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  1. joeyanne

    Dublin tickets

    I just had an email from ticketmaster and thought of this thread. It says that the show is a credit card / debit card entry event only.
  2. joeyanne

    European leg starts this month

    It seems so long still till Dublin in November. I've managed to stay away from everything about the tour so far but in the last week little things have been creeping in to my consciousness ?
  3. joeyanne

    Unused code & Dublin

    I've heard people are getting another code for Dublin/Belfast? I haven't used my code yet so will my old code work that I received before the European pre-sales started or do I need a different one?
  4. thanks - 2 ga's in the bag
  5. TM is still saying 10:00 with less than an hour to go. The only tickets saying 09:00 are the platinum ones
  6. joeyanne

    Unused code & Dublin

    Thanks. I've got an unused u2eia code so hopefully I'm good to go in the morning
  7. Not American but I will hopefully going to Dublin for the first (and probably only) time. B&B is booked so I just need to get a pair of those lovely GA's in the morning (although tbh I'll be happy with anything). Is it going to be with ticketmaster?
  8. joeyanne

    European dates

    There has always been standing but it sounds like it will be hard to get hold of them. Last nights BBC program will definitely have made tickets harder to get. I'm going for Dublin (I've always said I would but always chickened out) so I'll be happy to get anything. Hopefully I'll get GA but I'm happy to settle for back of stage or nosebleeds
  9. We started queuing by gate A and then were corralled by gate C where everyone was taken in
  10. I know this is probably one of the most boring questions as it's asked so frequently but I'm wondering what time is good for the GA queue this time around. I've usually turned up around 9am on the day of the show and got a good rail spot but seeing the queues start days before for the first few shows has got me thinking that this won't be good enough. I was wondering if anyone thinks it's likely that the queue will start the day before or is it unlikely as we might do things slightly differently over here. I know I'm over thinking this. Maybe I should start the queue now - I'm number 1
  11. joeyanne

    Security Measures at Twickenham

    There's a pdf linked to on another thread that has some info. It says for security reasons avoid bringing bags and boxes. I haven't seen anything about the ga queue yet.
  12. That's really helpful thanks. It's making me rethink how I'm going to get back to my hotel though. I was going to use the bus but if there's none until an hour after then I might need to catch a train to feltham station and find a bus from there.
  13. joeyanne

    JT Anniversary CD and T shirt

    I think they are sending stuff out separately. I've got the vinyl but not the bag that was ordered with it.
  14. I thought I'd start a new thread as there seems to be a few asking about collectors tickets. Just got my post and literally ripped open the royal mail tracked envelope before even closing my door in the hope that it would be my ticket and it was. Hopefully that means everyone else waiting will start getting theirs. BTW mine is for Sat.
  15. joeyanne

    Collector Tickets Arrived?

    I hope you get your tickets soon and don't have to end up going to the box office. It will be a pain for me but not too bad. I keep stopping myself from calling just in case it comes after being cancelled and I end up having to go to the box office anyway.
  16. joeyanne

    What time for the GA queue

    Thanks for the info. Just wondering of they checked your ticket before giving you a wrist band. Currently I'm going to be having to go to the box office at some point (along with all of the other collectors ticket buyers which nobody seems to have yet) and I'd be really upset if they didn't let me in the queue just for not having my ticket yet through no fault of my own. I'm already hoping some nice person will hold my spot.
  17. joeyanne

    Collector Tickets Arrived?

    Still nothing. My account doesn't even have a not yet dispatched status. Just a generic message referring to the helpdesk and saying the status won't be updated again I emailed them this morning and this was their response: I hope I get them soon as I'm planning on queuing from early in the day and I'd hate to lose my place due to having to go to the box office. I'm not hodling out hope though seeing as they were printed over a month ago
  18. joeyanne

    They have arrived!

    I'm torn between the fact that there's only 50 days to go and that it says only call them if you don't get them 5 days before the event. I think I'll start getting more worried if I don't have mine when everyone else is saying they are getting their collectors tickets.
  19. joeyanne

    [EXPLETIVE DELETED] holding cameras up

    I must admit I have been guilty of this in the past but for IE I took hardly any pictures and for TJT I'm going to try and not take my phone out once (I don't need to as there will be photos from the rest of the crowd online :p). Although without the phones, how would everyone on the various live threads get their periscope fix? Maybe there should be an official feed for every show.
  20. joeyanne

    What time for the GA queue

    9/10 is my usual turn up time (closer to 9 than 10) but there's always someone who's been there since 6am. I guess we're a little different over here in that we don't do the whole joining the queue but then leaving coming back for check ins. Once we're queuing, we are queuing Hopefully it will still be that way this time but you never know. I'm due into London the day before so might pass by the stadium in the afternoon just in case. I didn't think board games were weird. Or are you setting up a full game of risk?
  21. joeyanne

    Quite boring train advice

    That's good advice. There's various websites that can do the splitting automatically (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention them but they can be googled). Wait till you get to your 40's. Then it's all about saving the money by travelling by coach
  22. joeyanne

    They have arrived!

    I tweeted them and was told not to worry until 3 days before the event. It does say on the website now that nearly all tickets have been sent out now though
  23. joeyanne

    General Admission questions THE JOSHUA TREE TOUR 2017

    This was my first thought. I should imagine arriving not long before the start for JT will mean being behind a few thousand people. The last time I did GA at a stadium (wembley) it was pretty amazing seeing just how many people were behind me.
  24. joeyanne

    They have arrived!

    I'm still waiting for mine. I noticed last week on TM they had a note saying they had received them and were sending them out in batches so I'm hoping it will turn up soon.