process. It's true that you will always get complaints regardless of what is offered - I'm sympathetic to that. Having more input into the process (or at least knowing broadly what the process even is) would help. Well, that's ultimately what I hope for.
  17. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Thank you very much for the compliment - please accept mine in return. I fully agree that the mods are great here. I have quite a bit of sympathy for them because they have to listen to everything we don't like about the site, and all they can really do is pass along our concerns and hope they make a difference. (Confidentially, I think they mostly agree with many of our points, but are perhaps in the awkward position of not being able to express that agreement openly.) I don't think that they think we are picking on them - we may create more work for them, but I think they knew the risks before they took the job (which I have heard is unpaid - even more kudos to them). Yes, I loathe the band's relationship with LiveNation. I sincerely hope they do not renew their contract with them when it expires (which is thankfully only a couple of years away now). The rot really only started to set in once LN was on the job - before then, (and Propaganda before that) were almost completely wonderful. We pay the same dues yearly whether they are on tour or not - yet I would hazard a guess that the main reason most of us renew every year is to keep our pre-sale status for shows. Even this has been negatively affected by having our former allotment cut in half - you can get more presale tickets by merely being a Citi cardholder than by being a paid member of That's not right. I know most people don't even use the 25% discount in the store each year (me included). It's because the cost of everything there is far too high, and that's before the exorbitant shipping rates. That's not right either. $40 a year to post on all sections of the forum is too much also - most band's official forums are free of charge to use. Where is the value for money here? I complain so much because I care, and the overall service here wasn't always underwhelming. U2 is my favorite band, but the band is not being served well by the current condition of its own website. We get charged the same price year after year but get less for it. That's not right. You may be right about more direct action, vis a vis, Live Nation. I hope they are getting news of our comments.
  18. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    This is the way to satisfy everyone - that's why I keep pointing it out and will continue to do so... I concur. Agreed. I wasn't explicitly asking for a poll (but I'm not against that possibility either) - we were led to believe that our suggestions on-site would actually have some kind of impact on what would eventually be offered. That was clearly not true. The postings in a specific thread for a gift I thought was a great way to make our legitimate preferences known, but that has proven to be wrong. We should have some kind of input into the annual gift that our collective dues pay for. Some of the gifts in the past were truly wonderful - for example, I loved the "From The Ground Up" book and the "Medium Rare & Remastered" CDs. Those were GREAT gifts. The book on their early days in Dublin was really good too. It's only the last 3 to 4 years that I have had a problem with either what was offered and/or having a single format imposed on you whether you wanted it or not. Canvassing the paid community in some way would only alleviate any potential difficulties going forward. I really would like to know who chooses what's offered and how they come up with it. I also wish we would be consulted in advance, even in a generic way. I don't think that's too much to ask.
  19. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    We would be quite a bit happier if they would release better quality downloads - if they released lossless or at least WAV files as the download, those who want this as a CD in CD-quality audio could have it; those who want mp3s can very easily and without cost convert lossless/WAV files to mp3s - everyone wins this way. But, yes, the original offer is pretty poor. I wish we could know who comes up with these gifts and, further, be allowed to contribute to the process to choose what the annual gift is - we have literally paid for the right each and every year.
  20. What is Donald Trump Smoking.

    This is classic "wag the dog", i.e., when things aren't going well in some part of your administration, just crank out the war rhetoric as a distraction. Trump's personal lawyer had his office, home, and hotel room (apparently his home is being renovated) raided just two days ago by the FBI with search warrants. This has him/them quite nervous - his personal lawyer would have just about all the information where Trump is legally vulnerable. Now, that doesn't mean that Trump won't start shooting missiles into Syria - he has done so before. But, this won't turn into a proxy war with Russia. He is just trying to take away attention from his very real legal and ethical difficulties - difficulties that have just gotten much, much worse.
  21. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    This is why I have been posting so often about these deficiencies, i.e., I was confident that many felt exactly the same way, but were just metaphorically/literally gritting their teeth but refraining from saying anything. I think our collective teeth are hurting too much and they need a break... Some of the problems of any membership of any group can be tricky to navigate, but the ones that exist here should be awfully easy to rectify. I know the mods care as much as we do (or they wouldn't be mods), but it seems that the higher-ups just don't care at all. I'm going to ask again because I think that we would all like to know - who exactly chooses the gift each year? It is crystal clear that our preferences are not part of the equation.
  22. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Well, me too - I was trying to be kind about that one (i.e., the prints) because that was more expensive to create (in terms of time as well as cost). On the second, IMHO, underwhelming, but could be salvageable IF proper quality downloads were forthcoming. I live in hope...
  23. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    OK, I've had some time to decompress, but more has to be said... I used to really look forward to the annual gift. I liked every single one ever released until "U2 Duals" (I know a lot of people here agree with that assessment - it was so roundly panned here that we actually got a response on-site about it). After "Duals", they came up with good gifts again, but now this is the third time in four years that they have released something mainly on vinyl, with only an mp3 option for those who have no interest whatsoever in vinyl. This is not good service. We all pay exactly the same dues - we ought to have the right to be equally satisfied with the gift (that we pay for). Now, don't get me wrong - if you like vinyl and are happy with the vinyl, that's great and I'm genuinely happy for you. However, the rest of us are entitled to be happy as well. What was released for the 2015 and 2017 gifts (the early-career Dublin show and the JT singles) were good ideas; however, only releasing them in vinyl with a consolation mp3 as the only other option is just wrong. It is cheaper today to create factory-pressed silver CDs than vinyl - that's a fact. The music medium infrastructure today for CDs is what the infrastructure was for vinyl back in the early 80s and before. If the site doesn't want to produce both, why doesn't the option exist for us to get a CD-quality download so that we can make our own CDs? Lossless and WAV files can be easily and without cost be converted to mp3s. Everyone wins this way. So, a few questions - why can't we choose the format of the music, if music is the gift in any given year? We really ought to be given the explicit choice. This would be very economical for the site as well. For example, the JT singles were made and posted to every paid-up member (well mostly, I know some are still waiting). Some people like vinyl; many don't - so why is everyone getting the same thing sent to them regardless? This is cost-ineffective in two ways - since vinyl cost more to produce than CDs, why would you send vinyl to those who would prefer CDs? Also, secondly, it costs more in postage to send vinyl than CDs - so, again, why would you pay the extra postage to send someone vinyl who would prefer CDs when it would be much cheaper to send these people CDs? The current practice defies basic common sense... Another point - who exactly chooses what the gift is each year anyway? It's quite clear that we have no input whatsoever. There were a couple of threads here which collected people's thoughts on what would make a nice gift for 2018 - some were facetious, others were overly ambitious, but most were made sincerely - and the sincere ones were very good ideas. However, as we have just seen yet again for 2018, our opinions here did not make any substantive impact at all. I don't think anyone proposed/would have proposed what has been offered. Now, there is something right about this gift - celebrating the 30th anniversary of Rattle and Hum was a good idea. However, this 2018 gift can't be the best possible idea to celebrate it. I may be wrong, but I sense that there is not an infinite appetite for remixes here. If I may be blunt, this appears to have been formulated to be relatively simple to create, not so much to be special to have. So, a few humble suggestions for the present and the future: If this gift is set in stone, could we please have downloads in suitable quality (lossless or WAV) so that we who prefer CDs can make our own CDs? (These higher-quality downloads can be converted to mp3s easily as well.) In the future, could we please be part of the process of what the gift ends up being (both in the content and, in the case of music, the format)? This is a completely reasonable request. It would even save money both in manufacturing and in posting. I feel we have been led down the garden path a bit this year - it was at least implied, if not explicitly said, that our wishes for this year's gift would be listened to. If this in fact happened, I don't know how we can't be greatly confused by what ended up being offered. Well, as I said already, I used to really look forward to these gifts; at first, the ideas were really good. However, in recent years, I don't think it is unfair to say they have been a bit underwhelming. Please let us have more input into these (pre-paid) gifts...please...
  24. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Speaking of the tour... Do you think they might kick off the show with "Love Is All We Have Left"? It seems like a perfect introductory song, whether or not it went straight into "Lights Of Home" (which would be fine for me as well). What do we think?
  25. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    No - not a Pegasus either... I hope the horror can remain incomplete by their offering us at least lossless or WAV file downloads, and not crappy mp3s yet again... Please, powers-that-be, PLEASE give us the ability to burn these downloads to CD in a format worth listening to - mp3s are NOT the equivalent of vinyl.