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  1. This. I made it to 8 Pearl Jam shows on this past tour - 6 on the east coast swing of the first leg in 2013, 1 in Europe this summer, and the midwest tour kickoff in Oct. We spent a huge amount of money on merch (posters / tees / boots etc.) that probably averaged out to $150 per show on top of the $170+/- we spent on a pair of tickets. Still, that's equal to just one of U2's top priced tickets with no merch. I've been to 50 U2 shows and have tix for 7 shows right now (couldn't get tix to MSG 5, yet) and if they add the rumored two additional shows, I'll get tix to those shows as well. But, I refuse to pay $300+ for a ticket to a show that I'm quite certain I will have seen at least 3 times on the tour already. I dislike the PJ lottery, before it was instituted, I was always able to get fanclub tickets through sheer determination to every show I wanted. My lottery success has been poor, winning just 3 shows of the 16 or so that I've put in for. But, I do like the fact that all GAs are fanclub only, and that fanclub members still have the option of getting reserved seats if that's what they prefer. That's not to say that there is no reselling of TenClub tickets - there most certainly is - but Pearl Jam will ban members who are caught reselling over face value, whereas U2 is in effect condoning the resale of their tickets through TM+.
  2. I gather you weren't trying to get GA's for MSG. I was repeatedly offered seats in other sections but I refuse to spend $300+ for a ticket to a U2 show, especially since I am attending multiple gigs.
  3. Bought a pair of GA's to the 7.27 show in yesterday's Innocence presale easily. Hoping to get lucky on Monday for a GA to the 7.26 show.
  4. I have seats in sect. 113 for two of the MSG shows. They are on the aisle closest to sect. 114, so I guess I will be 'sort of' behind the stage, even though the people sitting 3 feet away from me in sect 114 won't be. Very confusing, but I'm fine with what I've got. There was no way I was about to drop over $300 per ticket since I was unable to get GA's for those two shows. I do have GA's for all the other MSG shows with the exception of one, which I will hopefully be able to pick up on Monday in the gen onsale.
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