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  1. If this does get a commercial release, presumably on BluRay, it won't say "U2COM15" on it. I guess it's my obsessive-compulsive nature, but this alone makes it different enough for me. As long as they continue to provide a subscriber gift I will continue to subscribe and not worry about what it is. I love all of them, including the vinyl that sits on my shelf never played. I have U2COM1 through U2COM14, so no stopping now :).
  2. It will come out eventually. At the end of the day, no matter how many times you e-mail customer service for an update or post comments about how horrible it is to have to wait, it is not going to make it come out any quicker. The best thing to do is just check for an update once in a while and rest assured that you will receive it. It might be next week, next month or in December, but it will come and it will be amazing.
  3. Really hoping for a scope during Acrobat for this last time.
  4. Mixlr on phone, Periscope surfing on iPad and this forum on laptop. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.
  5. u2gigs is back on as well. The two sound a bit different, so will need to see which one sounds better.
  6. On mine the shipping email shows my old address but the order page in the shop shows the correct address. I e-mailed them and will try calling tomorrow. I also updated my address months ago. I'm sure they will make it right one way or another.
  7. No doubt! I get a little sad at the end of every show, so the last one is going to be really tough!!! So glad that we are able to listen to and sometimes even watch all of these shows!
  8. Nice dose of Achtung Baby with UTEOTW, EBTTRT and Acrobat! Maybe if we wish hard enough and keep talking about it there will really be a AB 30th anniversary tour!!!
  9. Would love to see them come back and play the Songs of Innocence and Songs of Experience albums, in their entireties. Nothing else. I know it will never happen, and lots of heads in the crowd would explode, but I think that would be awesome. That would be the real i&e/e&i tour!
  10. The ending is deliberate and makes sense with the overall theme and arc of the show. People always clamor for them to start playing 40 to close shows, but not a lot of "giddy up" in that one either. And no, 45 was not "voted by the American people." Don't forget he lost "the people" by 3 million.
  11. Still plenty of tickets left, but I wouldn't call it "empty." Highly unlikely that they would cancel at this point. It looks like there are about 1,600 tickets left, not including floor GA which must be mostly sold since there have been periods when only resale were available for floor. Capacity is reported to be 17,560, so this makes the show over 90% sold. Hardly a disaster. I'm just hoping for a good, lively crowd. I don't think some empty seats will discourage the band from putting on the best show they can.
  12. At the end of the day, I think the venues couldn't care less about what is fair. They just want to do whatever is easiest for them. When they see a line of several hundred people already formed prior to their "official" lineup time, the easiest thing for them to do is just go ahead and move that line to the official spot.
  13. The venues ALWAYS end up endorsing the fan-run line, so it comes down to join it or go to the end of it.
  14. Yeah, not all 45 supporters are KKK members, but all KKK members are certainly 45 supporters. That speaks volumes. Bono has really been pretty restrained with his comments on the current disgrace. I would love to hear him speak for an hour or so about how he really feels. And he would undoubtedly try to find some positive things to say, which is difficult.
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